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I’ve known about the Illuminati since childhood, but I never talked about it in public until a few years ago on the radio. Before I started openly communicating about what I knew, I received baptism and made my peace with God because I knew that the Illuminati sometimes kills people for talking. When I was young, if someone even tried to publish something revealing the existence of the Illuminati then that journalist was dead, usually before he could actually publish anything at all. But the internet opened up everything, and the Illuminati isn’t so strict anymore — not out of kindness — but because they have so much power now they’ve gotten arrogant. They don’t have to bother with killing everyone who talks about them. Eventually they may get around to killing all the pesky truthers, but they seem to feel that they can wait for a while. I’m explaining all of this because after I talked on the radio about aristocratic Luciferianism and such, I was contacted by some very cautious people who claimed to be insiders. They wanted to share some ideas they had about reforming the Illuminati from the inside. I told them that I didn’t believe the Illuminati would ever reform itself, but they thought that if they put some of their ideas out into the world that this might stimulate change within the Illuminati system. I found some of their ideas interesting and I put some of them on the website. You should understand that these insiders who fed me this info were not interested in destroying the Illuminati–they foolishly thought it could be reformed. I put out some of their ideas because it offered me a chance to criticize the Illuminati. I would post articles based on my conversations with them and they would read the articles and contact me to talk some more. This odd communication between us  went on for some time. However, I’ve just received a message from them that they aren’t going to share info with me anymore. They’ve claimed that two members of their reform group were killed by Illuminati. I can’t confirm this in any way. I never even learned these people’s names. But my feeling is that this did happen. I was informed that a man was shot to death and that days later a woman was killed in a rather brutal manner with a sword. This was done as a message from the Illuminati leadership to their slaves. The Illuminati is not to be reformed from within. The moral of this story is this. The Illuminati talks of high ideals when they first recruit their members. But really it is just a criminal secret society. This criminal secret society just happens to virtually rule the world right now. I’ve put out some information that has never been made public before–it explains in detail a technique that has been successfully used in the past to deprogram people subjected to Illuminati, CIA and Satanic mind control. It is on this link below. If you find it useful make copies and print outs because it may be suppressed.
also I’ve done a video that explains how to defeat the Illuminati cult, below is its link.


Everything you think and do eventually comes back to you with the same emotional force and tangible consequences which you intended and caused. The law of karma can be nullified only by faith in the Supreme Creator and acts of sincere atonement. The Illuminati masters control their slaves by acts of violence, brainwashing, torture and kidnapping. They believe themselves to be above the law of karma, but they are not. The law of karma is a natural law, like gravity, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work. It’s just a matter of time. But we live in an important era, when many opportunities for atonement are offered by Divine Grace. The law of Divine Grace is greater than the law of karma. Those who support the final realization of democracy in this new age earn grace through atonement. When the spirit of truth appears and offers a way for you to make atonement you need to accept it before your number is up. Be grateful to the source of Divine Grace that you’ve been given one last opportunity.

Back to Eden Film review

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening in the world you know that there is a time coming when the price of food will increase radically and food availability will decrease. If you have the space for a garden, a practical system for gardening could be of economical value, or even survival necessity. Years ago, I lived in a cooperative where we exchanged work at an organic farm for organic food. So I have a little experience with practical gardening techniques. There is a movie called Back to Eden that really explains a practical system that once in place is relatively labor free. If you have even limited resources you can set up this system and it will operate on minimal watering. You have to see this film, it’s absolutely revolutionary. This is the way to decentralize food distribution. You can find out about it at

Scientocracy: science of democracy #7

There are three main rules to joining the Illuminati secret society: 1. Complete secrecy, 2. obedience to their hierarchy, and 3. no division among members. This being the case one might think that there would be no chance of Illuminati members betraying one another. They may betray all outsiders, but not each other. However, joining the Illuminati isn’t like joining an exclusive country club–it’s like entering a prison from which there is no escape. The leadership of the Illuminati are generationally wealthy aristocrats who really just use those who are below them in the hierarchy. You can’t rise up into the hierarchy, you have to be born into it. Think of the prisoner dilemma in game’s theory. The prisoners always betray each other even when there really isn’t a reason to. The lower ranking Illuminati aren’t loyal to each other. Anyone steps out of line and he gets reported to the hierarchy. The way that the generationally wealthy get that way isn’t by being hard working or smart but through the Judas Principle; this means that you get other people to trust you then you betray them when it is most profitable to do so. The movie, SOCIAL NETWORK, tells the story of a young man who becomes a billionaire by systematically betraying his friends and anyone he partners with. The betrayals of the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers are legendary. And the power of the New World Order/Illuminati is based on betrayal. Freemasons are told that when the New World Order becomes an all powerful world government, they will be the favored insiders. But there are plans to betray the Freemasons when the time is right. The same is true of every group that cooperates with the New World Order agenda. The Jewish people will be the chosen ones, the muslims will take over the world, China will become the new world superpower, conservative Christians will spread the gospel to all corners of the world, atheistic communism will be the new world paradigm, Luciferians of the world unite. Everyone is lied to by the New World Order. Even the high ranking wealthy aristocrats all have plans to betray each other, even thou they all act like friends now. You may have noticed that the so called 1% movement was funded by wealthy interests. This is because it was a psy-op. The way to prevent division among the wealthy is to get them to think that the other 99% is out to get them. Therefore all the wealthy have to pull their wagons into a circle and be loyal to one another. But this is a false paradigm. The real threat to the wealthy isn’t the middle-class or the poor. The real threat to the average multi-millionaire is the inbred, generational billionaires whose wealth is built on betrayal and whose power is based in criminal secret societies. Even the members of the Committee, the all powerful rulers of the New World Order/Illuminati must in the end betray each other. They are like persons in a lifeboat who because of the necessity of their situation are loyal and cooperative with one another. But when their situation changes, as it must, their loyalty to each other will end. This is the problem of internal entropy within the ruling elite. The secrecy and amorality which has become the basis of their great power cannot help but to destroy them in the end. This isn’t just wishful thinking on my part–this is more than a theory–it is a mathematical certainty that the New World Order/Illuminati will destroy itself. I have enough insider information to know that this is the unavoidable fate of the New World Order empire–powerful thou it is right now. Even the most intelligent members of the Committee know this to be true. This global plutocracy will systematically fall apart. In order to save civilization, effective democracies must be reasserted into the wake of the failing plutocracy. This is where the Scientific Activist comes in. Scientocracy can be used to awaken people to the harm caused by the global plutocracy, and it can be used to build up effective democracies. I understand why some people don’t like the term Scientocracy. They fear it will be a soulless form of democracy based on amoral, atheistic scientism. But I don’t believe in Scientism. I believe in God. I just know from history that Religionism can’t be an effective form of government. People of differing faiths can work together to create a moral form of secular democracy. We may all conceive of God in different ways, but all who love God have good hearts, and people of good heart can make democracy work. Science doesn’t have all the answers. But science does create useful tools. The Technocrats serve their plutocratic masters using some of these tools. The Scientific Activist needs to use the tools of science to make international democracy work. This is the high purpose of Scientocracy. There is information in the behavioral sciences that can be applied in benevolent ways. Neurology, biology, and quantum physics give insight into the interconnection of all human beings and the interdependence of all life. Computer technology can be used to create new disciplines of political science in which the problems of running a large democracy can be solved. Consider the potentials of game’s theory, chaos theory, complexity theory, and other new mathematical disciplines. Stop and think for a moment what happened after the fall of the empire created by Alexander the Great; instead of a single unified empire, a collection of independent nations emerged in the regions once conquered by Alexander. But these independent nations remained interconnected through trade and cultural exchange. This resulted in one of the most creative cultural eras in the history of the world. After the fall of the New World Order/Illuminati, there will also be the potential to create an era of positive internationalism based on a standardized form of benevolent democracy. A science of democracy (whether or not it is called Scientocracy) will be essential to creating such a world.

Scientocracy: science of democracy #6

(The word “Scienctocracy” is a neologism–but I intend to define its common usage as being the science of democracy. Scientocracy opposes the practice of Technocracy which is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the present day hierarchal plutocracy. A Scientific Activist is someone who applies Scientocracy to politics.) Malthusian population regulation comes from Malthus who had a simple equation to indicate the threat of population growth: Humanity’s growth is exponential (1-2-4-8) while food production growth is arithmetical (1-2-3-4). Over time Malthusian theories have become more complex and Malthusian solutions have tended to become more draconian. Malthus himself thought that delaying marriage and encouraging abstinence might be solutions. Some Malthusian techniques are benevolent and should be continued–such as birth control education and tolerance of gay relationships. However, the New World Order/Illuminati have encouraged their Malthusian Technocrats to wage a covert war against human populations and human reproductive health. Today we have the intentional as well as the accidental pollution of the environment which results in human infertility. Food and water are intentionally made to be toxic. Never-ending wars and famine are intentionally engineered by banking cartels. The pathetic justification that the Technocrats make for such draconian policies is that population growth is responsible for the destruction of the environment. However, if you honestly analyze all the data, you must realize that the actual threat to the natural environment comes from the toxic economic system promoted by the hierarchal plutocracy of globalism. The seven billion people on the planet today would not be a threat to the environment if human behavior and lifestyle was in harmony with the Gaian ecosystem. It is easier to control seven billion people than to kill off six and a half billion people. The Technocratic depopulation agenda is unscientific. The present day economic system is designed solely to maintain the wealth and power of less than 1% of the population. It is this centralization of power that is the single greatest threat to the survival of the ecosystem. The plutocratic hierarchy believes that it is “too big to fail,” but in reality it is “too parasitic to survive.” What needs to happen now is an organized decentralization of wealth and production. International trade must be converted to localization. Economies must shift from international to regional. Manufacturing and food production must go from global to local. All this would rapidly decrease energy waste. It would also systematically take the New World Order out of the loop. It would mean the end of the international corporations rule over the world. Wealthy entrepreneurs would have to become more sophisticated in the investment of their capital if they expect to maintain their prosperity. The opulence of the wealthy can’t be guaranteed anymore. Food production must go from industrialized to sustainable which would make it more worker intensive. Manufacturing would have to be non-poluting, fully recyclable and without planned obsolescence. This would require higher use of computer intelligence, minimized use of mechanical devises and greater utilization of human resources. This would decrease unemployment to the point where it really would not exist. Individual self-reliance would be encouraged rather than discouraged by the state. A technique of Scientocracy would be to regulate population size to its optimum Gaian level by using qualified parenting; this means that government financial support would only go to qualified parents who have proven their psychological fitness to parent effectively. This would discourage unqualified persons from having children and help control population size; it would also increase the quality of human character. Most problems of antisocial and criminal behavior arise from dysfunctional parenting. The Scientific Activists who run the governments of the future must operate a system that is decentralized, freed from corruption, limited in power and much, much more intelligent than the present system.

Scientocracy: science of democracy #5

(The word “Scientocracy is a neologism–but I intend to define it as the science of democracy. It opposes Technocracy which is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the present day hierarchal plutocracy. A Scientific Activist applies Scientocracy to politics.) The philosophical basis of all Technocracy is Social Darwinism. This pormotes the idea that society should be based on the survival of the strongest. Natural Selectrion is thought of as a universal principle applying to all life and society. Although the name “Social Darwinism” has been somewhat discredited, its ideas continue on under different names such as Austrian School economics or Chicago School economics. Social Darwinism is the unacknowledged basis of the New World Order. It is the justification for military exploitation and the worship of greed. It promotes the idea that the generationally wealthy are superior genetically to the poor. Thus the wealthy may feel morally justified in exploiting the poor or even depopulating the poor as they are perceived as a genetically inferior class of humans. However, advanced biological theory has shown that Darwin’s Natural Selection theory is not the universal principle it was once thought to be. For example, Natural Selection can’t explain the origins of life. The most advanced biologists have come to realize that DNA is an emergent property of quantum consciousness–and therefore the mechanism of Natural Selection does not apply. Darwin’s understanding of cellular function is now seen as being archaic. It turns out that cells are more sophisticated than he imagined; they are made up of components designed to have irreducible complexity. Which means that they couldn’t be the product of the processes of Natural Selection which require varying mutations of system until a successful mutation is manifested. There’s no room for mutation with irreducible complexity. It turns out that the Great Architect of the universe isn’t the mechanical processes of Natural Selection and random cosmic processes–the Great Architect is instead found in quantum consciousness with its universal field of intelligence which manifests on a subatomic level. Darwin’s theories are radically modified by these new advanced insights, yet the overly simplistic thinking of Darwinism is still used by the Technocrats that run corporations, non-proifit institutions and governments. Natural Selection may explain why a giraffe has a longer neck than its ancestors, but it doesn’t explain the origins of life or the complexity of cells–and it certainly doesn’t even begin to explain human society. Darwin’s ideas must be rejected as universal principles. However, if a contemporary biologist tries to do research which disproves Darwinian ideas, he loses his funding. If a contemporary biology teacher tries to question Darwinism in the classroom, he is fired. This is because Darwinism is really a political and economic theory that supports the contemporary global plutocracy. Scientocracy, in contrast, must be based on the understanding of the quantum interconnection of all things and upon Gaian theory. So named for the Earth goddess Gaia–Gaian theory shows that all life forms in nature work in harmony to create the conditions that make life on Earth possible. THE SCIENTIFIC ACTIVIST MUST REJECT SOCIAL DARWINISM IN FAVOR OF SOCIAL GAIANISM. Symbiotic relationships are more valuable to survival than competition. Survival of the most synergetic is the Gaian motto. The Technocrats support a parasitic system. All parasites die in the end, either when they kill the host they depend upon–or their host rejects them. This is the fate of the New World Order. This global corporatocracy will be forced to evolve into a system that serves humanity and the natural world–or it will be rejected as emerging democracies become strong enough to reject it. Scientocracy must be a philosophy that promotes harmony within human society as well as a harmony of humanity with the natural world.

Scientocracy: science of democracy #4

(The word “Scientocracy” is a neologism, but I intend to define it as the science of democracy. Technocracy is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the hierarchal, global plutocracy. Scientocracy is the cure for the social illness caused by Technocracy. A scientific activist is someone who applies Scientocracy to politics.) The Kubler-Ross model for the 5 stages of grief is a widely recognized tool of psychology. It describes the states a person dramatizes when experiencing a profound loss. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance. This concept also explains the stages that a person must go through in becoming a scientific activist. Citizens in our country grow up believing that we live in a nation served by its government. However, if you are courageously informed you eventually become aware that our federal government is actually hostile to the American people. For many, 9/11 truth was the wake-up call to this fact. As a truther becomes more informed he or she realizes that our government has been taken over by a type of global government. This New World Order/Illuminati global government uses banks, corporations and non-profit institutions to impose the will of the 1% plutocracy on the rest of the world. As a truther realizes that this New World Order is basically evil, he or she feels a sense of loss–a kind of death of innocence. I’ve gone through these 5 stages of grief and I’ve seen others go through them. Mental health requires that you not become stuck in any of the stages of grief, but that you achieve calm acceptance of the truth. A majority of U.S. citizens are still stuck in denial. Others who become stuck in anger may buy guns and plot violent revolution. But violence is futile because the New World Order controls the military and police and they know how to swiftly deal with violent resistance. Some truthers become stuck in the idea that you can work within the system and bargain for change. There is the idea that some corporations are good and if you support them they will change things for the better. But such corporations can always be bought out or undermined by the NWO. You may think that you can use your vote as a bargaining chip, if you just elect different politicians they will bring about change. But remember what happened with “hope and change.” On a federal level the government is owned by Wall Street and the NWO–this should be obvious. So when you give up hope for the existing system of government–you become depressed–but if you get stuck in depression (or take psychiatric drugs) you become frozen and ineffective. But once you accept the truth you can then become effective in changing the world for the better. The people’s desire for democracy isn’t dead even thou it has been rendered ineffective on a federal level. Democracy can be reasserted in America, and when it is reasserted it will be a more effective and stable form of democracy. Another truth which must be accepted is that the New World Order/Illuminati is destined to fail. If you do enough research this too becomes obvious. For reasons of internal entropy it will destroy itself. Angry, violent revolution isn’t necessary. As the hierarchal, plutocratic system fails–democracy can be systematically reasserted. This is the mission of Scientocracy.

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

In 1961, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. wrote a story about the agents of the United States Handicapper General, whose job it was to make people equal so that no one would be superior in any way – and no one would feel inferior. The goal was to eliminate competition. The story was “Harrison Bergeron“.

Paper bags and hideous masks were placed over the heads of the beautiful. Graceful ballerinas and strong athletes were dragged down with massive weights. Especially intelligent citizens were required to wear a radio in their ears that broadcast loud, atrocious sounds every 20 seconds or so, to keep them from being able to concentrate and complete a coherent thought.

We now live in a country that is very much like that. Everyone (almost) drinks fluoride (an aluminum byproduct used to poison rats) in the water, making them passive and docile. Fluoride was used in Russian and German concentration camps to keep the prisoners from rebelling, thus reducing the need for security guards.

We are sprayed like bugs and inhale chemical clouds of aluminum oxide, barium, strontium 90 and uranium 238 dropped from high-flying jets.

We eat genetically modified frankenfoods that cause mice to grow cancers bigger than their bodies.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wifi and cell phones vibrates at the same level as microwave ovens. They saturate the atmosphere and cause our muscles to cramp and weaken, while they cook our inner organs and fry our brains.

TV dumbs us down and fills us with fear, dread, distrust and hatred of one another and of nature, completely eclipsing our true nature… Shades of Harrison Bergeron.

And we think we are free because we can choose from a dozen different types of toilet paper when we go to the store.

Here is yet another chapter in the mind control programs of the U.S. military. Your tax dollars at work.

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

Whistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project At Major University

Activist Post
Monday, July 29, 2013

What if the government could change people’s moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people’s brains?

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, a leaked document reveals that the US government, through DARPA research, is very close to accomplishing this.

Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. The DARPA funding for this project can be confirmed on the ASU website here. The head of the project, Steve Corman, has worked extensively in the area of strategic communication as it applies to terrorism and “extremism” – or what could be called “the war of ideas.”

Corman’s latest project Narrating The Exit From Afghanistan and his many presentations make it quite obvious that the mission is to shape the narrative and literally change people’s minds. Lest one believe it will be contained to overseas extremists, we should keep in mind that the word extremist is increasingly used domestically. The dissenters of yesterday could easily become the terrorist sympathizers and supporters of political violence tomorrow…

Read much more and see videos at

Scientocracy: science of democracy #3

A democracy is only as good as the values of its people. A corrupt and decadent people will create a corrupt and decadent democratic government. Fortunately, ordinary people are basically good. However the present day plutocratic Technnocracy is doing everything it can to destroy the basic values of the American people. The corporate giants who own the media are subjecting the American people to an assault of programming designed to destroy their values. The music industry and movie industry bombards the public with images of sexual obsession and graphic violence. Greed and selfishness are the only attitudes expressed. The public is being sold on the philosophy of materialism and consumerism. At the present time, the most powerful people in the world happen to be those without any real moral character. All they believe in is greed and power. Their sociopathic attitude of absolute selfishness and materialism is being imposed upon the public by the media technocrats. In contrast to this, Scientocracy must become concerned with the use of media to reinforce positive values. The founders of the United States were centered in values. They believed in Christian-Judaic morality and they had a strong work-ethic. They drew from masonic values of self-improvement and interfaith spirituality. They studied the practical and ancient democracy of the Iroquois Indians who believed in a balance of political power and a harmony with nature. And the founders of this nation believed in the power of truth to heal the sickness caused by falsehood. Scientocracy must first become a media movement. It must be the science of using media to promote truthful information which enlightens the public. Plutocratic Technocracy uses behavioral science to manipulate the public with propaganda. Democratic Scientocracy must use a knowledge of the mind to educate people and reawaken them to their own natural moral character.