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Demand monetary reform & public banking and arrest the criminal elite OR kiss your assets goodbye

We the People endure endless criminal actions under a .01% rogue state empire, with rhetoric by both political parties’ “leaderships” most accurately defined by bestselling Princeton Professor emeritus Harry Frankfurt as bullshit: the inversion of objective factual reality.

This can also be characterized as corporate media “covering” a “Big Lie” .01% crime with “fake news.” The great news, as usual, is that we have technical solutions to end all real problems. In this case, Benjamin Franklin is one of hundreds of America’s best and brightest who clearly document that monetary reform with public banking allows government to operate without taxes with abundant funding.

Most Americans are unaware that what they’re told is literally Orwellian inversion of the objective data. Given opportunity, here and now, to allow Dr. Franklin to walk you through this breakthrough available to We the People, will you invest the 10 minutes to learn?

One of ~100 game-changing areas that We the People must recognize is that our .01% wanna-be masters loot us by the trillions every year, with the core of this criminal fraud by creating what we use for money as debt owed to them. The fraud’s core is to lie to us by calling debt/credit they create out of nothing and issue to us as so-called “loans” as money, when debt is the Orwellian opposite of money.

This financial crime is similar to:

Obvious solutions other than endure debt slavery and kissing our assets goodbye:

  • monetary reform
  • public banking
  • .01% arrests for crimes annually killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions

Data, discussion of ~$1,000,000 benefits per average US household with monetary reform, public banking:

The top three benefits each of monetary reform and public banking total ~$1,000,000 for the average American household, and would be received nearly instantly. Fed Chair Janet Yellen publicly acknowledges monetary reform as described below, but continues a history of criminal fraud in her lawful fiduciary responsibility to truthfully provide what you’re about to read. The data below include evidence of a .01% oligarchy criminally looting tens of trillions of our dollars.

Monetary reform is the creation of debt-free money by government for the direct payment of public goods and services. Creating money as a positive number is an obvious move from our existing Robber Baron-era system of only creating debt owed to privately-owned banks (a negative number) as what we use for money. Our Orwellian “non-monetary supply” of adding negative numbers forever causes today’s tragic-comic increasing and unpayable total debt. You learned these mechanics of positive and negative numbers in middle school, and already have the education and life experience to conclude with Emperor’s New Clothes absolute certainty that accelerating total debt is the opposite of having money. As a National Board Certified and Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teacher, I affirm this is also exactly what is taught to all economics students.

The public benefits of reversing this creature of Robber Barons are game-changing and near-instant. We the People must demand these, as .01% oligarchs have no safe way to do so without admission of literal criminal fraud by claiming that debt is its opposite of money.

The top 3 game-changing benefits of monetary reform:

  1. We pay the national debt in proportion to removing private banks’ ability to create what we use for money as debt in order to prevent inflation. We retire national debt forever.
  2. We fully fund infrastructure that returns more economic output than investment cost for triple upgrades: the best infrastructure we can imagine, up to full-employment, and lower overall costs.
  3. We stop the ongoing Robber Barons who McKinsey’s Chief Economist documents having ~$30 TRILLION in tax havens, and the Fed finding the US top seven banks creating shell companies to hide $10 trillion. This amount is about 30 times needed to end all global poverty, which has killed more people since 1995 than all wars and violence in all human history.

Public banking creates at-cost and in-house credit to pay for public goods and services without the expense and for-profit interest of selling debt-securities. North Dakota has a public bank for at-cost credit that results in it being the only state with annual increasing surpluses rather than deficits.

Top 3 game-changing benefits of public banking:

  1. a state-owned bank could abundantly fund all state programs and eliminate all taxes with just a 5% mortgage and credit card.
  2. a state-owned bank could create in-house and at-cost credit to fund infrastructure. This cuts nominal costs in half because, as you know, selling debt securities typically doubles the cost. For example, where I live we’re still dismantling the old Bay Bridge in NoCal from the upgrade that cost $6 billion, but the debt-service costs will add another $6 billion when it’s all paid.
  3. CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) stash “rainy day” funds no longer required with a credit line from a public bank. In addition, the so-called “retirement funds” currently deliver net returns of just a few percent on good years, and negative returns on bad years (herehere). California’s ~14,000 various government entities’ CAFRs have a sampled-data total estimate of $8 trillion in surplus taxpayer assets ($650,000 non-disclosed assets per household, among California’s ~12.5 million households).

$1,000,000 of benefits per US household:

  • California’s CAFR data of ~$650,000 of assets per household is evidence of huge cash assets of similar magnitude in every state.
  • Paying the US national debt of ~$18 trillion saves ~$180,000 per household.
  • Ending state taxes in California to pay a budget of ~$170 billion saves each household ~$15,000, with similar savings in every state.
  • ~$30,000 per household savings annually: the American public would no longer pay over $400 billion every year for national debt interest payments (because almost 30% of the debt is intra-governmental transfers, this is a savings of ~$300 billion/year). If lending is run at a non-profit rate or at nominal interest returned to the American public (for infrastructure, schools, fire and police protection, etc.) rather than profiting the banks, the savings to the US public is conservatively $2 trillion (1). If the US Federal government increased the money supply by 3% a year to keep up with population increase and economic growth, we could spend an additional $500 billion yearly into public programs, or refund it as a public dividend (2). This savings would allow us to simplify or eliminate the income tax (3). The estimated savings of eliminating the income tax with all its complexity, loopholes, and evasion is $250 billion/year (4). The total benefits for monetary reform are conservatively over three trillion dollars every year to the American public. Three trillion is $3,000,000,000,000. This saves the ~100 million US households an average of $30,000 every year. Another way to calculate the savings is to figure those amounts per $50,000 annual household income (for example, if your household earns $100,000/year, you save ~$60,000 every year with these reforms). This savings represents a 60% raise for every US household’s income.
  • Related, if the ~$30 trillion hidden in tax havens by the .01% have $10-$15 trillion from Americans, and we count the Federal Reserve report that the US top seven banks have over $10 trillion stored, then the average US household could clawback ~$200,000 to ~$250,000.

Famous Americans already on record for these reforms:

Please understand that I represent likely hundreds of thousands of professionals making factual claims with objective evidence anyone with a high school-level of education can verify.

The Emperor’s New Clothes obvious pathway out of these mechanics of our “debt system” is to start creating debt-free money (a positive number) for the direct payment of public goods and services, and create public credit for at-cost loans (a negative number). I have three academic papers to walk any reader through these facts; an assignment for high school economics students, one for Advanced Placement Macroeconomics students, and a paper for the Claremont Colleges’ recent academic conference:

Teaching critical thinking to high school students: Economics research/presentation

Debt-damned economics: either learn monetary reform, or kiss your assets goodbye

Seizing an alternative: Bankster looting: fundamental fraud that “debt” is “money”

Let’s examine just some of the facts of the current US economy that demonstrates its criminal status:

For Americans still zombiefied to “believe” in America, please embrace the reality that 40% of US children live at least one year of their lives in under-measured poverty, while oligarchs most responsible literally laugh in grandiose glee of the poverty they euphemise as “income inequality.”…

More game-changing economic data that confirm what we receive for economic leadership is literal criminal fraud:

War of Terror: America’s Holocaust

This ongoing holocaust won’t be confined to foreign “arenas”.  The real government had already well demonstrated its satanic rage long before it murdered 3,000 people at the WTC during the 9/11 false flag.     Decades of training death squads and torturers around the world can attest to that.

Note to the accomplices of this ongoing criminal enterprise: even if you think you’re part of the system now, chances are excellent that you’ll be considered expendable at some point, most likely when and if your bosses are successful at eliminating the last vestige of legally constituted government.   Unless the new social contract will be based on any higher principle than “might makes right”, you’ll be joining the rest of the sheep at the soylent green factories.  The bullseye is firmly planted on your forehead already.

Unworthy Victims: Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990

Last month, the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PRS) released a landmark study concluding that the death toll from 10 years of the “War on Terror” since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million.

The 97-page report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctors’ group is the first to tally up the total number of civilian casualties from US-led counter-terrorism interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The PSR report is authored by an interdisciplinary team of leading public health experts, including Dr. Robert Gould, director of health professional outreach and education at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, and Professor Tim Takaro of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Yet it has been almost completely blacked out by the English-language media, despite being the first effort by a world-leading public health organisation to produce a scientifically robust calculation of the number of people killed by the US-UK-led “war on terror”.

Mind the gaps

The PSR report is described by Dr Hans von Sponeck, former UN assistant secretary-general, as “a significant contribution to narrowing the gap between reliable estimates of victims of war, especially civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and tendentious, manipulated or even fraudulent accounts”.

The report conducts a critical review of previous death toll estimates of “war on terror” casualties. It is heavily critical of the figure most widely cited by mainstream media as authoritative, namely, the Iraq Body Count (IBC) estimate of 110,000 dead. That figure is derived from collating media reports of civilian killings, but the PSR report identifies serious gaps and methodological problems in this approach.

For instance, although 40,000 corpses had been buried in Najaf since the launch of the war, IBC recorded only 1,354 deaths in Najaf for the same period. That example shows how wide the gap is between IBC’s Najaf figure and the actual death toll – in this case, by a factor of over 30.

Such gaps are replete throughout IBC’s database. In another instance, IBC recorded just three airstrikes in a period in 2005, when the number of air attacks had in fact increased from 25 to 120 that year. Again, the gap here is by a factor of 40.

According to the PSR study, the much-disputed Lancet study that estimated 655,000 Iraq deaths up to 2006 (and over a million until today by extrapolation) was likely to be far more accurate than IBC’s figures. In fact, the report confirms a virtual consensus among epidemiologists on the reliability of the Lancet study.

Despite some legitimate criticisms, the statistical methodology it applied is the universally recognised standard to determine deaths from conflict zones, used by international agencies and governments. …

Gee, if only HILLARY had won the last election.   Or Bernie.   Yeah, that’s it.  Bernie would have cleaned house!   We just have to vote harder next time!   Or march in the street waving signs.  Just like the chileans used to do before the massacres started.   And BTW, it looks like trump isn’t going to save us either.   Just watch, he’ll join the rest of the shepherds in herding the flock off the cliff as the latest iteration of the “debt ceiling” fraud triggers the dollar’s collapse.   After all, it’s just arithmetic right?   We have to pay “our” debts, right?  No.   Sorry.  If you still believe that despite all the information available on the net about fractional reserve banking and debt-based money, you just need to take more psych drugs because you aren’t using your brain anyway.    Or alternatively, see

The key to ALL of this is the 9/11 false flag.   If you give a damn about the future, you’d better get off the fence and either convince yourself it was real (good luck with that!) or a staged provocation to justify the wars our great leaders needed to maintain the dollar’s dominance in world trade after they finished gutting our domestic industries.   The top of the reference section of this site will open your eyes to just how brazen this satanic government is.   They count on your fear and uncertainty.  But with certainty, fear gives way to something else.  Something very potent.   Something satanists fear even more than they fear satan.

Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

— Fredrick Douglass

The Muslim Weapon

GMO’s Revealed Episode 5: Sayer Ji Interview

Readers of this blog know we cover serious issues here. At the risk of being monotonous, this is also a must see.

Our ultra-powerful Episode 5 expires tonight–watch it now before we take it down to make room for episode 6…

We’re about halfway through our series, and the buzz around GMOs Revealed has been phenomenal!

Here’s what people are saying…

“Eye opening and earthshaking. Our very survival as a people depends upon We the People taking the action required now that we have this information, and know what to do with it.” -Doreen M. T.

“Excellent interview with Jeffrey Smith! He has done a lot to reveal the health risks of GMOs to the public. Thanks for a great job to help keep GMOs out of our food supply. Also excellent information of how detrimental glyphosate is to our crops and food supply. Also informed us about the new generation poisons put on our food by a number of chemical companies.” -Mary D.

“What an incredible episode. I thought it was even better than the first one. It didn’t even seem like 2 1/2 hours. I have followed some of these topics for years but still learned so much. Really fantastic information!” -Kimberly G.

“Once again I absolutely impressed with the information that this Series is making available to the Public. After episode one, I have put effort into getting those I know and those I do not to please make time available to absorb as much of this info as possible so that they can also pass it forward. Excellent, need to know information!” -Bob K.

“what a revelations of everything that could be wrong with you could all in part be G.M.O. my trip to the grocery store just got more costly but i am worth it. thanks for doing this for us all” -Emily M.


Powerful stuff (and that’s just a few–there’s lots more where those came from)…

What about you? How has GMOs Revealed opened your eyes and caused you to rethink your food choices?

We love to hear more about it. Please consider taking a few minutes to let us know all the details. As a partner in this journey, your opinion means a lot to me.



“Color Revolution” in America: Manufactured Civil War

A race war and a civil war are being incited by the US political establishment and Deep State opponents of Donald Trump, in order to foment violence towards Trump’s removal from the White House. The events in Charlottesville,  together with “Russia-Gate” are being used as a “defining moment of crisis” and a pretext to justify Trump’s overthrow.

Turning American streets into war zones

America has never faced chaos of this nature in modern times: manufactured domestic political terrorism disguised as civil unrest, masking a coup. The stated goal of the agitators is “mass insurrection”and “all forms of violence” to make the country “ungovernable”

Just as the global “war on terrorism” is a criminality and treason disguised as “freedom fighting” and “the defense of liberty”, this war against Trump, labelled as the “new Hitler”, is part of an unfolding domestic terror operation, which ironically utilizes the propaganda techniques of Hitler and the Third Reich (Goebbels), not to mention the anarchist playbook of Saul Alinsky (and, by extension, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom are Alinsky disciples)….

From the violence and propaganda brainwashing to the manipulation and destruction of culture and history (statues and monuments, etc.). what is unfolding is a repeat of familiar institutional terror.

Goals are achieved through the weaponization and mobilization of indoctrinated and deceived masses as well grassroots activists, coupled with mind-controlled authoritarian thugs.

The larger “resistance” features a toxic combination of professional paid anarchists, brainwashed “social justice warriors”, and deluded protestors who are misinformed and invariably ignorant as to who is supporting and funding the “protest movements”. There is no rational conversation to be had, no reasoning, in such an atmosphere of ginned-up hysteria.

This large-scale extortion aims to devastate the United States from within, forcing Trump out of office. An already deeply divided and confused nation with an already shredded social fabric will be torn apart.

The mainstream corporate media, the engineers of delusion and mob-manipulating propaganda, is ginning it up, creating mass hysteria and mental affliction.

What is taking place is not simple protests from supporters of a losing political faction, but a domestic terrorism operation planned and executed by the establishment majority—supported by neoliberals as well as neoconservative Republicans—in defense of their system against perceived existential threat from anti-establishment movements. Mob violence has always been a weapon of the oligarchy. It was inaccurate and tactically stupid for Trump to call this insurrection “Alt-Left”. It is in fact a mainstream establishment operation, which uses “left”, “progressive” and antifa symbols to pursue its political objectives.

This “chaos agenda”is a “color revolution”. The elites and Deep State figures behind today’s American anarchy are the same ones that funded and orchestrated “color revolutions” around the world, the toppling of Ukraine and the installation of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Svoboda regime, unrest in Turkey, the destabilization of Syria, European refugee crisis, and the Arab Spring. What worked overseas is now being applied within US borders.

The Purple Revolution began the night Trump won the presidential election that foiled the installation of Hillary Clinton. This warfare has escalated and intensified in the months ever since, culminating with Charlottesville.

The increasingly failing Trump/Russian hack narrative is being replaced by a variation on an old theme: Nazis. “Trump is a Nazi”. Nazis must die.

Trump’s repeated denials and long history of standing against Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists, and having nothing to do with them, are to no avail….

Here’s why hillary threw a tantrum after she lost to trump.  Bilderberg PROMISED her the 2016 presidency if she’d stand aside for obama in 2008:

All this was being covered in real time by infowars in 2008.   While the so-called “free press” was out chasing their tails, obama and hillary attended the bilderberg meeting in virginia where this agreement was reached.   All very gentleman-like, see?

Covert Action Information Bulletin Full Index

Someone finally scanned in the entire texts of all the issues.   This is what the “deep state” has been doing behind our backs:

Back Issues

Number 1 (1978) Philip Agee on CIA; Cuban
exile trial; “Consumer research” in Jamaica.

Number 2 (1978) CIA recruits diplomats;
Researching CIA officers; Cuban double agent in
CIA; CIA North Carolina demolit. training base.

Number 3 (1979) CIA attacks CAIB; Top Secret
Army spy manual; CAIB CIA poster; CIA in
Mexico; Australia U.S. spy satellite base; John
Paisley mystery death.

Number 4 (1979) Spying on allies: Secret Italy
cable; CIA in Spain; CIA Africa recruiting; Angola;
Subversive academics in Southern Africa; CIA
and human rights; CIA firearms authority;
Intelligence budgets; In Search of Enemies.

Number 5 (1979) U.S. intelligence in SE Asia;
Chinese diverted Soviet weapons from Vietnam;
CIA in Denmark & Sweden; Grenada; AIFLD; CIA
officer and JFK assassination evidence theft.

Number 6 (1979) Caribbean; Cuban exile terror-
ists; CIA Nicaragua plans; CIA’s secret
“Perspectives for Intelligence”; U.S. helps
South Africa surveillance; CIA uses cockroaches.

Number 7 (1979-80) CIA and media:
Destabilization in Jamaica; Robert Moss; CIA
propaganda budget; UNITA – Savimbi in U.S.,
his secret letters; Iran; CIA uses pigeons.

Number 8 (1980) CIA vs. Philip Agee; Naming
Names legislation – CAIB statement before
Congress; Zimbabwe; Northern Ireland; CIA
Florida recruiting; CIA assassinations.

Number 9 (1990) Intel. Tech: NSA in Norway,
Glomar Explorer; Mind control; NSA; Jamaica;
Hmong in Guyana; South Africa forgery; Canada
bombing; CBW research; Intel, tech, politics.

Number 10 (1980) Caribbean: Jamaica,
Guyana, Grenada; Antigua; Dominica; Cuban
exiles; The Spike; CIA deep cover manual.

Number 11 (1980) Right-wing terror; S. Korea;
KCIA; Portugal; Guyana; Caribbean; AFIO; NSA
interview; CIA stamp; CIA assassinations.

Number 12 (1981) El Salvador; Guatemala; New
Right/U.S. intel.; Senate terrorism comm.; Wm.
Casey; Mozambique; Norway; mail surveillance.

Number 13 (1981) Secret South Africa docu-
ments; Namibia; Mercenaries; Ku Klux Klan
coup attempt; Globe Aero; Angola; Mozambique;
BOSS; Central America; Max Hugel; Stanley
Sporkin; Thomas Pauken; mail surveillance.

Number 14-15 (1981) Index to Numbers 1-12;
Intelligence legislation; Extended Naming
Names; Deep cover businessmen.

Number 16 (1982) Green Beret El Salvador tor-
ture; Argentine death squads; CIA media oper-
ations; Constantine Menges; Seychelles;
Angola; Mozambique; Ku Klux Klan coup
attempt; Nugan Hand; CIA germ warfare.

Number 17 (1982) CBW history; “Yellow rain”;
Cuban dengue epidemic; Scott Barnes in Laos;
Bangkok mystery death; Executive mercenaries;
CIA and academia; CIA assassinations.

Number 18 (1983) CIA & religion; Nicaragua
“Secret” war; Miskitos; Opus Dei; Guatemala; El
Salvador; Institute of Linguistics; World Medical
Relief; AID; CIA & BOSS; South African torture;
Vietnam; Suriname; “Free Lebanon”; Court &
NSA; Spying on Canada; Heritage Foundation.

Number 19 (1983) CIA and media history; “Plot”
on Pope; Grenada airport; NSA spies on Canadian
journalist; Georgie Anne Geyer; CIA legends.

Number 20 (1984) Grenada invasion; Nicaragua;
Ft. Huachuca; Israel and South Korea in Central
America; KAL Flight 007; CIA assassinations.

Number 21 (1984) Salvadoran election: NY
Times/Time/Newsweek distortions; Nicaragua,-
Israel in Central America; Accuracy in Media;
Rev. Moon; CIA occult research.

Number 22 (1984) Mercenaries; Terrorism;
Soldier of Fortune; CAIB Special Forces investi-
gation; Privatizing Nicaragua war; CIA terror
manual; Secret GAO DoD/CIA Honduras report;
U.S. -South African terror; Stefano Delle Chiaie.

Number 23 (1985) Pope Plot/Bulg. Connection;
Claire Sterling; CIA, Turk. & Ital. neofascists.

Number 24 (1985) State repression; Infiltrators
and provocateurs; Sanctuary movement,
American Indian Movement; Leonard Peltier;
NASSCO strike; Arnaud de Borchgrave and Rev.
Moon; Robert Moss; Tetra Tech.

Number 25 (1986) U.S., Nazis, Vatican; Klaus
Barbie’s Bolivian coup; Nazi doctors in U.S.;
Brazil torture; Knights of Malta; Greek civil
war/Eleni; WACL supplies contras.

Number 26 (1986) U.S. terror; Vernon Walters;
Libya bombing; Contra agents; Israel & South
Africa; Jon. Pollard; CIA & Costa Rica; Duarte;
Nicaragua; Greece; Index to Nos. 13-25.

Number 27 (1987) Religious Right: Nuclear war
theology; Christian underground; Fatima;
Religious Right and Blacks; NY Times/Pope plot;
Samora Machel; Carlucci; Southern Air Transport;
Iran-Contra documents; Michael Ledeen.

Number 28 (1987) CIA, drugs, secret wars: S.E. Asia,
Afghanistan, Central America, Nugan Hand; MKUL-
TRA/Canada; Delta Force; AIDS and CBW.

Number 29 (1988) Pacific: Philippines, Fiji,
New Zealand, Belau, Kanaky, Vanuatu, Maori in
Hawaii; atom testing; media on Nicaragua;
Reader’s Digest; CIA in Cuba; Tibet; FBI-CIA
surveils Gorbachev; Philip Agee on Veil; AIDS.

Number 30 (1988) Middle East: Intifada, Israeli
arms sales, chemical & nuclear warfare, Israel in
Africa & Central America; Disinformation & Libya;
CIA’s William Buckley; Afghan contra lobby.

Number 31 (1989) Domestic surveillance: FBI,
CIA on campus; Office of Public Diplomacy;
Geronimo Pratt; Lexington prison; Puerto Rico;
Inti. Freedom Foundation; Disinformation.

Number 32 (1989) Tenth Anniversary Issue:
Best of CAIB. 27 condensed articles: Naming
Names; CIA and NSA at home, abroad, in the
media; Philip Agee.

Number 33 (1990) Bush Issue: CIA Bush agents,
secret team; Terrorism Task Force; Reagan’s CIA;
Skull and Bones; NED in Nicaragua; El Salvador
election; Chile; Cuba; Republicans and Nazis;
Rise of national security state.

Number 34 (1990) Panama invasion; Noriega-
CIA; South African death squads; FBI-CIA and
Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination; NED in
Nicaragua; U.S. and Pol Pot; Philippines,-
Operation CHAOS; Taiwan’s agents; Council for
National Policy.

Number 35 (1990) Changes in Eastern Europe;
Reinhard Gehlen; Destabilization of USSR;
NED in Lithuania; Balkan nationalists; Free
Congress Foundation; Cuba; Iran-Contra; 1965
Indonesia massacres; CIA banking.

Number 36 (1991) Racism and national securi-
ty; FBI vs. Arab-Americans and Black officials;
Chad, Uganda, South Africa, Angola,
Mozambique, Zaire; Haiti; Panama; Gulf War;
COINTELPRO “art”; National security humor.

Number 37 (1991) Gulf War: Media; CIA Iraq
broadcasting; U.S. trading with enemy; UN;
Nuclear war evangelicals; Domestic costs;
North Korea next?; Libya; Iran; Illegal arms
deals; Georgie Anne Geyer; Journalists and CIA.

Number 38 (1991) DoD-CIA foreign/U.S. stu-
dent recruitment; Rochester Institute of
Technology; Harvard; Militarism in academia
resources; Judi Bari; Arif Durrani; Rev. Moon
and academia; Targeting environmentalists,-
ClABase review.

Number 39 (1991-92) “Good” agencies: NED;
Peace Corps; USAID/AIDS; US! A; National
Cancer Institute/biowarfare; World Bank;
Population control; Danny Casolaro,- FBI &
Supreme Court; Robert Gates; USSR destabiliza-
tion,- BCCI.

Number 40 (1992) Native American struggle his-
tory; Toxic dumps; Leonard Peltier; Hollywood’s
racism; Guatemala; Rigoberta Menchu inter-
view; Pol Pot returns; East Timor massacre; U.S.
in Pacific, GATT; David Duke in India.

Number 41 (1992) Next enemies; LA Uprising;
Nuclear threats,- Bush and CIA; Bush family
preys together; UN: U.S. Tool; Eqbal Ahmad;
Nuclear proliferation; Environmentalist
attacked; Dissent as subversion.

Number 42 (1992) Phil Agee on CIA; Peru;
Fluoride; VP Bush & CIA; Nicaragua; Special
Ops.; Drug war; CIA vs. Hen. Gonzalez; Bush
inaugural speech leak; Moon buys university.

Number 43 (1992-93) Chemical and biological
warfare: Zimbabwe, South Africa, anthrax; Gulf
War Syndrome; Agent Orange; Scientific racism;
“Yellow Rain’TWall Street Journal; Yugoslavia
destabilization; Religious Right; Somalia.

Number 44 (1993) Public Relations: Hill &
Knowlton, Burson-Marsteller; Clinton Cabinet;
Somalia; Rio Summit; BCCI-CIA; Clinton
National Security Act; Religious Right’s anti-
gay plans.

Number 45 (1993) South African Right global
links; Chris Hani assassination; German Neo-
Nazis; HIV Haitians; Russia; ADL spying list;
Pelican Bay prison; Ireland’s youth; Police vs.
black youth; Angola profiteers; Benjamin Chavis.

Number 46 (1993) Economic intelligence;
CIA’s assassination record; Israel and the
bomb; NSA Clipper Chip; School of Americas,-
Ex-adviser on El Salvador; Private prisons,-
Delta death row; Savannah River; France’s
Groupe Bull; CIA banking.

Number 47 (1993-94) FBI vs. Judi Bari;
Russian coup; Rocky Flats; NAFTA; Howard
Zinn on FBI; Dave Dellinger on 90s; Cold War
quiz; Allen Ginsberg on CIA; Mumia Abu-Jamal;
World Bank/IMF; Evergreen Air.

Number 48 (1994) Chiapas uprising; CIA and
NAFTA; Haiti; Iran-Contra Report; L.A.-8;
Mercenaries in Azerbaijan -, Council for National
Policy; Guatemala and drugs; Reader survey.

Number 49 (1994) Montesinos and Fujimori;
Sudan; Operation Gladio; Human atom testing;
Armenia and Azerbaijan; South Africa’s left; El
Salvador death squads.

Number 50 (1994) Operation Condor; Clinton
crime bill; Liberty lobby; Monfort meatpackers;
Low intensity Democracy; NRO & intel. budget.

Number 51 (1994-95) U.S. in Haiti; Canadian
intelligence abets Neo-Nazis; Brookhaven and
cancer; Bulgaria; Population,- Women’s asylum
rights; CIA budget; Paramilitary vacations;
Bud McFarlane.

Number 52 (1995) Rwanda,- Proposition 187;
Militia movement; Neo-Nazis and anti-abortion,-
Groom Lake; Wall Street vs. Mexico; Human
radiation; Corporations fund research; NSA in
cyberspace; Far Right/spies internet resources;
Union Carbide’s Warren Anderson.

Number 53 (1995) Gulf War Syndrome; Militias
and the military; Frank Donner; Arab bashing;
Hiroshima: Cold War bomb; Iraqi embargo;
Guatemala; Bhopal; Secret FISA court;
Antiterrorism Act; Fourth Amendment mugged.

Number 54 (1995) Noam Chomsky on corpo-
ratepropaganda; Bosnia; Kurdistan; Sasakawa
obit; NAFTA layoffs; Prison labor; AFL-CIO in
Russia; Private security guards; Walter Reuther.

Number 55 (1996) Police vs. citizen review;
Corporate assault on FDA; PR industry vs.
activists; Colin Powell; UN at 50/Fidel Castro;
Economic intelligence; Spain’s dirty war; East
Timor – Britain Arms Indonesia; Bosnia.

Number 56 (1996) Noam Chomsky; High-tech
surveillance; Militarizing the border; Pepper
gas; Guyana; Yugoslavia; Russian nationalism;
U.S. and Korea; La Belle bombing.

Number 57 (1996) Racism in the ranks; White
collar crime; Common Law courts; INS deten-
tion centers; Buying Russian elections; Noam
Chomsky on Haiti; U.S.-lsrael; Anonymous
remailers; Nuclear proliferation in space.

Number 58 (1996) Pilger on Burma; Estrogen &
endocrine; Crime & capital globalization;
“Counter-Terrorism” documents; Church burn-
ings; AID & environment; Brookhaven; AIDS.

Number 59 (1996-97) Surveillance: ECHELON;
NSA’s business plan; NIMA; Spooks in the
internet; Canadian spies; Privatizing welfare;
Mexico and SOA; Afghanistan; CIA and drugs.

Number 60 (1997) Cassini plutonium missing;
Japan and Peru; MRTA; Prison labor;
Unionbusting; Universities and business;
Colombia; Sudan; FBI-CIA teamwork.

Number 61 (1997) Turkey’s state killers;
Privatizing Hanford; Spying on activists; U.S.
torture manuals; Arming Mexico’s drug war;
NSA, Russia and Dudayev; NATO moves East;
Spooks in Congress.

Number 62 (1997) U.S. and Pol Pot;
Paramilitary policing; Selling SWAT; Mercenary
armies and minerals; Mad Cow disease; Free
radio; Che and the CIA; Visit to CIA; Vaclav Havel.

Number 63 (1997) Right-wing think tanks;
South African torture; chemical-biological war-
fare; NSA’s Crypto AG; Promise Keepers.

Number 64 (1998) Vietnam; Iraq sanctions;
Political control technology; Jihad; Pinochet;
Drug war fungus; Burma-Singapore heroin trade.

Number 65 (1998) Philip Agee, Ramsey Clark;
Mumia Abu-Jamal; Serb demonization; Bosnia
TV disinformation; Media evasions; NGOs in
Latin America; Russian reform”; War on Cuba;
Assata Shakur; Ron Ridenhour; CIA vs. Daniel
Tsang; CIA mistaken identities

Number 66 (1998-99) Pinochet; Palestinian
Authority; Tomahawks; Sudan; Pentagon bucks;
PanAm 103; Laurent Kabila interview; Algeria;
Richard Holbrooke; NATO; Izetbegovitch; FBI’s
D.C. “espionage” trial.

Number 67 (1999) Mumia Abu-Jamal; NATO
bombing and “Greater Albania”; Humanitarian
intervention in Kosovo; Roma people; William
Walker; Richard Holbrooke; Ocalan; Police mil-
itarization; Tupac Shakur; CIA and labor; CIA
drug smuggling; Leonard Peltier.

Number 68 (1999) East Timor; Colombia;
Panama; Cuba vs. U.S.; Serbia; NATO in
Kosovo; KLA and drugs; MPRI; Urban Warrior;
Homeland defense; Poverty globalization.

Number 69 (2000) Congo; Chechnya; Colombia;
Ecuador; Iraqi oil; Depleted uranium;
Yugoslavia; India; Cyprus; Bosnia-Herzegovina;
Seattle/WTO; “Emergency management;”
Hunger politics; Global water; Climate; Prison-
industrial complex; Military civil disturbance
planning; CIA and Cold War.

Number 70 (2001) Bush and environment;
Mullah Aid; Dick Held; Non-lethal weapons;
Summit of the Americas; Israeli Nukes;
Kissinger; Star Wars; Yugoslavia; Antonin Scalia;
Bush and Blair; Rep. Rob Simmons; 10 Worst
Corporations; Statement by Leonard Peltier.

Number 71 (2001) Depleted uranium; Political
Islam; Plan Puebla-Panama; USA Patriot Act;
War Criminals; Israel and Hamas; Palestinian
right of return; Domestic Anthrax; Plan Colombia;
CIA visa machine; DoD vs. environment.

Number 72 (2002) Police violence; ISI, CIA &
Taliban; Palestine; Venezuela plotting & coup;
Earl Silbert & Enron; U.S. Designs on Iraq;
Argentina bankrupted; Attack on Indian
Parliament; Global rollback; Elie Hobeika.

Number 73 (2002) Torture; Jenin and Amnesty
International; Academia & CIA; Pakistan; 50
Years of Coups-lran to Venezuela; Plutonium in
Space; U’wa vs. Occidental; Why Nato?

Number 74 (2002) Jenin and Human Rights
Watch; George Soros stage-managing imperial-
ism; Religious fascists and the CIA in Bosnia;
End of Posse Comitatus; Brown & Root; James
Petras on Argentina; Rwanda injustice; Revving
up Bush’s war machine; Smashing the Kurds.

Number 75 (2003) Homeland Security Phoenix-
Style; Space-Based Imperialism; First Nations
Fight Back; Tobacco Smokescreen; Denver
Police Files; Victory For Judi Bari; Bhopal;
Presidential Deceits; When Will Bush Fall?

Number 76 (2004) Edward Said Presente;
Haiti’s Murderous Army Reborn; “Gene
Bombs”; Guantanamo Detainees; Racist
War/Media on Iraq; IBM and Apartheid;
Racism, Sexism, Millitarism and John Kerry;
World Social Forum, India.

Number 77 Million Worker March; Israel-U.S.
Connections Against Iraq; Sabotage in North
Korea; The Bombing of PanAm 103 and Libya;
Genocide in Chiapas; An Analysis of Hate Crime
Report; A Kathy Kelly Diary.


Why Richard Clarke’s “apology” is misleading. He is not talking about and the National
Commission on 9/1 1 is not looking at the following:

• Carter administration – CIA – Islamists of Afghanistan

• Carter administration – CIA – Islamists of Iran

• al-Qaeda — Saudi — CIA — Reagan administration collaborations in Afghanistan and Sudan

• al-Qaeda — Saudi — CIA — Bush I administration collaborations in Afghanistan and Sudan

• al-Qaeda — CIA — Clinton administration collaborations in Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Libya, Sudan.
For a comprehensive reading on the subjects mentioned above, please refer to our back issues list, pp. 47-8.

PDF: Complete CAIB/CAQ Collection

PDF: 15th Anniversary Issue Best of Covert Action Information Bulletin (1994)

Covert Action Quarterly #47

15th Anniversary Issue

The FBI Targets Judi Bari
By Ward Churchill — 4
Did the FBI put a bomb In Earth First! activists’ car and then try to frame them for the crime? The evidence points to Bureau guilt and fits a historical pattern set by COINTELPRO in the ’60s.
Russia in the Winter of Democracy 
By Fred Weir — 10
Boris Yeltsin, savior of Russian democracy? There Is much more behind the October coup than our smug pundits and gloating leaders want us to think.
Rocky Flats: The Jury That Wouldn’t Shut Up
By Brian Abas — 16
When a grand jury heard the Rocky Flats horror show of nuclear pollution, they voted to Indict the corporate and government officials responsible. They didn’t know the fix was in.
Trilateral Spin on NAFTA
By Joyce Nelson — 22
When Clinton, Ford, Carter, and Bush posed in the Rose Garden to push NAFTA. they were the tip of the ioeberg based in a powerful organization of government and corporate elites.
The Federal Bureau of Intimidation
By Howard Zinn — 27
The FBI Is supposed to fight theft, murder, and clvil rights violations. But for decades, the supposed enforcer has often been the perpetrator.
Optimism for the ’90s
By Dave Dellinger — 32
Challenging the conventional wisdom that the movement for social change died with the ’60s. a veteran activist sees widespread resistance and discontent waiting to explode.
CIA Dope Calypso
By Allen Ginsberg — 37
CIA involvement in drug trafficking makes better poetry than policy. Reoent revelations that the Agency smuggled a ton of coke into the U.S. suggest we may soon need more verses.
Cold War Anti-Communism Redux
By William Blum — 38
Has propaganda disseminated by the evil empire warped your mind? And just what makes the U.S. so darn evil anyway? Take this test of red (pardon the expression)-blooded patriotism.
When the First is Last
By Mumia Abu-Jamal — 42
When prison censors render portions of the Bill of Rights inoperative, even the founding fathers can seem subversive. A U.S. political prisoner looks for the First Amendment.
IMF/World Bank: Devastation by Design
By Walden Bello, Shea Cunningham & Bill Rau — 44
If they have failed to help the Third World. why are they still around? Find the answer by asking another question: “Who benefits?”
The UN, the CIA, and Evergreen Air
By Jan Williams — 48
When CIA proprietaries demand favors. they find friends In the oddest places -such as in the UN where diplomats cut deals with the devil.
Bag of Dirty Tricks
By Louis Wolf — 53
The long legacy of Agency crimes ranges from petty harassment to mass murder.
Letters to the Editor — 65
Front Cover: photo Rick Reinhard. Gay/Lesbian march on Washington, l993
Back Cover: Matt Wuerker
And more generally:

PDF: 10th Anniversary Issue Best of Covert Action Information Bulletin (1989)

Nothing like some real history to show where we’ve been headed for the past 30-odd years and longer.   The fake news aspect of the “left/right” “fascist/antifa” “ISIS/NATO” “CNN/Fox” charade comes into stark relief with a little background.  But I’m sure all the kingdom’s “pharos” (“kings of denial”) will continue sucking the teat of the monster that we the clueless sheep over here have unleashed on the hapless peasants over there.   At least until the “milk” turns green and glows in the dark.

God help us all.

10th Anniversary Best of CAIB – Covert Action Information Bulletin

About This Issue

When we started CAIB in 1978, we never worried about how long the publication would last. Like the overall progressive struggle of which we were a part, we worked from day to day, scrambling as each issue was published to raise the funds to put out the next.

That, as our loyal readers know, has not changed. Nor have we always been on time, to say the least; but while we staggered, we never stopped. And, we think, the magazine has become steadily better, with broader coverage, more pages, better illustrations, more excellent outside authors, and continuing revelations and exposes.

It is typical of our plight that we publish this Tenth Anniversary Issue as we near the end of our eleventh year! Still, we hope that you, our readers, will enjoy this compendium of some of our most interesting and informative articles.

This “Best of…” issue unfortunately, contains only an edited sampling of our best articles. Space constraints made it necessary to leave out many others. We urge our readers who are interested in the larger scope of our work to order our back issues. You will get interesting and valuable information and, at the same time, help us financially.

Our next issue, at which we have been hard at work, will concentrate on the personalities and possibilities of the Bush administration.

Table of Contents

Who We Are      page 3

Eleven Year Perspective
by Philip Agee      page 4

The CIA in the U.S.

When Myths Lead to Murder
by Philip Agee      page 7

The Names of Agents Bill      page 10

Naming Names      page 14

The National Security Agency Exclusive Interview      page 15

Executive Order 12333      page 18

Accuracy in Media
by Louis Wolf      page 19

Robert K. Brown: Soldier of Fortune
by Ward Churchill      page 22

The Ordeal of Leonard Peltier
by William Kunstler      page 25
The CIA Abroad

Blueprint for Nicaragua
by Philip Agee      page 27

Guatemala’s Terrorist Government
by Allan Nairn      page 29

Massive Destabilization in Jamaica
by Ellen Ray and William Schaap      page 32

U.S. Crushes Caribbean Jewel
by Ellen Ray and William Schaap      page 34

New Spate of Terrorism
by William Schaap      page 37

The 1981 Cuban Dengue Epidemic
by William Schaap      page 39

Israeli Arms to Central America
by Clarence Lusane      page 40

Libya in U.S. Demonology
by Noam Chomsky       page 43

Vernon Walters: Crypto-diplomat and Terrorist
by Ellen Ray and William Schaap      page 47

CIA Puppet: Jonas Savimbi
by Louis Wolf      page 50

Mozambique Expeils CIA Operatives
by Ellen Ray      page 51

U.S.-South Africa Destabilization
by Sean Gervasi       page 53

U.S. Intelligence in Southeast Asia
by David Truong D.H.      page 56

by Carolyn Turbyfill      page 59

God is Phasing Out Democracy
by Fred Clarkson      page 60
The CIA and the Media

CIA Relations with Media      page 63

CIA Covert Propaganda
by Sean Gervasi       page 64

The Grocery Store Papers      page 66

The New York Times and Propaganda
by Edward Herman      page 67

And more generally:

PDF: Complete CAIB/CAQ Collection

SF Freedom Rally Cancelled Over False Flag Setup

After city officials tried – unsuccessfully – to stop a “Freedom Rally” slated to take place Saturday in San Francisco, the events organizers abruptly canceled the event, telling those who had planned on attending that they feared demonstrators were being “set up” by left wing protesters intent on violently attacking them.

Joey Gibson, one of the rally’s organizers, said that his group, Patriot Prayer, had decided to cancel the event – which was slated to take place in Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge – after several conversations with San Francisco police. Instead, Gibson said the group plans to hold a hastily scheduled press conference at 2 p.m. in Alamo Square Park, according to CBS.At the press conference, Gibson said he will provide more details about his reasoning for canceling the rally.

Gibson blamed the rhetoric of politicians like Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for helping attract the attention of “extremists.”

“After several conversations with the police and understanding, you know, the situation of what’s going on we decided that tomorrow really seems like a setup. It doesn’t seem safe,” said Gibson. “A lot of people’s lives are going to be in danger tomorrow. The rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Lee, the media, all these people are saying that we’re white supremacists and it’s bringing in tons of extremists. And it seems just like a huge setup.”

He also singled out members of far-left group Antifa for trying to intimidate peaceful demonstrators.

“’These Antifa thugs, these kids who dress in all black, they constantly put police officers lives in danger, our lives in danger, liberal lives in danger if they get in their way or speak out against them’ said Gibson Friday afternoon.”

Sunday’s anti-Marxist rally in Berkeley is expected to proceed as planned, and Gibson urged viewers to attend that event as well.