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The Genocidal Scientists

People buried in textbooks are frequently incapable of seeing the skinner box strapped to their heads, or the neural atrophy they likely suffer as a result of early mistreatment at the hands of medical “science,”  which has thrown a monkey wrench into the finely tuned process of early human socialization.  They are both products of and catalysts for the current genocidal order, and I’m sure it only seems rational to them.  Here’s a case in point:


The Rogue FBI

What single organization is responsible for more terror plots in the USA than any other? Possible answers: Al Qaida. That would no doubt be the popular answer but it would be wrong. The KKK. Way past their prime, so that is not it. The Jewish Defense League. Good guess, but still not it. So what is the correct answer? It is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, AKA the FBI.”