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W.H.O. Says Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe for the Elderly after Norway Questioned Its Role in Numerous Deaths

The World Health Organization said Friday that it still recommends the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 shot with an expert panel it convened finding no evidence implicating it in the deaths of elderly people, after Norway’s medicines authority said there was no certain connection when 23 elderly patients died shortly after receiving the vaccine.

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Hundreds of climate scientists demand immediate end to Bill Gates’ genocidal “solar dimming” project

(Natural News) One of humanity’s primary sources of life, the sun, is under attack by genocidal maniac Bill Gates, who wants to artificially “dim” it with aerosols in order to stop “global warming.” A growing cohort of scientists, however, is saying no way.

The Calgary-based Friends of Science Society has issued a press release calling on Harvard University to stop working with Gates to “chemtrail” the sky in an attempt to block out the sun. Doing this presents serious atmospheric risks, not to mention unintended consequences that could result in an extinction-level event (ELE).

Researchers Roger Pielke Jr. and Justin Ritchie found that Gates’ projections are all wrong to begin with, and there is no actual climate emergency. Further, the originator of the project to blast chemicals into the sky, Prof. David Keith, has openly admitted that “many thousands will die” from the experiment.

Seeing as how Gates is the same billionaire “philanthropist” who claims to care about the thousands of people who have supposedly died from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), hence his push for mass vaccination, it defies logic that he would now want to kill untold thousands more by blocking out the sun.

“‘Solar dimming’ geoengineering would inject sulphur dioxide particulate matter into the atmosphere, thus creating a human-caused ‘cloud’ to dim the incoming warming effect of the sun, to counteract human-caused global warming, which Bill Gates claims is causing a ‘climate disaster’ in the title of his upcoming book,” the press release reads…..

At least 80% of people with diabetes also have fatty liver

(Natural News) As an organ the size of a football, the liver plays an outsized role in maintaining good health. It filters out toxins in the bloodstream, breaks down fats, stores nutrients and balances energy metabolism. It also breaks down alcohol in the blood and helps create proteins responsible for blood clotting.

This being said, the effects of an unhealthy liver can ripple through the body and increase your risk of various diseases. Dr. Kenneth Cusi, an endocrinologist at the University of Florida, said that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and Type 2 diabetes are closely linked. Cusi found that at least 80 percent of diabetics also have a fatty liver.

“When I was in medical school, people thought obesity-related fat in the liver was an innocent bystander,” Cusi said. “Now endocrinologists are starting to realize this is a problem that hits home.”

Fatty liver disease is frequently undiagnosed

NAFLD is the buildup of extra fat in the liver that is not caused by alcohol. It is normal for the liver to contain some fat. But if more than five to 10 percent of its weight is fat, then it is considered to be a “fatty liver.”

Many studies have shown that NAFLD contributes to diabetes. In a 2011 study, American and Korean researchers concluded that fatty liver strongly predicts the future development of Type 2 diabetes. In a 2007 study, Japanese researchers identified NAFLD as a diabetes risk factor.

The liver plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. As one of the glucose reservoirs, it stores excess glucose in the form of glycogen. When the body is running low on energy, it converts glycogen back into glucose to keep the body up and running.

Because the liver plays such a central role, fat buildup in the organ makes it harder to control blood sugar levels. “When you get fatty liver, diabetes is harder to control,” Cusi said.

But many diabetics with a fatty liver are not aware that they have the condition. Cusi said NAFLD is typically undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness among some physicians, as well as the hidden nature of the disease.

Fatty liver often causes no observable symptoms until the disease has progressed into cirrhosis, the late stage of liver scarring. The most reliable way to diagnose it is through a liver biopsy, an invasive and expensive procedure. Other options such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound scans are cheaper but less precise. Physical exams and blood tests are wholly inaccurate.

“That’s why it’s so hard for clinicians. Even [patients’] liver enzymes can be normal,” said Cusi.

Obesity an indicator of fatty liver disease…

Miniscule Roundup residues in food linked to serious liver disease

Success: 10% of US Teens Have Liver Disease

Glyphosate and Roundup found to disrupt gut microbiome by inhibiting shikimate pathway

Fauci Announces the US Will Rejoin the World Health Organization, Promises to Give Them Our Money

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is now serving as Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, announced that the president has reversed the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization.

Fauci will be leading the U.S. delegation.

“I am honored to announce that the United States will remain a member of the World Health Organization,” Fauci told a virtual meeting of the WHO.

“The United States also intends to fulfil its financial obligations to the organization,” he added….

Nurses in Kansas Refuse to Give Experimental COVID Injections

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Four nurses at a rural health department in Kansas are refusing to administer any COVID-19 vaccines, citing the fast development and production of the shots.

Coffey County Public Health Administrator Lindsay Payer said the nurses made their own decisions and expressed their concerns one by one. She called the vaccine documents concerning.

“I strongly feel that if people want this vaccine, they should receive it. Absolutely,” Payer said. “But just like it’s their choice to receive it or not, I feel like it should also be my choice to give it or not.”

None of the nurses, including Payer, feel “comfortable” administering a vaccine that has gone through a speedy testing process with new technology, the Kansas City Star reported.

“Vaccination of Kansans is critical to reach the end of this pandemic,” Kristi Zears, a spokeswoman with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said in an email. “We are not aware of any other health departments who have expressed concerns regarding the vaccine and would point them to the safety data.”

Read the full article at Fox4 Topeka….

CDC Stops Reporting on Experimental COVID mRNA Injection Side Effects

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released its weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), and for the second week in a row, there is no new data on adverse reactions to the two FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) COVID mRNA injections.

The last report on the experimental injections and the adverse side effects was from January 6, 2021, and only covered the first week of injections with the experimental Pfizer COVID mRNA shots, with an emphasis on allergic reactions and anaphylaxis shock.

The report on January 6th did not cover the Moderna injections which have also received emergency use authorization by the FDA.

Injuries and deaths due to the experimental COVID injections are being reported in the U.S. and around the world, so why is the CDC not examining these adverse side effects and reporting on them?

The lack of reporting certainly cannot be blamed on the change in administrations, because an MMWR report was published this week and covered the following topics:

One would imagine that the largest mass vaccination campaign in our nation’s history under Operation Warp Speed would be the primary focus of any weekly morbidity and mortality reports.

We know there is a lot more data now since the January 6th report, as adverse reactions from the COVID injections are being entered into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), although this is a voluntary system that few people know about, and is seldom used, so it only reflects a small percentage of adverse reactions, well below 10 percent.

As of last week, fifty-five people in the United States have died after receiving a COVID-19 injection, 96 life-threatening events have been reported, as well as 24 permanent disabilities, 225 hospitalizations, and 1,388 emergency room visits. See:

55 Americans Have Died Following mRNA COVID Injections as Norway Death Toll Rises To 29

The CDC has an app called “V-safe” that is given to everyone who receives an experimental COVID injection to provide “health check-ins,” and would contain far more data than the VAERS database, but the CDC has not issued any reports from this data since January 6th….