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The Jesuits have openly taken the Vatican. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit trained lackey. This has lead to many conspiracy theories Some believe that There will never be another King of Vatican city. Jesus Christ instructed us to pray for our enemies. I think we should pray for everyone, these are strange times.

prayer for the children

A week from now on March 21st, there will be a day in which Satanists around the world sacrifice human lives to Ishtar. I know this and so do many of you. Some of you reading this will be involved in such rituals. I feel sad and disturbed that such ancient rituals are still performed in this modern age of Aquarius. It really isn’t necessary to shed blood in order to honor Nature’s cycles. By Jupiter, any rational person knows that such rituals are now immoral. All I can do is pray for the souls of the innocent victims and pray for the misguided Illuminati members who perform and witness such rituals.

prayer for the One Percenters not yet in Hades

In a dream I saw deceased Illuminati members waiting in purgatory for God’s judgement. They asked me to pray for their souls. But of course it was too late. For the living it is not too late. No matter what your sins, if you renounce Lucifer, make atonement, and give your heart to God–you can be saved. Heaven and Hell are as real as the world. One of the ghosts in purgatory told me that the Illuminati have plans to commit two 9/11 type false flag operations in the near future. May God have mercy on us all. Agape

Kerth Barker: Iluminati Doctrine: Transcript of youtube video


Hi, I’m Kurt. I’m one of the founders of Thought Crime Radio. This is a radio program on KOPN in Mid-Missouri and its also a website, These days there are many different issues that concern us. Issues such as the economy, the national debt, veterans rights, the never-ending war on terror, 9/11 truth, human rights, obstetrical abuse, environmentalism, chemical trails in the sky, GMO foods, education, gun violence, the psychiatric drugging of children, 2nd amendment rights, racism, sexism, terrorism, mass media consolidation, government corruption, illegal drug trade, high unemployment, corporate power, pollution, wall street bailouts, the housing crisis and so many other issues. But there is something that ties all these issues together. All of these issues are caused by a single source of corruption. All of the troubles of our world are the symptoms of a single disease. Only by dealing with the disease itself can its symptoms be alleviated. I know this sounds extraordinary, but it’s true. There is a single source to all of the world’s major problems. That single source must be addressed or all of these problems will get worse. Before I explain that source let me define the word meme. It’s derived from the greek word mimene, which means to mimic. In a sense a meme is like a gene which holds the information to build and maintain a living cell. But a meme is a set of ideas that once transmitted are then duplicated by another person.These ideas come to shape the attitude and behavior of that person. A meme spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme is an informational unit that spreads cultural values and patterns of behaviors. If it spreads successfully, a meme will create a new paradigm or pattern of behavior within a culture. However, if such a meme is toxic it then becomes like a viral infection. A toxic meme is to society what a virus is to a physical body. Just as a virus can spread physical sickness, a meme can spread cultural insanity. And there is a meme that is the single source of the worse corruption in our world culture. That single source is the Illuminati doctrine. This is a set of ideas and political strategies created by Adam Weishaupt. He was a well educated man who lived in Europe in the 1700s. He drew his ideas from the study of history and philosophy. The word Illuminati refers to the Illuminated ones. These are people who believe that they have been given secret knowledge that makes them superior to others. On May 1st, 1776 the Bavarian Illuminati were founded. They were funded by European aristocrats seeking a way to achieve global conquest. This was to begin with the overthrowing of the Bavarian government. But their plan was disclosed and they were officially disbanded. However, Weishaupt’s writings became widely published as a result. The ideas of Adam Weishaupt were always more dangerous than the man himself. And these ideas spread like a disease. Powerful men, such as the Rothschild banking family, realized that they could use these ideas to gain even greater power. A few years after the prototype Bavarian Illuminati were disbanded, other new Illuminati groups were founded. On October 24th, 1798, President George Washington, wrote a letter to a friend. In it he talked about the dangers of the Illuminati doctrine. He linked the Illuminati doctrine to the Jacobin movement of the French Revolution. These Jacobin fanatics hijacked the French Revolution and created a reign of terror. Often using guillotines, they slaughtered 40,000 innocent people. They brought France into ruin. In the wake of this ruin, Napoleon came into power. The Rothschild banking family financed all sides of the Napoleonic wars and became wealthy and powerful as a result. This abuse of power was the first application of the Illuminati doctrine. All I have just told you are facts of history that can be easily verified. However, the curse of the Illuminati doctrine didn’t end with the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. Any ideology that can bring wealth and power to international bankers is not going to be forgotten. This ideological meme was accepted by other aristocrats who understood its power. And so it spread like a disease throughout the culture of aristocracy around the world. Even the famous mason, Albert Pike recognized the spread of the Illuminati doctrine into other early secret societies associated with the enlightenment. The occultist Aleister Crowley referred to Adam Weishaupt as the head of the temple. The Illuminati recruited the freemason Vladimir Lenin, and he used Weishaupt’s ideas to foment the revolution in Russia. This Illuminati doctrine is still a curse upon our modern world. So it must be understood. Only by understanding the Illuminati doctrine can this disease be eliminated. The first principle of the Illuminati doctrine is that the average human being is inclined toward evil rather than good. This is a very important point because it describes a basic world view. The Illuminati doctrine states that ordinary people can’t be trusted to govern themselves. This idea is the foundation for everything that the ruling elite do. Adam Weishaupt was funded by wealthy aristocrats who considered themselves superior to the peasants over which they ruled. The aristocratic belief in their own superiority was a delusion. But it was the typical attitude common to the European aristocrats of that time. The idea that all human beings are inclined toward evil justifies the enslavement of all humanity under the rule of the so called Illuminated ones. The Bavarian Illuminati recruited men from wealthy families. These men were subjected to cultic mind control. It is a characteristic of all cults that their members learn to see all outsiders as inferior. Once indoctrinated into the Illuminati system, these young men learned to feel contempt for anyone not a part of their order. Weishaupt’s doctrine encouraged the infiltration of Masonic lodges. The Illuminati wanted to recruit men who were well educated and idealistic. Another foundation of the Illuminati doctrine is to preach idealistic principles. They claim that their purpose is to create a utopian society. They claim that their goals are equality and world peace. This provides the moral justification for committing any acts of crime or immorality to accomplish these goals. So in the name of world peace they create wars. So in the name of equality that create social injustice. Adam Weishaupt claimed that any and all means were justified in creating their eventual utopian world government. But in the end, all of these ideals are betrayed. The Illuminati doctrine is merely a series of tactics used by global criminals. But these criminals talk of an idealistic utopia and they are well educated men. So they aren’t like common criminals who tend to easily betray one another. This Illuminati is a fellowship of elite globalists who believe that their criminality is morally justified by their idealism. Another foundational principle of the Illuminati doctrine is that they must remain invisible until they have become so powerful that no one can stand against them. This is a strategy of complete covert action. Any initiated member attempting to violate their secrecy would be severely punished. The Illuminati believe that their justification to rule arises from their attainment of worldly power. In other words, might makes right. Their power comes from their own force, not from the consent of the people. In the end the Illuminati intend to destroy all of we call civilization. The family unit, all religions, all regional cultures, all national governments. These all must be eliminated so the Illuminati can create their all powerful one world government. On this philosophical foundation they apply a series of tactics. These were described in letters written by Weishaupt in the 1700s. But such tactics can be seen in today’s world. One tactic is that they use the idea of freedom to bring about a class war. That was certainly used in the French Revolution. It was used in the Russian revolution. The strategy of the Illuminati is to divide and conquer. They encourage the conflict between groups. A secret third party influence encourages two groups of people to attack one another. We see this today. Israel versus Palestine. America versus the terrorists. Republicans versus the Democrats. Whites supremacists versus the civil rights workers. When one positive social movement arises, a negative social movement is created to challenge it. Our present world is divided into conflicting groups and this is not an accident. Illuminati instigators are hired to secretly infiltrate social organizations. These conflicts are deliberately engineered. The Illuminati believe in using propaganda to control the masses. Control of the news media is an Illuminati tactic described in the 1700s by Weishaupt. The nazi propaganda machine was a perfect realization of Illuminati indoctrination. In the modern world, electronic media has now placed the public into a near hypnotic state. Any lie can be sold to the public by those who control the media. If you are aware of 9/11 truth then you understand how far this can be taken. This media control not only spreads misinformation, it also befuddles the minds of the population. The Illuminati believe in using false teachings to confuse the public. They believe in promoting the use of drugs and alcohol. They promote a general encouragement of decadence. This decay of moral values weakens society. A weakened society can be more easily overthrown. They believe in using sexual seduction and blackmail to control political leaders. The original Bavarian Illuminati used such techniques in their failed attempt to take over Bavaria. The many scandals that we see in contemporary Washington DC are only the tip of the iceberg. Illuminati bribery and blackmail guarantee that our politicians no longer serve the will of the people. In controlling the politicians, the actions of a nation can be guided. Weishaupt said that wars should be fought to place nations in permanent debt, and that peace conferences should be used to undermine national sovereignty. These tactics can certainly be seen in our present world. The Illuminati doctrine states that scarcity of all kinds should be created. Hunger, unemployment, shortages and deprivation are to be engineered. The idea is that you create public chaos and then you bring in Illuminati agents to restore order. A Washington politician was recently quoted as saying, “No crisis should go to waste.” This is an Illuminati attitude. After restoring order in the wake of the crisis, which they themselves have created, such Illuminati agents then become public heroes. But in restoring order they take away the rights of the citizens. The people are then made to become dependent upon handouts from the state. The welfare state becomes a method for controlling the masses. The government always becomes more powerful as the rights of the people are continually lessened. The Illuminati doctrine encourages the development of a police state. Weishaupt stated that police are to use street fighting techniques to subdue social resistance. The agent provocateur is an Illuminati tactic. This is where a police agent infiltrates a non-violent group and encourages its members to become violent. This then justifies police violence against that group. The Illuminati doctrine also promoted the idea of an all powerful philosopher King. The concept of a philosopher King goes back to Plato’s Republic. But this Philosopher King is really a dictator. He appoints his ministers. These are to be men programmed in the Illuminati doctrine. They are to create centralized state control. They use high taxes and monopolies to put power into the hands of a few. Once you have a country controlled by the Illuminati you can then use its wealth to create military dominance. Eventually, in this way, all nations of the world are brought under Illuminati control. Then a council of world leaders, under a philosopher King, are to rule the world. To quote Weishaupt “The advisors will have been bred, reared, and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.” It’s no coincidence that May Day, May 1st, was a communist holiday. If you want a perfect example of an Illuminati society it would have been the former Soviet Union. How it was taken over and how it was run were pure Illuminati doctrine. But it isn’t just a matter of socialism, those that call themselves capitalists are just as corrupt. Bailouts for wealthy corporations that are too big to fail is also pure Illuminati. The fall of the Iron Curtain didn’t end the Illuminati, it merely demonstrated the ultimate failure of the Illuminati doctrine. Any society based on the Illuminati doctrine cannot help but to fail in the end. Unfortunately the Illuminati doctrine has become the basis of our present global society. The 99% is ruled by the 1% through the application of the Illuminati doctrine. But the rulers of our present global community are not are enlightened ones. The Illuminati’s contempt for ordinary people is irrational. The average person isn’t evil. Most people are good by nature. But the Illuminati leaders themselves have become evil and psychotic in their obsession with power. It has been said that all power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This has become the case in our world. The Illuminati doctrine is the philosophy behind all the organizations that dominate the global community. Look at the Fabian Society, Theosophy, the Bilderberg group, the United Nations, the CFR, The Trilateral Commission, the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The Federal Reserve, Skull and Bones, The CIA, NATO, The European Union, and so many other globalist groups. The Illuminati should not be thought of as a single organization, but as an interconnected network of groups that are all based on the Illuminati doctrine. In an organic way, since May 1st, 1776, the Illuminati doctrine has spread throughout our world like a disease. This ideological meme, this cultural disease, has sickened our world community. We already have a type of global governance. This global governance is imperfectly manifested through many different groups. However, no matter what they call their particular branch, they are all the Illuminati. But this is no utopian society. On July 4th, 1776 a better model for government was promoted in the Americas. Democracy is the greatest form of government ever devised. But Democracy is being systematically destroyed by the present generation of the Illuminati. They do this in the name of plutocracy and totalitarianism. Their tactics involve criminality. A business man who uses a combination of both criminal methods and legitimate business enterprises has an unfair advantage. The honest business man can’t compete with this Illuminati business model. With their hidden criminality, the Illuminati are destroying all that is good in our world. They aren’t enlightened ones, they’re just another group of brainwashed cult members. They intend to destroy our natural world so that they can create their corporate New World Order. And so far, nobody has been able to defeat them. However, for all their power there is one flaw in their plan. Their original strategy was to remain completely invisible until any resistance became futile. But resistance is not yet futile. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the toxic globalist agenda. A general public awakening can destroy the Illuminati. But such an awakening is difficult. Mass media outlets have been consolidated into the hands of a few corporations. These corporations are controlled by a small group of Illuminati billionaires. Now the only way that the truth can be spread is through a grassroots movement of dedicated persons. is an internet resource for research. Even as you listen to this, the walls of your prison are being built around you. But these walls can still be torn down. You are not powerless. Your are more powerful than you think. By doing what you can to teach others the truth, you can help defeat the Illuminati before it’s too late. If you find that is useful, tell others about it. Spread the word. Thank you for listening. And may God bless you.


DUMBs and DUMBer, Deep Underground Military Bases

There is a vast underground base beneath Denver International Airport. In the airport there are Luciferian murals promoting depopulation and New Word Order globalism. Throughout the U.S. and world there are many Deep Underground Military Bases called D.U.M.B.s. These underground complexes are supposed to be a safe place to go during times of depopulation with Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMDs. People serving the Globalist agenda have been promised luxury refuge in the DUMBs. But certain members of the Global Elite who have researched this know that this is just another Luciferian scam. There isn’t enough room and resources for everyone who’s been promised. Many DUMBs have irreparable engineering problems. The global leaders don’t trust each other and intend to attack each other’s DUMBs when the time comes. If WWIII comes with WMDs then nobody will be safe in the mess that follows. However, some members of the Global Elite have figured alternatives to WWIII and WMD depopulation. Think tanks with supercomputers have shown that more benevolent solutions are actually more practical. The first part of the solution is to prevent the total collapse of the U.S. dollar and economy. This requires a specific taxing of Wall Street. A simplistic, general tax of Wall Street won’t work. If you tax corn futures, for example, it would cause inflation in corn prices. However, other types of derivatives and transactions can be safely taxed without causing inflation. This would cut into the profits of the super-wealthy, but in the long run even they benefit because this preserves their assets. The appropriate taxing of Wall Street will create huge revenues that when invested into rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure will save the U.S. dollar and economy. There would still be a large number of poor people, but a strong middle class would remain. The U.S. Military establishment needs this recovery if it is to survive. Think tanks have shown that there are other more benevolent ways of reducing population and saving the environment–WWIII and WMDs aren’t necessary. I don’t advocate violent revolution, but if recovery isn’t allowed it will happen automatically. Wise ones must realize that this isn’t the time for WWIII, this is the time to tax Wall Street.

deprograming mind control

There are many different types and levels of mind control and many people who have been subject to them. Some people don’t even know that they’ve been subject to mind control. Some people do suspect that they have been, but don’t know what to do about it. There is a technique that can act as a subtle treatment for mind control victims. It doesn’t require a therapist and it doesn’t trigger the suicide response that some mind control victims have been implanted with to prevent them from seeking therapy. It was explained to me years ago by an expert. It involves using journaling in a structured way. All you need is a pen and notebook and the will to heal yourself. In the evening, everyday, you will make a journal entry. First you write down your full legal name and the day’s date. Then you write down one clear memory from that day. You do this everyday and you periodically review the notebook. All forms of mind control use memory as their means of manipulation. Memories involving pain and unconsciousness are combined with commands to create alternate personalities. The natural ego state of the individual is warped or divided using such methods. But memory is always the key. By using the daily journaling technique and always putting your name and the date above the journal entry you begin to take back a small level of control over your memory. This is a subtle technique that works over time. But it does work. I’ve used it and so have others and always with success. It is not a dramatic deprogramming technique but a slow method that yields positive results over time. If you’ve been subject to mind-control, you should know that you can take back your life one day at a time. Even if you’re not certain that you’ve been subject to mind-control, I give you permission to try this. Always know that it is possible to heal.

nonviolent revolution

When Jesus attacked the money changers at the temple he showed that he knew who the real enemy was. The money changers took over the US government a hundred years ago with the Fed. Now we are under their attack in every way. Chem trails pollute our air. Chemicals are put in our water and food. We are kept in constant war and controlled with debt. If the US economy is allowed to collapse as the money changers plan, there will be violent revolution and that would be tragic for everyone. But a nonviolent revolution is still possible. It would begin with taxing Wall Street. The stock market is a complex system and the appropriate taxing of it would have to be complex. But such taxation, if done correctly, would prevent the coming economic collapse. The politicians in Washington don’t have the will to stand up to their masters in Wall Street. The question is can the American people find the will to finally join the fight against the money changers?

Deep Underground Military Bases

Deep Underground Military Bases are called D.U.M.B.s and they are found all over the world. The Globalists are planning a depopulation event with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Those serving the global agenda have been promised a place for their families in the DUMBs. Some of these DUMBs look like underground cities with luxury apartments. But most of these DUMBs have been oversold and under-engineered. There isn’t enough room for everyone who’s been promised a place. Crews that maintain these DUMBs have reported serious plumbing and ventilation problems. If large numbers of people were to actually move in, these systems would fail. There isn’t enough food and water stored. Those DUMBs that do work are more like underground concentration camps than luxury fallout shelters. Globalist leaders secretly distrust each other and have booby trapped each other’s DUMBs. Nuclear devices and nerve gas weapons with remote triggers have been found hidden in DUMBs. If you’ve been promised a safe haven in a DUMB, you’ve been scammed. It’s still possible to prevent the depopulation war. But if widespread war with weapons of mass destruction does come, you’d be safer taking your family and heading into deep wilderness. Be warned and warn others. The DUMBs are deathtraps.