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Vax-Unvax Study of Mice Implicates Hepatitis B Vaccine—Media Silent

GUANDONG, China —Sun Yat-sen University’s (a Top 10 university in China) Dr. Zhibin Yao is not a household name in the American autism community, but perhaps he should be. Not only is he American-educated (University of Pittsburgh) and the author of 33 peer-reviewed studies, but he’s also the lead author of two of the most important biological studies ever done analyzing how, exactly, a vaccine can cause autism.

In 2015, Dr. Yao was the lead author of “Neonatal vaccination with bacillus Calmette–Guérin and hepatitis B vaccines modulates hippocampal synaptic plasticity in rats,” the first study that ever looked at the impact ANY vaccine might have on the brains of rats. I discussed this study in detail in an extensive article I wrote in April titled, “International scientists have found autism’s cause. What will Americans do?.” Vaccine Papers, a website dedicated to a rigorous, science-based analysis of the risks and benefits of vaccines, explained the paper this way:

“This is the first study to test the effects of immune activation by vaccination on brain development. All other studies of immune activation have used essentially pathological conditions that mimic infection and induce a strong fever. A criticism I have heard often from vaccine advocates is that the immune activation experiments are not relevant to vaccines because vaccines cause a milder immune activation than injections of poly-IC or lipopolysaccharide (two types of immune system activators). This new study demonstrates that vaccines can affect brain development via immune activation. Hence, the immune activation experiments are relevant to vaccines…The hep B vaccine increased IL-6 in the hippocampus (the only brain region analyzed for cytokines).”

Despite its importance, explaining Dr. Yao’s 2015 paper to the average person wasn’t easy, partly because his study covered a number of other topics, meaning you had to isolate the data that implicated the Hepatitis B vaccine, and then explain it. With his next paper, however, Dr. Yao and his team made explaining everything much easier, and left very little to interpretation.

The authors noted that the HBV [Hepatitis B vaccinated] mice showed ‘significantly increased’ IL-6, which we know is a biomarker for autism….

At least the kids won’t get HEP-B when they’re shooting up cia-imported drugs ( ) after their familes self-destruct under the care of our medical “profession” ( )

Besides, intact minds won’t be needed in the coming utopia.

Humor found in the Satanic State’s Fake “War on Terror”

It’s not insulting enough that they staged the event which they’re using to steal the country out from under us, they also insist on this degrading ritual just to make sure we’re sufficiently cowed and subservient to be dependable slaves in their technocratic nightmare.   But of course it won’t end with groping or “re-education” or child trafficking or torture.   Genocide will be necessary to complete the project.

Anyway, satire is a very effective form of dissent.

Assange reportedly offers to show Schiff ‘there was no collusion’

The dnc and their media allies will never drop this fake collusion story because it serves at least 3 purposes:   It keeps the peasants fired up for the elites’ planned war with russia ( ) and the ongoing war on trump and diverts attention from the clinton campaign’s likely involvement in the murder of Seth Rich ( ) .   In any case no amount of collusion or PR subterfuge can compete with rigged voting machines ( ) which our “free press” is notably silent about.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is willing to meet with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, to prove there was “no collusion,” according to an intermediary who spoke with MSNBC.

New York radio personality Randy Credico told MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Friday that Assange told him he is willing to be interviewed by Schiff to prove there was no collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

“He’s ready to show that there was no collusion … he’s willing to sit with Schiff and be interviewed,” Credico said.

Credico said Assange wants to talk to Schiff because “he can clear it all up.”

Schiff reportedly said that he would talk to Assange but only if he were in U.S. custody. Assange is currently residing in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid arrest and possible extradition to the U.S. on allegations of espionage.

“Our committee would be willing to interview Julian Assange when he is in U.S. custody, not before,” Schiff’s office said in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner on Friday. …

First this heroic whistleblower, who has done more for this country as a foreign journalist than all the politicians in washington combined, must be in chains.   Then the praetorian guards of the satanic overlords will decide whether to torture the appropriate “confession” out of him.   Or perhaps he’ll suddenly die in an unfortunate accident.   Whatever happens, they can not allow a public hearing of what he knows, because what he knows would open an investigation into who killed Seth Rich and that will lead straight to Podesta ( ).

You think I’m joking?  I’m not joking.

Julian Assange could be forced out of Ecuadoran embassy soon

If he’s arrested by the USA we’ll know the “deep state” has taken full control of the trump admin.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have overstayed his welcome at the Ecuadoran embassy in London, where his situation is “unusually bad” and he could be forced out “any day now,” according to a report on Friday….

The Tigeress in Every Woman

Deep within mothers is a fantastic pulse of ferocious love: it binds us to our babies, and makes us vigilant in their lifelong care. This pulse has been eroded by the institutionalization of many basic life events; most significantly, childbirth and learning. Instead of ancient mothers selfishly guarding the individual loves and virtues of our children, we become modern custodians for the state- breeders and caregivers of an easily manipulated populace.

Women must once again claim birth as a powerful, liberating life event- instead of a painfully medicalized one; and families must allow themselves to learn and stay together in the short time they have- and shun the bizarre lessons in life given by often hostile institutions whose main focus seem to be that of severing families and crushing true intelligence.

It is revolutionary to reject what society so stringently dictates, and revel in being Mother: not as the producer of marketable goods, but as the conduit of life itself.

— Leilah McCracken