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Video: State of Mind

State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control, from the creators of A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, reveals that much of what we believe to be truth is actually deliberate deception.  The global elites are systematically implanting lies into our consciousness to erect a “tyranny over the minds of men.”  This film exposes the mind control methods being used to turn our once vibrant society into a land of obedient sheeple.

  • Are we controlled?
  • To what extent and by whom?
  • What does it mean for humanity’s future?

From cradle to grave our parents, peers, institutions and society inform our values and behaviors but this process has been hijacked. State Of Mind examines the science of control that has evolved over generations to keep us firmly in place so that dictators, power brokers and corporate puppeteers may profit from our ignorance and slavery. From the anvil of compulsory schooling to media and entertainment, we are kept in perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions.

State Of Mind delves into the abyss to expose the true agendas at work. This film reveals the secret manipulations at work and provides shocking and suppressed historical and current examples.  From the ancient roots of the control of human behavior to its maturity in the mind control experiments of intelligence agencies and other organs of manipulation, State Of Mind reveals a plan for the future that drives home the dreadful price of our ignorance.

We are prepared for a new paradigm. Will we choose our own paths or have one selected for us?  State Of Mind unveils the answers that may decide whether humankind will fulfill its destiny or be forever shackled to its own creation.

Features appearances by Alex Jones, Jon Rappaport, G Edward Griffin, Charlotte Iserbyt, Dr. Colin Ross, Dr. Eldon Taylor, Richard Grove, Craig Roberts, Doug Valentine, Kurt Haskell, Bruce Levine and Anthony Schaeffer.

I just watched it.  Highly recommended introduction to what is known about the history and the present state of mind control and its application to social control (minus the obstetrical angle which is still virtually unknown outside of a very few web sites such as this one).    Incredible price, used on amazon it’s $25, straight from infowars it costs 2 bucks new.   I wonder if it’s a typo.   In any case, it’s definitely worth $25 so I’d jump on the chance to buy it for $2.

Reprise: The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Somehow the link I included in the original article had been changed to some kind of UFO crap.   Here’s an updated version of the real movie.

It’s not hard to see how needless debt-based interest payments and the resulting economic desperation imposed on businesses forced them to resort to planned obsolescence long before they would have otherwise, in order to stay afloat.   This is only one way in which our extremely toxic debt-based and fractional reserve money system results in massive amounts of environmental destruction and poverty.   The monopolization of the money supply drives much of the monopolization of the rest of the economy.

EVERYONE these days has to rent or borrow things that they used to own.   Farmers lease tractors, builders lease cranes, truck drivers lease trucks and increasingly families rent homes as wealth becomes more and more concentrated into fewer hands.   This long predates the most recent bankster-staged “economic downturn”, and it demonstrates the genius of their modern, highly efficient, invisible  and streamlined approach to enslavement, a form of slavery that would only be a utopian pipe dream to southern antebellum slave plantations.

The key to its invisibility is the rate at which it has occurred: slowly over decades, more and more of the lifeblood of this economy has drained into the coffers of banks, from which they make loans so that people can buy the necessities of life.   This is an inevitable consequence of fractional reserve banking and debt-based money.  But the impending downfall of this paradigm stems from its very success: it’s reached a point where its becoming impossible even for highly motivated and resourceful people to make a living and support a family.   The satanists who control the central banks have long anticipated this and obviously prepared for it in numerous ways, not least of which is the imposition of chemical lobotomies on children via toxic vaccines.

As an interesting (to me anyway) aside, I would note that the rate of a filament’s heating up to operating temperature has a lot to do with the longevity of the filament.   The small but inevitable variations in the thickness of the filament give rise to “hot-spots” when the bulb is  turned on.   The hot-spot’s resistance to current is an increasing function of its temperature ( ) so that in the instant after turn-on a disproportionate amount of power dissipation  occurs at such hot spots, which increases their rate of vaporization and narrowing , a positive feedback loop which causes the filament to eventually fail at its weakest link.   This is why filament bulbs almost always burn out at the moment you flip the switch, that’s when the temperature and rate of vaporization at such hot spots is maximized, before the rest of the filament heats up and distributes the power dissipation more evenly.   If you want them to last, you could attach them to a dimmer and raise their brightness gradually.   Even one or two seconds between turn-on and full brightness would probably drastically increase their lifetime.  Notice that these old-time bulbs reach their brightness gradually instead of instantly.   I don’t know how much that accounts for the longevity of this particular bulb, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Video: The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

The Clinton Foundation and the Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress

Guest was investigative journalist Jason Goodman. Discussed the Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress, the biggest scandal in Washington that the MSM is refusing to cover.  Also discussed the operation of a secret weapons and arms selling racket that is used to overthrow and destroy countries and the politicians involved in this war profiteering scheme, and the child sex trafficking and organ harvesting operations set up through the Clinton Foundation.

Resources referenced above:

Dilyana Files:


Rumors of Impending Coup Against Trump

Let me be very clear on my position here.  Trump is no angel, in earlier times he would represent the status quo of foreign mass murder and domestic looting in the name of corporate profits.  But this time things are different.  The same financial/bankster forces which have been looting the world for decades have turned their attention to this country, specifically to the trump admin because he’s not on board with the next phase, which is basically to bring the shock doctrine home.   We have been in the eye of a hurricane for many years, but with “free trade” and economic globalization, we have become expendable.   The hurricane is moving and we’re not.

You could say it’s a matter of karma, that we deserve what they have in store for us because of our laziness and unwillingness to be honest or responsible for what has been done in our name, but the fact is that if this country falls to the same kind of process that took out allende in chile, there will be nothing at all to stop WWIII and planetary bankster fascism wearing whatever mask (socialism, islamism, “environmentalism”, whatever) is convenient for the families and institutions that created the nazis and the bolsheviks.   This country is definitely ripe for a nightmare given how irrationally trusting american parents have been toward the bankster-controlled medical establishment.   We have raised several generations of sociopaths just as germany did before the rise of hitler.

The MSM’s war on trump, specifically the claims that he works for russia, are to prepare the ground for the claim that he has to be taken out in the name of national security.    There are lies within lies going on here, but the ultimate objective is the total subjugation of this planet and its last remnants of regional self-determination  (nations) to complete centralized control.   This is the “new world order”.  And if you think US imperialism is bad, you don’t want to see what happens when there isn’t even a pretense of democracy.

Trump isn’t much, but he’s all we have right now.   It comes down to a race between his war on the bankster’s pedophile/blackmail apparatus and their ability to remove him before they’re totally exposed.

An evangelical pastor claims he met with a senior Republican Congressman who told him of a plot to “remove Trump suddenly from office”.

During an appearance on Revival Ministries International, Rodney Howard-Browne said he spent three hours “from 9:30 in the evening until 12:30am with one of the senior ranking members of Congress”.

The pastor said he related the same story on the CBN network but “they cut it out” and that he had decided “to go public with this because we have to.”

“He said there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out, I said you mean by impeachment or by indictment – he said no, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office,” said Howard-Browne, before adding, “you can read between the lines”.

The Congressman, who the pastor revealed had been in office since 1996, went on to tell Howard-Browne “there’s nothing we can do to stop it.” …

We have reported multiple times on how the deep state and the mainstream media is pushing to de-legitimize Trump and how this could inspire fringe extremists to act out violently.

If what the Congressman told Howard-Browne is true, it would appear that the deep state is frustrated with how slow the Russia-collusion investigation is proceeding and may be prepared to take extreme measures. …


Could the Air You Breathe Cause Dementia?

Did you know that the air that you breathe everyday could actually threaten your mental health? Several international studies claim that our continued exposure to polluted air could damage our brains and result in some of us developing dementia. Urban areas that are particularly heavily polluted have what’s known as magnetites in the air. Studies are now looking into whether there’s a link between these magnetities, industrial and urban pollution and the increasing rate of Alzheimer’s and dementia. So far scientists have found that patients suffering with Alzheimer’s do actually have a higher than average quantity of magnetites in their brains.

And the dangers of polluted air aren’t just outside. Even the air in your home could have significant pollution in it too. But there are simple ways you can improve the air quality in your home and minimize any risk.

  • Use air purifiers around your home.
  • Use HVAC air filters.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all areas and surfaces regularly.

This helpful guide explains more about the research into dementia and air pollution, along with tips on what you can do to improve the air quality in your home:

CIA Chief: Wikileaks Trying to “Take Down America Any Way They Can”

Apparently he equates the national interest with the CIA’s ability keep their corruption from the public eye.   Sorry, corruption isn’t really the right word because it implies the CIA is a government agency.  Let’s be real here: the CIA is a private mercenary army, as federal as the “federal” reserve.   Got that?  They are wall street’s private toy, masquerading as a US government agency when they are in fact a general purpose (i.e. profit-generating) corporation registered in delaware.  Don’t believe me?   “By their fruits you will know them”, but if you need it in black and white, you can always check with the delaware corporate registration web site.  See:

Also see Mike Ruppert’s lecture in the cocaine epidemic article linked at the bottom of this article.  He lays it all out.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo remains inconsolably hostile toward whistleblower organization WikiLekas, insisting they are a “non-state hostile intelligence service” and are plotting to “take down America any way they can and find any willing partner to achieve that end.

Hostility to WikiLeaks has been a mainstay in the US government, as every administration faces the prospect of their covert misdeeds becoming a matter of public record, to their general embarrassment albeit rarely to the end of any meaningful reform.

Pompeo argued that the US needs to use the Espionage Act much more in going after leakers who aren’t actually foreign spies, though he stopped short of openly endorsing Espionage prosecutions against journalists for reporting on the leaks….

Just a little reminder: as part of their thoroughly satanic mind control project which paved the way for the wholesale corruption of the federal government , the CIA financed research into the psychological impact of circumcision on male children, and despite its findings of the overwhelming, life-poisoning devastation caused by  MGM (or more likely, BECAUSE OF THESE FINDINGS) the CIA has done absolutely nothing  to protect american boys from this still-ongoing atrocity 50 years and millions of american boys later.  So you tell me, are they working in the national interest, or are they an occupation force of a foreign power?

Any enemy of american children is certainly an enemy of mine.  How about you?

How many billions of dollars has the CIA stolen from the federal budget over the years under their fake cover of being a government agency?   How many countries have they overthrown to install sweatshop-friendly death-squad regimes that helped to devastate american domestic industries?

Seriously, how much insult piled on top of injury are americans supposed to take?   Why in the world isn’t pompeo in jail for treason?  Why hasn’t the CIA been raided and prosecuted under the RICO act?

The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic