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Government agents ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots

Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants, a new report says.

Some of the controversial “sting” operations “were proposed or led by informants”, bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.

The lengthy report, released on Monday by Human Rights Watch, raises questions about the US criminal justice system’s ability to respect civil rights and due process in post-9/11 terrorism cases. It portrays a system that features not just the sting operations but secret evidence, anonymous juries, extensive pretrial detentions and convictions significantly removed from actual plots.

“In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act,” the report alleges.

Out of the 494 cases related to terrorism the US has tried since 9/11, the plurality of convictions – 18% overall – are not for thwarted plots but for “material support” charges, a broad category expanded further by the 2001 Patriot Act that permits prosecutors to pursue charges with tenuous connections to a terrorist act or group.

In one such incident, the initial basis for a material-support case alleging a man provided “military gear” to al-Qaida turned out to be waterproof socks in his luggage.

Several cases featured years-long solitary confinement for accused terrorists before their trials. Some defendants displayed signs of mental incapacity. Jurors for the 2007 plot to attack the Fort Dix army base, itself influenced by government informants, were anonymous, limiting defense counsel’s ability to screen out bias.

Human Rights Watch’s findings call into question the post-9/11 shift taken by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies toward stopping terrorist plots before they occur. While the vast majority of counterterrorism tactics involved are legally authorized, particularly after Congress and successive administrations relaxed restrictions on law enforcement and intelligence agencies for counterterrorism, they suggest that the government’s zeal to protect Americans has in some cases morphed into manufacturing threats. …

I put this in the “autism” category because of the inability of the author to follow the logical progression back to the most extensively documented, researched and debunked piece of BS ever to come out of ANY national government or journalism establishment in history, that being 9/11 itself, the gold standard against which all future corruption, deception and psychological warfare must be judged.  Seriously people, the verdict is in.  All that remains is for the professional liars to casually admit it in passing so as to normalize it in the public mind, long after the most recent batch of homeless cannon fodder is too destitute and intoxicated to raise a whimper.   It’s not enough to enslave us you see, we have to embrace the tyranny and fight for our right to be slaves.  It’s our new national identity.

The same autism label could be applied to the government agents themselves who seem oblivious to the broader consequences of their actions in undermining the constitution they swore an oath to uphold.    I know we’re all supposed to be automatons in the big machine to make the trains run on time, but it might be useful to act like sentient beings at times.  We do have sufficient gray matter, but it seems the will to resist big brother is being beaten out of us at a very early age.  Probably has something to do with “money”, which itself is in competition with 9/11 for the nobel prize for fraud.

It seems the devil has a sense of humor.

The Border Crisis: A Bipartisan Effort

More specifically a wall street effort.   You know, the same ones that financed hitler and shipped our jobs offshore.   Now they’re trafficking the child refugees they created in our name and with our tax dollars to use them as pawns in their slow motion coup.    It’s just good business.

Frances Robles of The New York Times headlined on July 9th, “Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border” and reported:

More than half of the top 50 Central American cities from which children are leaving for the United States are in Honduras. Virtually none of the children have come from Nicaragua, a bordering country that has staggering poverty, but not a pervasive gang culture or a record-breaking murder rate. “Everyone has left,” Alan Castellanos, 27, the uncle of Anthony and Kenneth, said in an interview in late May. “How is it that an entire country is being brought to its knees?” 

The answer to that question is remarkably clear, and it started actually in 2009.

In that year, a military coup, which was initiated by fewer than a dozen aristocratic or “oligarchic” families of Honduras, overthrew that country’s popular and democratically elected progressive President Manuel Zelaya. As the present reporter has previously documented in detail, the then-Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton immediately after the coup blocked the efforts of virtually all other nations’ heads-of-state, they being opposed to the coup; and she also prevailed upon the then-dithering U.S. President Barack Obama to agree to provide crucially needed ongoing U.S. military and financial assistance to the coup-imposed government, for a long-enough period of time so that that government could finally become accepted internationally as the “legitimate government” of Honduras. This legitimation was done by means of the usual rigged “elections,” in which the post-coup “interim government” was replaced by a head-of-state whom the voters selected from a pre-screened field of candidates whose every member was approved by the controlling council of oligarchs — those very same ruling families who had overthrown Zelaya. The names of those families are included in my previous news-report, along with the details of how Clinton, Obama, and all congressional Republicans (then under the guidance of the head of the Heritage Foundation, the former U.S. Senator, Jim DeMint), propped up and sustained Honduras’s dictators in power. …

UK: Too Many Elite Pedophiles to Prosecute

A former official from the UK’s social services has said that an alleged pedophile network in Westminster and Whitehall was ignored because “there are too many of them over there.”

David Tombs, a former official who ran Hereford and Worcester social services for 20 years, warned the government about the possible pedophile network after the arrest of notorious pedophile Peter Righton in 1992.

Tombs claims he became aware of the pedophile behavior through a police investigation.

“I had no particular names, but that was the impression I was getting,”he told a BBC Radio current affairs program.

“It was coming across to me at the time that there were names linked into the establishment, if you like,” he said.

But when he approached representatives from the Department of Health, he was told that he was “probably wasting his time” as there were “too many of them over there” in Westminster and Whitehall.

Tombs said he thought the issue was serious and of national concern, and that he wanted to make people who made policy decisions aware of what was going on.

But despite his best efforts, Tombs found doors closed in his face.

“I was angry. I was furious. It seemed to me that the one place I should be able to come to, to alert the nation to this issue, was the Department of Health,” he said.

At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster ‘pedophile ring’ – report

Claims of child abuse cover-up heighten tensions in Westminster

What should be even more alarming to americans is that there are no such headlines about the satanic pedophocracy here.  It means they’re more entrenched than they were when they nearly lost control of media coverage of the franklin scandal 25 years ago (see reference page).  The traumatic imprint, sexual frustration and pleasure lobotomy caused by the wholesale genital mutilation going on here plays right into this business model.

The Birth of a New Earth: Curriculum for Conscious Procreation

Current research indicates that youth all across America are increasingly at risk for a variety of social disorders including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, severe depression, suicidal behavior, violent behavior, criminal behavior, and more. In addition to the serious psychological and behavioral issues just mentioned, young people are also at risk for reproductive challenges such as prepubescent menstrual cycles, premature sexual activity, unwanted teen pregnancy, single or repeated abortions, single parenthood, and/or giving birth to an unwanted child.

A growing body of research in the field or pre- and perinatal psychology is now suggesting that this current cultural crisis may have its roots in unresolved trauma that our young may have experienced while in the womb, during birth, or during the immediate post-natal period of their lives. Western society has paid very little attention to the importance of the birth experience and the first nine months in the womb, and we have seriously underestimated the impact of pre- and perinatal trauma on the psyches of our young. As a result, our youth are suffering tremendously and are having difficulty leading joyful, healthy lives.

Much to our misfortune, there is not a single school (that I am aware of) in the whole of the United States or elsewhere that has taken on the responsibility of teaching young adults about the principles of conscious procreation and parenting. Although “sex education” has made its way into high school classrooms, truly meaningful discussions about the spiritual implications of haphazard sexual behavior, and/or about the importance of conceiving babies consciously, gestating them in loving and trauma-free wombs, birthing them gently, and parenting them consciously, are sadly absent.

As a result, millions (perhaps billions) of children are being conceived haphazardly and then gestated in wombs filled with fear, shame, and resentment. This difficult beginning (if it doesn’t end in abortion) is often followed by a birth experience that is filled with trauma and toxicity.

According to a study done by William Emerson (expert in pre- and perinatal psychology and pioneer in the field of birth trauma healing), 95% of American hospital births are considered traumatic, with 50% of these being rated as moderately traumatic, and 45% being rated as severely traumatic. Early trauma has been shown to affect the development of the fetal and infant brain, nervous system, neuro-chemistry, organs, physiology, psychology, and consciousness. Early traumatic memories leave imprints that are stored somatically and, although these memories may not be available to the conscious mind, they nevertheless influence all aspects of health and personality.

Traumatic imprints create psychological and behavioral patterns that tend to repeat themselves throughout life. For example, fetuses that are gestated in wombs where mother and father are not in a loving relationship may carry an imprint of dysfunctional relating that can manifest and seek resolution during adolescence and adulthood. The imprint can effectively cause a maturing adult to repetitively enter into unfulfilling and/or abusive relationships as he or she recreates the conditions of his/her early wounding in an attempt to achieve a different outcome. Unless human beings become conscious of the primal wounding that is generating their behavior (which is often inter-generational), and unless they find ways to come to resolution, the patterns are likely to recapitulate and get passed on to the next generation.

Early traumatic womb experiences can include, but are not limited to:

- being in a womb where one is not wanted and/or where thoughts of abortion are contemplated

- being in a womb where the mother is experiencing deep emotional pain or chronic depression (the fetus is swimming in the hormonal/neurochemical make-up of its mother)

- being the product of a loveless sexual experience

- being in a womb that is filled with stress hormones due to the stress that parents (especially our mother’s) are under

- being exposed to toxic substances such as alcohol, nicotine, and illegal and prescription drugs while in the womb, at birth, or during the first two years of life

- being exposed to domestic violence or violence of any kind before, during, or after birth

- being abandoned by one or both parents

All of the above experiences (and this is a very small sampling) can, and most often do, result in the underdevelopment of the human brain and the over-adrenalization of the nervous system. Biological deficiencies and traumatic compensations tend to compound over time and can lead to an adolescent and/or adult that has difficulty generating healthy behavior, satisfying relationships, and a joyful life.

It is for this reason that it is imperative to offer an educational youth program that will raise awareness of the social conditions that are perpetuating this dis-ease and offer tools that will help our youth put an end to the lineage of abuse, maltreatment, and dysfunction.

The program described below is geared toward youth and young adults between the ages of 13 and 30. It is designed to help change the way young people think about relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It is also designed to provide youth with tools and knowledge that will help them heal their past and create a better future.

The curriculum outlined below encourages young people to understand the social implications of irresponsible sexual activity, thereby encouraging them to be in absolute integrity with their sexual behavior. Each class will stress the importance of being truly ready to bring forth life before becoming sexually active and, once this readiness is established, to seek a stable, committed, loving relationship (and home) before conceiving a child.

The curriculum is further designed to educate youth about the types of trauma that can occur during conception, prenatal life, at birth, and during the first two years of life. This information has a variety of benefits including:

- helping youth become conscious of any trauma they, themselves, may have experienced in their own early life, thereby starting the process of conscious resolution;

- providing them with tools they can use to heal their own damaging imprints;

- helping youth understand the implications of irresponsible sexual behavior and haphazard conception;

- providing them with a moral incentive to make sure the important pieces are in place BEFORE they become sexually active and/or become pregnant and have a child.

Emphasis will be placed on their capacity to make responsible choices, encouraging them to maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment at all times and trusting that, if they do choose to become pregnant after this program, they will have enough information to create the best possible circumstances for themselves and their babies.

The program consists of a 20-week intensive lecture, film, and experiential series that will utilize a combination of classroom-like discussions, auditory and visual aids, and on-going focus-group interactions, as outlined below. …

Intergenerational repetition of child-rearing behaviors is responsible for the long-term stability of the culture we live in.  Being conscious of these processes and how we perpetuate them is the first step toward positive social evolution.  We are always only one generation away from truly being at home on mother earth.

The militarization of American public schools

This fall, Syracuse, New York will join the still small but growing list of public schools dedicated to the training of students for military service in the United States Armed Forces.

This past April, the Syracuse Central School District (SCSD) approved the closure of Fowler High School in the city’s impoverished Westside section and its transformation into the Public Service Leadership Academy (PSLA), which will focus on training students for military service, to work in the Department of Homeland Security, or as police officers and firefighters.

There are 18 military academies as part of the public school system in the United States. Six are located in Chicago. All of these schools are associated with the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC), whose goals include indoctrinating students with “patriotism,” “responsiveness to all authority” and an increasing “respect for the role of the US Armed Forces in support of national objectives.”

Most of these schools are located in working class and low-income communities and rely upon the lack of job and college options available to students to push them into the military. …

Empathy as a Choice and Pleasure vs Pain or Neglect in Infancy

Last week, I wrote about a simple idea: far from being an automatic reflex, empathy often requires a choice to engage with others’ emotions.  Moreover, people often refuse this choice, because empathy can be challenging, painful, costly, or all three.  Instead of meeting these challenges, we often keep our distance from others’ suffering, tune out the opinions of people with whom we disagree, and generally empathize only when it is convenient. …

This changes, among other things, the way we view psychiatric conditions featuring deficits in empathy.  The most famous of these are of course autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  In a landmark work almost 20 years old, Simon Baron-Cohen characterized ASD as a form of “Mindblindness,” or an inability to understand others’ experiences. …

Could it be that some fraction of autistic children are only lacking in motivation to engage others’ emotions?  Such motivations and emotional “reflexes” would be heavily influenced by the early presence or absence of pleasure, something that James Prescott ( emphasizes in his research.  More specifically, pleasure in association with mother, who is the infant’s universe.   If there is no pleasure associated with mother at all, there would be no motivation to understand her or by extension, other people (autism), while an early mixture of pleasure and (mostly) pain would create a motivation to understand people enough to manipulate them (psychopathy).   Total devotion and affection by the mother would create a virtual identification with the mother by the infant which would create a highly developed aptitude and motivation for empathy in adulthood.

Prescott discovered an intense link between adult violence and a lack of vestibular (motion) sensory input in infancy and notes that vestibular stimulation would be the primary sensory input to the developing fetus, thus continual carrying by the mother after birth  would provide a reassuring continuity of experience and an ongoing connection to mother for the baby, and a lack of same might be perceived as abandonment and rejection, which, together with neonatal trauma, is closely linked to violence.

Anyway, none of this is rocket science in the sense that normal birth with normal hormones like oxytocin (which pitocin induction disrupts), skin to skin contact and continual carrying and breast feeding are how humans have raised kids for millennia except in the current era.  Clearly, the most pivotal time for establishing and nurturing emotional aptitude and motivation is birth, which is why it’s so important for the baby to be placed directly on the mother’s belly to give them a chance to get acquainted as separate beings in love.   Standard obstetrical practices (back birthing, induction and extraction, wrapping in sensory-depriving towels, isolation, immobility, lack of breast feeding, poking and jabbing, circumcision etc) could hardly be seen as anything but torture and abandonment by the child.  The parallels with the CIA’s psychological torture techniques (pain and sensory deprivation, see “A Question of Torture” by McCoy) are relevant here.  It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that american obstetrical practices amount to a militarization of medicine, creating armies of unhappy and often violent people who help sustain the machinery of mass destruction.

Clitorectomy in America: One Person’s Story

In 1916 a clitoridectomy was performed on my mother, at age five, to stop her from masturbating. The surgery was done at the request of her mother, not in Africa but in a fashionable area of Manhattan where she was born, at the office of a distinguished gynecologist whose fees were consonant with his fame; I first found about it in 1944 when I was fourteen, from my father, who explained it to me in detail as the reason for her wanting a divorce. Teenagers are more curious than considerate, and I went straight to my mother to find out if it was true. I remember that day better than most days because it was the first time I’d ever seen my mother cry. She confirmed the mutilation, denied that it was the reason for the divorce, and added that we would not discuss the matter again.
At the time I believed her case was unique – that my mother had been singled out by some mysterious fate and mangled in an unthinkable way. But I was wrong, her case was far from unique, and a few years later in a fumbling effort to confront my own fear about the subject, I began to seek the truth from medical men of my grandmother’s vintage. One of them, a second-generation gynecologist then in his eighties, explained that the sexual mutilation of American women had been a lucrative industry in the United States from 1867 until at least 1927, and possibly much later – a thriving business few people spoke about afterward. In describing it, he told me more than I wanted to know at the time, and within a decade I’d mostly succeeded in putting the whole thing out of my mind.
Yet now – over forty years after I first found out – people who express such tender outrage at the practice of clitoridectomy in Africa still reject out of hand the mere suggestion that the custom was once popular in our own country. At a party some time ago, when the dinner guests began referring to the “barbaric” quality of clitoridectomy in Islamic cultures, I asked whether they used the same term to describe gynecological practices in nineteenth century America, but nobody at the table knew what I was talking about, and having dismissed it, they drifted back to their talk of Muslims. The next day, fed up with listening to them, I decided to be armed for the next argument on the subject and went to the public library, sure that all the facts must, by then, be available to anyone. But the results were disappointing; the American Medical Association, founded in 1847, had no female members till 1915, and a quick look at its reports didn’t reveal very much. What is obsolete or has become disreputable in medical practice tends to be omitted from history, and doctors congregate to record their successes, not their mistakes.  Once more I forgot about it until something happened that had more effect on me than a casual conversation at a dinner party.
The first Sunday after Christmas of that year, my mother made a serious attempt at suicide – her second in a decade – one that would have succeeded, as would the first, save for Louise George, a woman who worked for her as a personal maid and housekeeper since I was born. Louise came to work in the morning as usual and found a sealed letter addressed to her in my mother’s handwriting, propped up on the dining room table; she panicked, ignored the instructions in the letter, and called the doorman, who phoned an ambulance. Nearly dead, my mother was rushed to New York Hospital, where the detoxification was slow because of the number of pills she had swallowed (sixty milligrams of Phenobarbital, more than the requisite lethal dosage), but within two weeks she’d been brought back to consciousness, examined by a faintly slaphappy psychiatrist who told her that suicide was an indication of low self-esteem, and sent home. …

The author is a writer by trade but this is not fiction.  This was originally published in 2003 on but is no longer available there.

The war on sex and family emotional ties is older than the crusades and more foundational to state power than real or concocted external enemies.    It’s all about diverting human energies to the pursuit of emergent state interests.

Militarizing Public Education: Teaching the Official 9/11 Fable to Kids

Here’s a link to Slate’s spread on the 9/11 comic book being marketed to kids in this country:

to prepare them for their role in the war on these kids:

Highly Recommended
This belongs in every social science teacher’s room and school library. An event such as what occurred on September 11, 2001 should be studied. Considering this graphic novel is an official adaptation of the 9/11 Commission Report, it has a rightful place in the classroom and is worthy of study.

Stan Lee, the most famous of comic creators, had this to say: “Never before have I seen a nonfiction book as beautifully and compellingly written and illustrated as THE 9/11 REPORT: A GRAPHIC ADAPTATION. I cannot recommend it too highly. It will surely set the standard for all future works of contemporary history, graphic or otherwise, and should be required reading in every home, school, and library.”

The implications of all this are a bit too mind boggling for the MSM, I’m afraid.  This is why the internet must be controlled at all costs.    The second link btw is one of many mind-boggling pointers you can find in the reference section of this site.