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“Sad Little Man” by Five Times August

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Is smallpox round 2 of the Gates – Rockefeller pandemic plan?

November 4th: Bill Gates warns of smallpox terrorism. November 16th: FBI investigating “smallpox” vials found in Philadelphia lab

Beware, good people. Bill Gates is on the “cutting edge” of pandemics and vaccines and he announced that “smallpox” is next. Gates & Fauci make a cute – albeit deadly – couple. Gates’ news is fake news – he influences many media outlets with $$$ from his wealthy foundation.

Want to know more about “conspiracy”?

Are all conspiracies, theories? The term “conspiracy theory” was bestowed on the public by the media after clever citizens began to point out the discrepancies in the Warren Commission’s official explanation of the JFK murder.

The definition of the word “conspire” is actually quite simple and clear:

make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act

working together to bring about a particular result, typically to someone’s detriment

late Middle English: from Old French conspirer, from Latin conspirare ‘agree, plot,’ from con- ‘together with’ + spirare ‘breathe.’

A “conspiracy” is defined as:

a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful

The origin of the word comes from the Latin “con”, which means “with, and “spire” which means “to breathe”, so to “conspire” may be seen as people conference table, smoking cigars, laughing while planning profit, death and destruction – much like the cartoons depict. It appears that conspiracy is how the world is really run – and often to our detriment. People do not usually “conspire” to bless the world and its occupants.

This BitChute channel – – might be helpful to those who want to understand more about the world’s most intriguing “conspiracies”. Hold on to your hat! This channel covers many of the most controversial “theories” you’d ever wish to have clarified.

And before November 22, be sure to see Kerth Barker’s humble contribution to the JFK conspiracy library – something very few are aware of, yet all should know. In the movie “The Matrix”, there is a line about how far the rabbit hole goes. Here’s a little clue from Kerth:

Read Kerth’s books if you want to know what he knew, even as a child. They didn’t see him as a threat, for he was “just a little boy”. They never could have predicted he would have written seven books that connect the dots between many “conspiracies” and their worldwide cult.

By 1967 this film was banned by all media & libraries

Notice the Lady-Trained-by-CIA-to-torture-cats-children-and-administer-MK-Ultra… Her name is Shotsy and she’s the German ex-Nazi nanny featured in Kerth Barker’s books.  Shotsy’s job in the concentration camps was to apply electricity to children until they died, to test the threshhold at which they could be tortured with electricity without dying.

The Fourth Reich came long ago to the USA, friends, via Operation Paperclip. The Reich dwells in the hearts and minds of all those who planned, are carrying out and who will ultimately (they hope) celebrate the decline and fall of the USA. What a cherry that would be in the cap of those who hate freedom, liberty, justice, ethics, morals, prosperity…

There are those, you know, who delight in the misfortune of others; they love to torture, kill and destroy. Being directed to Inject children with toxic substances must be a high point of their lives. And then there are those who just plain get off on controlling others… Read Kerth Barker’s books… they connect the dots between the insanity we see in the world around us and the perpetrators of lies, injustice, slavery, suffering and the Luciferian way. It’s a way of life for them.

Lucy-fear-ian fear porn

They’ve been working on this for a very long time. The Black Plague for England? Smallpox blankets for the Native Americans? Polio? Their goals are clearly written on the Georgia Guidestones (research)? We are dealing with some nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty people who do not care about our health, happiness or well-being.

How can you take a stand against them? Take care of  yourself. Eat simply, organically. Drink purified water. Don’t go outside when they are spraying the skies with aluminum, strontium, barium (bury ’em – get it?).

Be happy. Their worst fear is that you will be happy.

They love misery (the misery of others). They love suffering (the suffering of others). They love death (the deaths of others). They love destruction (the destruction of those things that do not contribute to their wealth). They consume the blood and flesh of humans (see Kerth Barker’s book on Cannibalism). They especially love to prey on children in every way. Why? Because children exude aliveness and innocence and joy – the things they lack. Protect your children from adults with knives.

The FEARians love having control and power over others. They love it when you feel powerless, so they do everything they can to make you feel that way.

Reclaim your power. Your thoughts and attitudes have the power to change you – and therefore the world. You are a child of the infinite Creator of all things. You are not a body. You are pure Spirit, as God created you.

Coalition of the corrupt

The bottom line always
leads to mass murder

What everyone wants to know is who is deliberately running our society into the ground, causing so many needless deaths and engineering the destruction of society, and how can they be stopped?

Nobody in their right mind can believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are legitimate representatives of the American people, nor were they elected honestly to their positions of leadership. They are simply the latest wardens of the penitentiary installed by the tech-powered billionaires who control our minds and our lives.

Our doctors have become complicit with our bankers and instead of saving lives deliver concoctions to their patients that they know are killing them. Our leaders owe their allegiance and the fortunes they receive to the very rich men who instruct them to betray the public they pretend to serve, and regiment everyone into the sick system demanded by big business.

Pious so-called men of the cloth whose mission is to protect and nurture our inmost thoughts are guided by tax laws that allow them to profit from the advice they give and the legends they are supposed to use as examples to follow for living good and honest lives. This advice sedates the public, but is irrelevant to a government that never follows it.

Those who guide our thoughts — our journalists, artists and poets — are handsomely rewarded as long as they write what they are told to write by the moguls who permit and promote their work. Beyond that genuine truth tellers are scorned, punished and silenced, barred from influencing the thoughts of the common people.

Mainstream media and the political elite have joined forces to fundamentally change the way we live our lives, being transmogrified from independent beings into thoughtless cogs in a machine they no longer understand. What you no longer hear is the crucial phrase, “with liberty and justice for all.” Now there is liberty and justice for none…


To those who still believe that our politicians are actively working for the betterment of us all, and that our media accurately and honestly portray the results of their efforts, I would say this: Turn off your televisions, and burn your newspapers. They have been lying to you for your entire life.

Observe the opinions of those who have been banned, who have been trying to inform you that the information being produced that governs all your decisions in life has been manufactured and produced by those who — to say the least — do not have your best interests at heart. They seek only to addict you to their paralysis inducing profit strategies.

Patrick Henry’s ideas still ring true.

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past...

Much more at

Open letter to Merrick Garland, US AG: a prisoner describes life in DC Gitmo; the world is reading his letter; how long will you ignore it?

Please click on the link below and read the letter. Please share it with your friends who understand the problem this country is going through.

Remember, Merrick Garland is Biden’s U.S. Attorney General, the one who told the FBI to arrest and punish parents for complaining to school boards. This man is obviously in need of a heart… perhaps he is a clone or a robot – those things exist, you know. But surely he has been designed or trained to be devoid of compassion, devoid of love and dangerously loyal to the destructive goals of the Ill-Dark-And-Naughty.

The January 6 prisoners in Washington DC are being beaten down with trauma-based mind control.

What happened to “innocent until proved guilty”? What happened to a “speedy trial”? Why is the US committing inhumane treatment of its own citizens? The Luciferian piece of the puzzle answers those questions.

Good Americans are certainly not in charge of our country right now.


Much like Kerth Barker’s books… Ally Carter’s story is not an exaggeration. This is what Trump was working to end and since he was doing that work, he was hated by those who profit from it. Listen up, America. These are our “leaders” and we need to clean house.

Biden nominee Saule Omarova wants gas, oil, coal Industries to go bankrupt, to tackle climate change

“Their” plan – the “Global Reset” – is to destroy the world as we know it, to make us miserable and to kill as many people as possible. Something about this smells like S0R0S to me. For sure, it is insane. It is the Luciferian way, to kill and destroy.