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Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to come for those who are inoculated

Lance Collins (videos on YouTube) said satanists used to perform rituals over all the music albums that went out of the media corporations. I have wondered if they did not similarly “bless/curse” the vaccines at the pharmaceutical corporations. This video confirms my suspicions are true. The same people seem to be in charge of almost everything.

Listen to this priest’s testimony, but remember always that you are not a slave to the dark and un-illumined. You can bless what they curse and curse what they bless. Your mind can remind you that nothing you have ever thought or said or done can change the pure, innocent being that you were when you were created – in the image and likeness of Spirit, Love, Light, Life, Joy.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful day to practice gratitude – every day and hour and moment is optimal. “Thank you, God, for this breath.”

“Thank you, Father, for the clarity I am gaining regarding the difference between Spirit and materiality, between Light and darkness, Love and fear… Please keep my heart and mind open to and aware of your Presence, always. Thank you.”

Cannibalism, Karma & An American Rockefeller

Karma? Cannibal karma?

In Kerth Barker’s book, Cannibalism, Blood-Drinking & High-Adept Satanism, he speaks only of those who are in the elite crowd (such as Rockefeller, Rothschild, banking and professional business people), in Europe and the USA, after the mid 20th Century. Kerth’s books contain interesting stories but should be avoided by the squeamish. The family karma bit comes in when we consider what happened when a young adventurer – Michael Clark Rockefeller – ran into a tribe of New Guinea headhunters, the primitive cannibals of yore.

Move forward 70 years. Now we have another interesting piece of the story – the mysterious malady of Hillary Clinton, which very closely resembles the disease the Papua of New Guinea (who had not been cannibals prior to the entrance of white adventurers at the beginning of the 20th Century). Upon closer investigation, kuru has a long, distinguished history (called CJD or Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease) among European “elite”. It may account for those thought of as “eccentric” or “mad” royalty.

Cannibalism is showing up all over these days… on social media, in videos, etc. But it doesn’t sound like a very good idea, given “mad cow disease”, kuru and CJD, Michael C. Rockefeller and Hillary R. Clinton – and perhaps others in our modern world who seemingly suddenly lose their mental faculties and physical balance. Interesting times we live in.

As part of the celebration of its 50th Anniversary Season, the Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center at the State University of New York at Fredonia presented a free lecture with noted author and journalist Carl Hoffman entitled “Mystery Solved: The Disappearance of Michael C. Rockefeller” on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 5 p.m. in Marvel Theatre…

Dr Tess Lawrie on the Corruption of Medical Authorities

Are doctors really in control of their medical practices? Or are the shots being called from above – from above the M.D.s themselves, above med schools, above their hospitals, above medical organizations?

Who is controlling the doctors and nurses? WHO is calling the shots? What are they using to control them? Epstein flight logs? Maxwell’s little black book? Blackmail? Bribery? Threats? It’s obvious major players in the medical industry are frightened and complicit in the crime of the century.

How much influence does someone (or something) have over an organization or agency when they give big donations or own shares of stock? We are witnessing criminality far beyond personal crimes of violence or fraud… This is bigger than us, our families, cities, counties, states and even national governments.

WHO is doing it and how can they be stopped? Secrecy is their most important tool, so more open-hearted transparency by more high-minded medical personnel may help to bring the house of cards down.

Dr Tess Lawrie calls out the corruption of Medical Authorities being aligned with Big Pharma. The policies being advocated by Government Medical Authorities promotes the wealth building of Big Pharma over saving lives. She refers to the story of Ivermectin as an example of this.

Ivermectin is an anti-parasite medicine whose discovery won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for its impacts in ridding large parts of the globe of parasitic diseases via the distribution of over 3.7 billion doses within public health campaigns since 1987.

Since 2012, numerous in-vitro and in-vivo studies began to report highly potent anti-viral effects of ivermectin against a diverse array of viruses including SARS-CoV-2. Further, increasing anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating effects are being identified.

Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19:

The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

HUMOR – Prosecutors Find Mail-In Jury Votes At 3AM, Rittenhouse Now Guilty | The Babylon Bee

This was just way too funny / ironic to pass up:

KENOSHA, WI—In a stunning reversal, Kyle Rittenhouse awoke this morning to discover that he had been found guilty after all.

Prosecutors explained that during the night, they had found dozens of mail-in jury votes declaring the defendant guilty on all counts. Apparently, boxes of these mail-in votes arrived in a truck at the courthouse around 3:00 am.

Attorneys for Mr. Rittenhouse were dumbfounded as to how such a thing could have happened, raising questions as to the validity of mail-in jury voting. They stated: “We’ve never heard of this. This isn’t part of the legal system. Where did these votes even come from?”

“How DARE you question the sanctity of our criminal justice system!” cried the prosecuting attorneys. “There is no justice until EVERY vote is counted!”

Prosecutors then explained that it was a new COVID measure they had just instituted. “But given how well it’s worked out,” they said, “we’re planning on making it permanent.”


This is not just an article, but a unique in depth overview of the globalist’s strategy to use Covid-19 as an excuse to create global tyranny.

You will see how they suppress every effective cure for Covid-19, so they can enforce a very dangerous vaccine onto all of humanity. This vaccine will contain nanotechnology that connects us to artificial intelligence and start the process of transhumanism, making us hybrids that lose the ability to think freely. If you think that’s insane, you’re right. It is pure madness, but it’s nevertheless the hidden agenda behind the vaccine for Covid-19.

Nothing is about your well-being, but everything is about creating a world of control. Read the entire report to see the facts for yourself. 

You will also see abundant evidence that the pandemic has been planned for decades and how everything is orchestrated with mass fraud, global bribery, unprecedented censorship and extreme corruption in media, and governments.

Don’t read this if your time is limited. Choose a shorter topic here if you are in a hurry. If you want to get the full scope of what is happening in our world, and see all the evidence, then proceed.

Vaccine Deaths Archives – COVID Legal USA

Official blog of COVID Legal USA.
Vaccines are the leading cause of
coincidences… Stay Vigilant

We are the official blog of COVID Legal USA. Truth about COVID vaccines and the severe adverse effects thereof are censored on mainstream and social media. We do our best to cover as many of these stories as possible in the most objective fashion possible. Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

COVID Legal USA is a team of paralegals, legal writers and researchers helping Americans represent themselves in legal matters against oppressive, dangerous COVID mandates. We’ve helped several individuals avoid mandatory vaccines at work and keep their jobs in the process. Our team has also assisted pro se litigants in matters related to lockdowns and their small businesses.

COVID Legal USA is documenting COVID-19 vaccine deaths. Interesting reading. Many stories. One man – Michael Granata of California – wrote his own obituary, warning people; you can only find his story in foreign media – Australian and Spanish sources. Notice that he felt manipulated and coerced into receiving the vaccine.

Many of the deaths recorded by this blog were of people who resisted or spoke out against the vx movement…

Kerth Barker’s symptoms resemble those of Michael Granata, but Kerth refused to go to the hospital until the very end, and then only for a day, so he could receive legal pain medication. Kerth’s memoirs describe his childhood at the hands of a Luciferian “club” that claimed one day it would rule the world. Kerth described being jostled by a crowd at the entrance of his post office building and feeling a “sting” in the back of his arm. Have you seen this?…

Who “They” Are – The Names & Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity

This is a Red Pill Expo talk, by Dr. David Martin. He says he’s not going to play the “Mr Nice Guy” role any longer. He can’t live with the idea that he might contribute to the deaths of 5-year-olds, so he is speaking out.

A list of the names and photos of the perpetrators of the COVID mess can be seen below the video.

See more at

Taxi driver who locked suicide bomber in his taxi outside Liverpool hospital

Wow! Another fast thinking non-victim. Will they do a “Kyle Rittenhouse” on him?

  • A taxi exploded as it pulled up outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital yesterday, killing the one male passenger
  • The explosion came at 10:59am, seconds before the 11am Remembrance minute’s silence was due to be held
  • Counter-terror police are leading the investigation amid fears the passenger who died was a suicide bomber
  • Taxi driver David Perry was hailed hero by friends who said he locked the ‘suspicious’ man in his car
  • Friends said that the passenger originally wanted taking to Liverpool’s Remembrance Sunday service nearby
  • Three men – aged 21, 26 and 29 – were arrested under Terrorism Act in raids in Liverpool yesterday afternoon
  • Police activity continued across Liverpool into this morning with homes evacuated by armed officers
  • Mr Perry suffered relatively minor injuries and has already been released from hospital, friends said last night …

Much more, including photos at

75 athletes who have died suddenly – after fully vx’d

From Sept 2020 through February 2, 2021:
a list of jab injuries and deaths:
Schwelm breaks on the field with heart problems
Germany Anil Usta from VfB Schwelm breaks on the field with heart problems
33 years old Dimitri Liénard from FC Strasbourg collapses with heart problems
37 years old Ex-NFL professional Parys Haralson dies suddenly and unexpectedly
25 years old Kingsley Coman from FC Bayern Munich, operation on the heart after an arrhythmia
25 years old Canadian university football player Francis Perron dead shortly after a match
19 year old FC Nantes soccer player suffers cardiac arrest during training
Germany volleyball trainer Dirk Splisteser from SG Traktor Divitz collapses dead on the sidelines
Austria, 64 years old former goalkeeper Ernst Scherr dead suddenly and unexpectedly
Germany, 42 years old Alexander Siegfried dead suddenly and unexpectedly
A 17-year-old athlete from Colverde collapses while training with cardiac arrest
France, 49 years oldSC Massay player dead of heart attack during the game
Mexico, Caddy Alberto Olguin collapses on the golf course after a heart attack
29 years old Shrewsbury striker Ryan Bowman treated with defibrillator during play with extreme heart problems
Italy, 18 year old soccer player suddenly faints on the field
France, 40 years old A Saint-James player suffers a heart attack after warming up
Italy, 59 years old long-distance runner from Biella dies of heart failure during a race
Germany, Women’s League match, a player collapses shortly before the end without any opposing influence
25 years German goalkeeper Lukas Bommer dies suddenly and unexpectedly
Mexico, 16 years old student Hector Manuel Mendoza dies of a heart attack while training
Brazil, 18 years old pro footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira has double heart attack and is fighting for his life
Italy, 27 years old cycling champion Gianni Moscon has to undergo an operation because of severe cardiac arrhythmias
Augsburg referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg game in Emersacker collapses with heart problems
English lineswoman Helen Byrne, heart problems has to be carried off the pitch at world cup
Germany Game abandoned due to cardiac arrest of the referee in a game of Lauber SV
Italy, 20 years old young rider suffers a heart attack
17-year-old soccer player of the JSG High Hagen has revived during game
53-year-old football coach Antonello Campus dead16 years old collapses while playing soccer and dies a little later
Germany Team leader Dietmar Gladow suffers a fatal heart attack before the game
USA a high school football player collapsed during practice and died in the hospital
Germany player collapsed during the A 2 regional league game suffered cardiac arrest
Germany 15 years old goalkeeper Bruno Stein dead
Italy, 53 years old AH footballer suffers a heart attack while training
USA, 14-year-old soccer player Ava Azzopardi collapsed on pitch, is fighting for her life in an artificial coma
France, 54 years old AH player Christophe Ramassamy died of a heart attack during a match
France, 41 years old soccer player collapsed on the field and died due to cardiac arrest
Austria, 26 years old Raphael Dwamena collapsed with severe heart problems
Germany, Hertha BSC co-trainer Selim Levent dies suddenly and unexpectedly
USA, 12 year old Jayson Kidd collapsed during basketball practice and later died
Spain, 33-year-old striker Kun Agüero had to be replaced in a game due to heart problems
USA 21 year old Senior student athlete John Stokes suffers with Myocarditis
22 year old Cyclist Greg Luyssen forced to end his career after vaccine due to heart problems.
23 year old Roy Butler of Waterford Town FC died shortly after taking the vaccine
They’re not telling you about this on the corporate media are they?