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OKC Bombing: Murderers & Traitors in Government Continue Coverup

Utah attorney Jesse Trentadue claims his brother, Kenneth, was killed during interrogation, in federal custody 19 years ago, because Kenneth resembled the “other suspect” in the OKC Bombing case, John Doe #2.

The FBI claims Kenneth, with “41 wounds and bruises (according to AP),” committed suicide.

Attorney Trentadue states there was another man with Tim McVeigh at the scene of the Bombing on April 19, 1995—and it wasn’t his brother.

The FBI claims McVeigh was alone.

To settle this issue, in 2009, as AP reported, the FBI finally gave Trentadue some security tapes from buildings near the Murrah Federal Building. Magically, the tapes were all blank just before and after the Murrah Building was blown up at 9:02AM on 4/15/95.

Now, Trentadue has filed a FOIA suit against the FBI. He wants more tapes. A trial begins Monday.

The FBI claims it can’t find more tapes.

Everybody connected to the OKC bombing case knows there is another reason the FBI is tap dancing and lying:

Actual video footage of the Murrah Building falling would show the fabled truck bomb didn’t cause the damage to the Building and didn’t kill 168 people inside.

Video footage would show a straight-down demolition-type collapse. Meaning: charges placed on the columns did the true damage.

In 1995, while investigating the Bombing, I interviewed 4 explosives experts, and they concurred that the force of an ANFO truck bomb would have dissipated rapidly in the open air and failed to create so much destruction.

More importantly and specifically, the profile of the damage (which columns remained, and which fell) excluded the possibility that a bomb in a truck was the weapon.

Some columns closer to the famed Ryder truck stayed up; other columns farther away went down.

Shortly after the Bombing in 1995, I spoke to a reporter at the Daily Oklahoman. She said she’d interviewed a man who’d seen the Murrah Building collapse. He told her it went straight down, demolition-style.

I managed to reach this witness. He said he didn’t really see the Building go down.

I got back to the reporter. She was furious. She told me she had his statement in her notes. “I’m not making this up,” she said.

I also interviewed Hoppy Heidelberg, a grand juror in the OKC Bombing case. He told me he’d tried to persuade the prosecutor to call bomb experts as witnesses, but he was flatly turned down.

In 1995, anti-federal-government sentiment was rapidly spreading across America. Then, in the wake of the Bombing, President Bill Clinton gave a landmark speech. He basically told Americans they should come home to the government, the destruction of a federal building and the killing of 168 people was a heinous act that proved the real attitude of these “anti-government” groups. But security would be restored.

The speech was heralded as a “return to order and confidence.” Major media coverage of popular opposition to federal power receded.

From 1995 on, Americans who asserted federal power had expanded far beyond Constitutional boundaries have been labeled as potential terrorists.

9/11 took that accusation to a whole new level:

“The central government is always right. Those who say it’s fundamentally wrong are dangerous and/or mentally ill.”

I wonder if they got a bonus for killing all those kids.  They must be very proud of themselves.  See

Medicine in the Service of Social Control

Psychiatry and male infant circumcision are concerned with the manipulation of the two extremes of human emotion, misery and ecstacy, the control of which are essential to maintaining a docile population.

Constructive (i.e. individually liberating) social evolution is fueled by two essential ingredients: human pain and misery, and human joy and creativity. The former drives the desire, the latter provides the means. Without the latter, misery only leads to more misery.

Psychiatry addresses the former by pathologizing and suppressing people’s emotional responses to dysfunctional social environments such as domestic abuse, poverty etc. Anti-depressants and shock treatment are different ways of blocking the self-perception of suffering, and thus defusing the drive to social change and allowing for a much greater degree of social dysfunction than would otherwise be possible in a stable society. A form of brainwashing, pure and simple.

MGM deals with the opposite end of human emotional experience, ecstatic emotional connectedness, by amputating the neurological conduit by which sex is projected onto the emotional maps of the brain. The primary obstacle to efficient mass social organization is local social organization, which diverts resources and individual self-identification into personal and community relationships instead of state institutions. The extent to which a person has attained a degree of self-fulfillment and satisfaction in his/her personal life is the extent to which s/he is resistant to the inducements and conditioning of large-scale social structures. By literally cutting off much of a person’s capacity for shared ecstatic emotional experience and identification with the opposite sex, MGM frees up and allows for the redirection of self identification from interpersonal family and community-oriented attachments into identification with the state. Thus psychiatry and MGM both increase the “fitness” (in a darwinian sense) of the dominator social order relative to more “primitive” groups.

What really fascinates me is how the so-called controllers are themselves products of these self-replicating intergenerational processes of social control. If they had a little insight maybe this world would be a better place.

Iraq: US Puppet ISIS Orders FGM Campaign

Sunni militants from the Islamic State have ordered all girls and women aged 11 to 46 in and around the city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation, the UN reported. The potential number of victims is estimated at 4 million.

The shocking news, adding to an already long list of crimes reportedly committed by the militants since the takeover of northern Iraq last month, was broken by UN resident and humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Jacqueline Badcock.

“This is something very new for Iraq, particularly in this area, and is of grave concern and does need to be addressed,” she told reporters in Geneva by videolink from Arbil on Thursday.

“This is not the will of Iraqi people, or the women of Iraq in these vulnerable areas covered by the terrorists,” she added.

The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, has taken over large portions of Iraq with the goal of establishing a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic state in the territories of Iraq and Syria. Since then they have launched a campaign to cleanse ethnic and religious minorities in the territory they control, sending thousands of refugees fleeing for their lives.

“Government” Steps up Domestic Chemical Warfare

Barring some kind of advanced alien technology, there will soon be nothing that can clean up the toxic mess we are making of our planting fields. Even as we speak, the FDA and EPA are about to approve the use of 2,4-D chemicals on American fields, even though it has been linked to developmental and neurological health problems, among other environmental damage.

We also know that the very reason for this consideration is because RoundUp Ready chemicals failed, and glyphosate-drenched fields everywhere are giving birth to superweeds bigger than farmers have ever seen. But do we stop the madness and desist from putting more toxic drivel on our crops? No – in this country, we let regulators go even further. A whole new type of pesticides and herbicides is about to be unleashed on the public. What will it take for this to stop?

Approval is also now being sought for genetically modified crops that will withstand the use of dicamba, HPPD and glufosinate - all weed-killing chemicals that had largely been eschewed in favor of the pesticide industry’s superstar: glyphosate. The biotech industry bet the farm on glyphosate and it failed – killing our crops, harming our ground water, and causing human infertility and DNA aberrance, but let’s give the good ole’ boys another go at it – shall we?

“We thought that biotechnology was going to be a solution and a long-term solution that would replace chemistry, so as a result people stopped investing in chemistry,” Paul Schickler, president of DuPont Pioneer, told POLITICO Pro in a recent interview.

Instead of looking at aged practices – those which have been tested and tried for millennia, of organic and sustainable farming which is still proving to be viable even today – the agricultural industry looks for ‘new and better’ chemicals. Since these often take decades to develop, and billions of dollars, I might add, the near-term solution of these crazy-makers seems to be to bring older pesticides back into the spotlight.

The EPA had an open forum for comments on the possible approval of 2,4-D chemicals that closed on June 30, but we all know this was a total waste of time. The EPA doesn’t listen to public opinion about herbicide use, pesticide contamination, or GMOs anymore than the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association listens to Vermont’s desire to have GMOs labeled. Its all a rigged game. Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow Chemical – they all know they are running a racket, and we are just small people who must bow to their bloated corporate budgets.

Biotech and Politicians – Massive Conflict of Interest

If you don’t believe it, consider this:

Former Monsanto Appointees to the FDA, USDA, and EPA

Monsanto Position Individual Federal Position
Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle and Co. (merged with Monsanto) Michael A. Friedman Acting Commissioner of the FDA
Consultant to Searle’s Public Relation Firm (merged with Monsanto) Arthur Hull Hayes Previously FDA Commissioner
Top Monsanto Scientist, oversaw approval of rBGH Margaret Miller Appointed Deputy Director of FDA, 1991
Worked on Monsanto-funded rBGH in connection with Cornell University Suzanne Sechen FDA Reviewer on Scientific Data
Attorney for Monsanto for 7 years, previous Head of Monsanto Washington D.C. Office Michael Taylor Former FDA Deputy Commision for Policy. In 2010 appointed Senior Advisor to FDA Commissioner
Former Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas Appointed to U.S. Supreme Court in 1991
Served on Board of Directors at Calgene, a Monsanto Biotech Subsidiary Anne Veneman Appointed head of USDA in 2001
Retired Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto Dr. Virginia Weldon Previously, member of FDA’s Metabolism and Endocrine Advisory Committee
Vice President, Public and Government Affairs Linda Fisher Deputy Administration EPA
Manager, New Technologies Linda Watrud USDA, EPA
Director, Monsanto Danforth Center Roger Beachy Director USDA, NIFA




Zionist Intelligence Operation SPLC + Holder Conjure New Domestic Extremist Bogeyman

Eric Holder wants to convey his all-consuming concern over “lone wolf homegrown violent extremists” who have “domestic concerns”.

On July 13 Holder remarked on ABC’s This Week that such bogeys keep him “up late at night” as he and his cohorts attempt “to monitor them, anticipate what it is that they are going to do.”[1]

The Attorney General’s hand wringing is compounded by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s most recent “research” report. The document seeks to inform “law enforcement about the increasingly hostile anti-government movement” the SPLC claims “has grown from 150 groups in 2008 to nearly 1,100 last year.”[2]

“In early June,” the study intones,

two rabid government haters who spent time at the [Bundy] ranch, Jerad and Amanda Miller, strolled into a Las Vegas pizza parlor, walked past a pair of police officers eating lunch, turned and executed the two men [sic]. Leaving a Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me Flag,” a note saying the revolution had begun and a swastika on the officers’ bodies, the couple went on to murder another man before dying in a shootout with police.[3]

The overall publicity offensive comes one month after Holder announced the re-establishment of the DOJ’s Committee on Domestic Terrorism, initially begun following the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building and scuttled in 2001.[4]

While Holder and the SPLC unsurprisingly promote the Vegas shooting as a genuine event, there are several uncertain features of the alleged massacre that have been left wholly unaddressed by major media–the foremost being that the Millers were police informants and probable provocateurs. Further, they had been kicked off of the Bundy ranch because of their unusual remarks and behavior.[5]

Despite the Vegas incident’s dubious features, it is a foremost element in cultivating an atmosphere of tension surrounding “extremist” attitudes and hostility toward police exhibited in social media. For example, the topic of “[e]escalating danger by anti-government extremists dominated a four-hour discussion on homeland security” held at the National Sheriffs’ Association conference in June. According to one sheriff in attendance, such extremism is “the single greatest concern that faces our deputies today.”[5]

But recent history strongly suggests how Holder’s crocodile fears and the SPLC’s associated terror mongering are grossly disingenuous. The DOJ’s foremost policing agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has since 9/11 been the nation’s greatest purveyor of “domestic terrorism.” What goes unstated in corporate news media coverage of the issue is the fact that the FBI’s wanton extremism is self-generated largely to marshal public opinion behind the so-called “war on terror” and thereby justify the broader police state’s continued existence and expansion.

As journalist Trevor Aaronson revealed after an extensive examination of the FBI’s post-9/11 “anti-terrorism” techniques, for over a decade the agency

has built the largest network of spies ever to exist in the United States—with ten times as many informants on the streets today as there were during the infamous Cointelpro operations under J. Edgar Hoover—with the majority of these spies focused on ferreting out terrorism in Muslim communities.[6]

With this in mind, one needn’t stretch their imagination very far to consider the designs the FBI is likely undertaking to foster its “war on [domestic] terrorism.” Such immense schemes are more than sufficient cause to further rethink the already ambiguous roles played by the “Vegas shooters” in last month’s apparent massacre.

Eric Holder and the SPLC are well aware of their own duplicity. The fact that they parade around waving the flag of civil rights should by no means place them beyond the deep scrutiny they so richly deserve. Moreover, their fear-based sermonizing is pitched to the most obtuse and impressionable sectors of the public—those the media routinely inoculate against historical reality, critical thought, and informed citizenship. …

Here’s how I know who’s lying: whoever upholds the ridiculous official 9/11 fable is lying or scientifically illiterate.   Whoever claims the OKC bombing didn’t involve military grade explosives planted in the basement is lying  or ignorant (see the local TV news feeds of the day in the reference section).  With such blatant and easily disproven lies saturating the highest levels of media and government, and the lack of independent investigators on the ground, one must resort to indirect methods to try to determine what’s really happening.   Asking questions like “who controls the media and the government” and “who benefits” is a good first step.

So who benefits from spreading paranoia of  the bundy ranch demographic among american cops?   The same people who benefit from militarizing them.   The super wealthy aristocrats who own most of the media, who have every intention of maintaining their parasitic control as they guide their privately owned ship of state onto the rocks.   Here’s how you can determine their plans: the deals have already been done, their investments have been repositioned, the factories are gutted, the jobs continue to hemorrhage offshore, the dollar is at the edge as US foreign policy actively pushes the world away from the it, kids are being trained to be idiots, medicine is brain-damaging and torturing babies, the food is being toxified, the corporate media culture is marketing sex, rage and despair, the government is shipping heroin and cocaine into the country, the southern border is a joke, the NSA is breaking the law with impunity.  There’s no place for the US to go but down.  It’s all about business: arms sales, debt and derivatives.  All the ideology, political posturing, religious and racial manipulation, false flags, “liberalism” and “conservatism” are nothing more than mirages designed to allow the gullible to find a comforting myth to believe in as satanists destroy the world around them.

The stinkier the better for bonding

Bonding with your baby is enhanced by the wonderful odor of the newborn. This bonding can be interrupted when the baby is whisked away by dutiful hospital staff as soon as s/he is born and bathed. Oh, dear friends, hospitals can be so interfering. They’re good for patching up people after auto accidents, but birth is not a disease. Birth is a beautiful, natural, divinely human process that deserves to be private and protected and kept sacred. It is not meant to be a public spectacle amid crowds of people chattering, bright lights and machines whirring. Animals seem to “do birth” just fine… why do so many people lose touch with the natural, healthy part of themselves that knows how to birth a baby?

This lovely lady is celebrating her baby’s hair…

The stinkier the better. | Salty Spicy Bitter and Sweet.

baby odor

Monsanto’s Roundup Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic

Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup has been linked to a mysterious fatal kidney disease epidemic that has appeared in Central America, Sri Lanka and India.

For years, scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of a chronic kidney disease epidemic that has hit Central America, India and Sri Lanka. The disease occurs in poor peasant farmers who do hard physical work in hot climes. In each instance, the farmers have been exposed to herbicides and to heavy metals. The disease is known as CKDu, for Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology. The “u” differentiates this illness from other chronic kidney diseases where the cause is known. Very few Western medical practitioners are even aware of CKDu, despite the terrible toll it has taken on poor farmers from El Salvador to South Asia.

Dr. Catharina Wesseling, the regional director for the Program on Work and Health (SALTRA) in Central America, which pioneered the initial studies of the region’s unsolved outbreak, put it this way, “Nephrologists and public health professionals from wealthy countries are mostly either unfamiliar with the problem or skeptical whether it even exists.”

Dr. Wesseling was being diplomatic. At a 2011 health summit in Mexico City, the United States beat back a proposal by Central American nations that would have listed CKDu as a top priority for the Americas.

David McQueen, a US delegate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who has since retired from the agency, explained the US position.

“The idea was to keep the focus on the key big risk factors that we could control and the major causes of death: heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And we felt, the position we were taking, that CKD was included.”

The United States was wrong. The delegates from Central America were correct. CKDu is a new form of illness. This kidney ailment does not stem from diabetes, hypertension or other diet-related risk factors. Unlike the kidney disease found in diabetes or hypertension, the kidney tubules are a major site of injury in CKDu, suggesting a toxic etiology.

CKDu is now the second leading cause of mortality among men in El Salvador. This small, densely populated Central American country now has the highest overall mortality rate from kidney disease in the world. Neighboring Honduras and Nicaragua also have extremely high rates of kidney disease mortality. In El Salvador and Nicaragua, more men are dying from CKDu than from HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and leukemia combined. In one patch of rural Nicaragua, so many men have died that the community is called “The Island of the Widows.”

It probably works synergistically with GMO BT toxin, see and

Eugenics has a new face.  The selection criterion for populations to be eliminated is socioeconomic status, which the aristocrats believe is a proxy for genetic fitness.  Pure statism/statanism.

EPA To Seize Paychecks Of Individual ‘Rule Breakers’

The Environmental Protection Agency says it will begin garnishing wages without a court order or hearing of those who have been accused of violating EPA rules.

The agency has published a proposed rule change that would allow it simply to take a portion of an individual’s income in order to collect fines.

The EPA could start garnishingwages on Sept. 2 under the proposed direct final rule on Administrative Wage Garnishment published in The Federal Register on July 2. Proposals by federal agencies do not become official until they are published in the Register.

“The direct final rule will allow the EPA to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order,” a summary of the rule at the Register’swebsite states.

The summary states that the EPA’s lawyers believe a federal law, the Debt Collection Improvement Act (DCIA), gives federal agencies the right to garnish wages without judicial review.

Part of Broader Power Grab

The EPA made no announcement about the rule change to the media. Instead, the rule was spotted byWashington Times reporter S.A. Miller. The EPA didn’t respond to Miller’s questions about the direct rule change.

Some Republican senators said the EPA has a history of overstepping its authority.

“While we recognize the government’s legitimate interest in efficiently and effectively pursuing delinquent debt, EPA’s new wage garnishment procedures provide an agency prone to regulatory abuses with even more power over Americans,” U.S. Senator David Vitter (Louisiana) said in a letter also signed by Wyoming Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso. “Individuals who face threats of ruinous fines from the agency may now have to think twice before challenging EPA over its regulatory jurisdiction.”

The EPA has been expanding its regulatory powers in recent months and going after more private individuals. The agency now claims that the Clean Water Act gives it the power to regulate virtually all streams and reservoirs, including irrigation ditches and ponds, on farms and ranches.

In two cases previously reported by Off The Grid News, property owners faced large fines from the EPA for violating the Clean Water Act:

Wyoming resident Andrew Johnson is facing $75,000 a day in fines from the EPA because he built a stock pond on his property without a permit.
West Virginia poultry farmer Lois Alt faced $37,500 in fines because of rainwater draining off of her property. A federal appeals court later ruled the EPA had overstepped its authority and stopped the action.

The EPA has greatly increased the amount of fines it collects in recent years, too, Miller noted. In 2009 the agency collected $96 million in fines but in 2012, $252 million.

How You Can Fight the EPA’s Latest Power Grab ….

Keep in mind that this is an agency that has stood by while CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations), antibiotics and increasingly toxic chemicals and GMO’s have almost completely displaced normal sustainable agriculture in the USA.  What’s going to happen is that small farmers are going to be fined out of business for the smallest real or imaginary infractions while industrial monopolies continue their takeover of agriculture and pollute the countryside and our food.  This would certainly be in keeping with decades of federal agricultural policies working in tandem with predatory banking practices.  There’s a reason local farming has become endangered in this country.  To all appearances, it’s in keeping with agenda 21.

The Border Crisis: A Bipartisan Effort

More specifically a wall street effort.   You know, the same ones that financed hitler and shipped our jobs offshore.   Now they’re trafficking the child refugees they created in our name and with our tax dollars to use them as pawns in their slow motion coup.    It’s just good business.

Frances Robles of The New York Times headlined on July 9th, “Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border” and reported:

More than half of the top 50 Central American cities from which children are leaving for the United States are in Honduras. Virtually none of the children have come from Nicaragua, a bordering country that has staggering poverty, but not a pervasive gang culture or a record-breaking murder rate. “Everyone has left,” Alan Castellanos, 27, the uncle of Anthony and Kenneth, said in an interview in late May. “How is it that an entire country is being brought to its knees?” 

The answer to that question is remarkably clear, and it started actually in 2009.

In that year, a military coup, which was initiated by fewer than a dozen aristocratic or “oligarchic” families of Honduras, overthrew that country’s popular and democratically elected progressive President Manuel Zelaya. As the present reporter has previously documented in detail, the then-Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton immediately after the coup blocked the efforts of virtually all other nations’ heads-of-state, they being opposed to the coup; and she also prevailed upon the then-dithering U.S. President Barack Obama to agree to provide crucially needed ongoing U.S. military and financial assistance to the coup-imposed government, for a long-enough period of time so that that government could finally become accepted internationally as the “legitimate government” of Honduras. This legitimation was done by means of the usual rigged “elections,” in which the post-coup “interim government” was replaced by a head-of-state whom the voters selected from a pre-screened field of candidates whose every member was approved by the controlling council of oligarchs — those very same ruling families who had overthrown Zelaya. The names of those families are included in my previous news-report, along with the details of how Clinton, Obama, and all congressional Republicans (then under the guidance of the head of the Heritage Foundation, the former U.S. Senator, Jim DeMint), propped up and sustained Honduras’s dictators in power. …