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Bank Holiday coming?

So how will the powers that be try to maintain control as things begin to fall apart?  Expect some kind of false flag attack.  In the USA, the most likely villans of the hour will be americans.  Veterans, farmers, gun owners, anyone who might form a nucleus of local community and self-sufficiency will be vilified and branded as suspected terrorists.  This is how they conduct counterinsurgencies: pit one group against another and decimate the social and physical capacity for local self-organization and self-sufficiency.  The idea is for people to rally around the government for safety.  Iran is still high on the agenda though, which is probably why they’re cooking up stories about “white al qaeda” being recruited by the iranians for terrorist attacks in the USA.   Maybe soon it will be “white russian al qaeda maoist federal reserve activists” for good measure.   After all, they want to take over the world, so everyone is their enemy.

Mind Control on the Left

Chomsky and Zinn can’t seem to escape their well-tended Skinner boxes.  Here Chomsky discusses the facts about the extensive and decades long history of CIA training and funding of the database (al qaeda) and the resultant terrorist attacks without questioning whether AQ might still be working for the CIA, as evidenced by the fact that their actions continue to serve its interests to a tee.  He even refers to the role of the “intellectual class” in supporting the official narrative without questioning his own role in supporting the “alternative” official narrative, both of which conclude that the USA is under attack from foreign forces and feed directly into the agenda that Chomsky purports to oppose.

Anyone with the slightest grasp of propaganda knows that you have to tailor the lies to the specific demographic that you want to control.  The standard lie of US exceptionalism and its messianic obligation to bring “civilization” to the rest of the world suffices for those who aren’t paying attention, but in the USA perhaps the second largest demographic is leftists who understand the immorality of US foreign policy in the mideast and how it might plausibly lead to the terrorism phenomenon.   This demographic cannot be ignored due to its tendency to political activism.   The simplest solution: impose tunnel vision and confine leftist discourse to well trodden political explanations by putting out disprovable lies and wild speculation like the “no planes/space beams” theory of the WTC collapses to divert and marginalize scientific research and keep the official alternative narrative simple enough to satisfy occam’s razor.   Chomsky has bought it, hook line and sinker.

Chomsky claims no understanding of physics, chemistry, architecture or engineering, but instead defers to experts in evaluating the physical evidence on 9/11.  Yet there are credentialed experts on both sides of the “false flag” divide, he simply subscribes to one group and not the other without explanation.  Furthermore he must know something about the history of official enemies and staged events like tonkin gulf and the proposed operation northwood, at least enough to understand how the “intellectual class” and media can be recruited to serve the interests of the empire builders.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on him though, if I hadn’t stumbled across the uncensored evidence on the net I might find myself in agreement.  It is after all the simpler explanation.   But the deluge of scientific and historical evidence is such that only Chomsky’s level of specialization and compartmentalization could suffice to prevent a broader understanding of current events.  It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t take the weight of his own words seriously enough to challenge himself and step out of his comfort zone.  He doesn’t even need to address basic arguments about conservation of momentum or energy, the discovery of thermite in the WTC dust, or the dozens of incriminating eyewitnesses and video clips.  All he needs to do is ask “what happened to NORAD?”

Both Chomsky and Howard Zinn have now been reduced to blathering that it doesn’t matter who did 9/11.    A clear case of “Manufacturing Dissent”.

This is my version of occam’s razor, given the added complexity of the evidence that Chomsky and Zinn refuse to acknowledge, outlined in the “reference section” on this site.

Quack scientists Say Delay Breastfeeding to ‘Improve’ Vaccine Potency

“Scientists are now recommending that mothers delay vital breastfeeding in order to ‘improve’ the effects of vaccinations, stating that consuming breast milk could hamper the potency of vaccinations such as the rotavirus injection. The authors state that the immune-boosting effects of breast milk could negatively affect the vaccine potency. Of course the authors make no mention of the relationship between vaccination and over 189 diseases as observed by peer-reviewed research.

“In a study published in the Journal of Pediatric Infections & Diseases that anyone can freely read, scientists say that breastfeeding should be halted to improve vaccine effects (which include negative effects). …”

Why are there so many psychopaths in medicine?  For the same reason you’d find them in any other trusted profession.   It gives them access to prey and shields them from suspicion.  Also it seems that medical school is designed to manufacture psychopaths.

The World War on Democracy

Lisette and her family and hundreds of islanders were forced on to a rusting steamer bound for Mauritius, a distance of 2,500 miles. They were made to sleep in the hold on a cargo of fertiliser: bird shit. The weather was rough; everyone was ill; two women miscarried. Dumped on the docks at Port Louis, Lizette’s youngest children, Jollice, and Regis, died within a week of each other. “They died of sadness,” she said. “They had heard all the talk and seen the horror of what had happened to the dogs. They knew they were leaving their home forever. The doctor in Mauritius said he could not treat sadness.”

“This act of mass kidnapping was carried out in high secrecy. In one official file, under the heading, “Maintaining the fiction”, the Foreign Office legal adviser exhorts his colleagues to cover their actions by “re-classifying” the population as “floating” and to “make up the rules as we go along”. Article 7 of the statute of the International Criminal Court says the “deportation or forcible transfer of population” is a crime against humanity. That Britain had committed such a crime — in exchange for a $14million discount off an American Polaris nuclear submarine — was not on the agenda of a group of British “defence” correspondents flown to the Chagos by the Ministry of Defence when the US base was completed. “There is nothing in our files,” said a ministry official, “about inhabitants or an evacuation.”

“Today, Diego Garcia is crucial to America’s and Britain’s war on democracy. The heaviest bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan was launched from its vast airstrips, beyond which the islanders’ abandoned cemetery and church stand like archaeological ruins. The terraced garden where Lisette laughed for the camera is now a fortress housing the “bunker-busting” bombs carried by bat-shaped B-2 aircraft to targets in two continents; an attack on Iran will start here. As if to complete the emblem of rampant, criminal power, the CIA added a Guantanamo-style prison for its “rendition” victims and called it Camp Justice.

“What was done to Lisette’s paradise has an urgent and universal meaning, for it represents the violent, ruthless nature of a whole system behind its democratic façade, and the scale of our own indoctrination to its messianic assumptions, described by Harold Pinter as a “brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.” Longer and bloodier than any war since 1945, waged with demonic weapons and a gangsterism dressed as economic policy and sometimes known as globalisation, the war on democracy is unmentionable in western elite circles. As Pinter wrote, “it never happened even while it was happening”.”

The hypnotized automatons referred to above are all around us.  Military action is only the most obvious way by which the emergent institutional interests which we call the state cause us to prey on each other.  It’s easy to find people to go to distant lands and assault other people.  It’s more difficult to get them to assault people in the next town over, but it can be done.  But the ultimate state of tyranny is where neighbor spies on neighbor and children spy on their parents, just before being inducted into state servitude.  This nightmare has been achieved before, but not here in the USA.  Not yet.  But you can see how it’s become a bipartisan objective in the so-called “war on terror”.  This is why exposing the fraud of 9/11, OKC and all the other “terrorist” attacks is so important in breaking the hypnotic trance of our fellow citizens.   Can the spell be broken?

More fundamentally, it’s why it’s so important to study and understand complex systems and their natural tendencies to emergent hierarchy and what we peons call “corruption”, which is only the breath of the state.  The founders tried their best to isolate power from self interest, to keep the beast asleep.  The separation of powers was a brilliant idea, but it couldn’t be maintained under an oligarchy.   This is another reason why corporate immortality, fractional reserve banking and other forms of fictitious “humanity” and capital must be abolished.  We humans are the pinnacle of evolution, but our institutions are primitive brutes in service to the awakened beast which is our empathically atomized but physically coordinated collective action.  This is how self-organization works as N gets large.  Think about it: our bodies are consumate totalitarian dictatorships.  Would you want to be a skin cell in your body?

It just goes to show, nature has a sense of humor.

Europe Forming Its Own Ratings Agency to Rival S&P, Moodys

Unbelievable that it took them so long, considering how powerful, corrupt and politically orchestrated these companies are.  If americans had had an alternative to S&P we probably wouldn’t be in the shape we’re in today.  That europe will use its agency as a tool of its own predatory elites in the same way is probably a given.  But sometimes battling elites are preferable to a unified cartel.

“The proposed model is of an agency where the service is paid by the clients, who have an interest in having reliable and objective results”

Well duh.

By the way, have you heard that the ratings agencies executives are under indictment?  Me neither.

AMA Journal Publishes Call for Mandatory Experimental Vaccine Participation

There are crazies in any group, but it’s alarming that such a purportedly authoritative group as the AMA would publish the ravings of such a person.  It just goes to show how child abuse and totalitarianism become entwined.  (see my circumcision paper.  Also see the stuff on vaccines in the reference section)   And since when does the top lobbying group for such a failed experiment as debt-controlled american medicine have anything to say to anyone?

“An article published by the American Medical Association’s Virtual Mentor journal advocates making participation in vaccine trials mandatory, arguing that people should be forced to take experimental shots in a similar vein to how jury service is compulsory.

“The article, written by Oxford University’s Susanne Sheehy and Joel Meyer, is entitled Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?

“Concerned about the “distressing decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials,” the piece argues that “Compulsory involvement in vaccine studies” should be considered for the “greater good of society.””