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The Business of Imprisonment

“The number of people imprisoned under state and federal custody increased 772% percent between 1970 and 2009, largely due to the incredible influence private corporations wield against the American legal system. Because judicial leniency and sentencing reductions threaten the very business models of these private corporations, millions have been spent lobbying state officials and political candidates in an effort to influence harsher “zero tolerance” legislation and mandatory sentencing for many non-violent offenses. Political action committees assembled by private correctional corporations have lobbied over 3.3 million dollars to the political establishment since 2001. An annual report released by the CCA in 2010 reiterates the importance of influencing legislation:
“The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws. For instance, any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them. Legislation has been proposed in numerous jurisdictions that could lower minimum sentences for some non-violent crimes and make more inmates eligible for early release based on good behavior. Also, sentencing alternatives under consideration could put some offenders on probation with electronic monitoring who would otherwise be incarcerated. Similarly, reductions in crime rates or resources dedicated to prevent and enforce crime could lead to reductions in arrests, convictions and sentences requiring incarceration at correctional facilities.”

Considering today’s private prison population is over 17 times larger than the figure two decades earlier, the malleability of the judicial system under corporate influence is clear. The Corrections Corporation of America is the first and largest private prison company in the US, cofounded in 1983 by Tom Beasley, former Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party. The CCA entered the market and overtly exploited Beasley’s political connections in an attempt to exert control over the entire prison system of Tennessee. Today, the company operates over sixty-five facilities and owns contracts with the US Marshal Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Bureau of Prisons. The GEO Group operates 118 detention centers throughout the United States, South Africa, UK, Australia and elsewhere. Under its original name, the Wackenhut Corrections Corporation was synonymous for the sadistic abuse of prisoners in its facilities, resulting in the termination of several contracts in 1999.”  …

JT Gatto: The Ultimate History Lesson

“The Ultimate History Lesson is presented as a five-hour interview session -memorializing Gatto’s research, publications and life experiences- which forms an impeccable resource and reference library of the Underground History of American Education. Each hour focuses on examining the evolution of ideas which manifest today in the phenomenon of “public schooling”. By dissecting the history and presenting you with the references, you’re left at the end of each hour with a copious amount of information from which you can continue your own personal journey of discovery.

“When John Taylor Gatto resigned from his job, he did so on the Op-Ed page of the Wall Street Journal. At the time, he was NYC and New York State School Teacher of the Year. ”

Also see his website and online book, The Underground History of American Education

Collosal Stupidity Built into Every Nuclear Reactor

“the world’s nuclear power plants, as they are currently designed, are critically dependent upon maintaining connection to a functioning electrical grid, for all but relatively short periods of electrical blackouts, in order to keep their reactor cores continuously cooled so as to avoid catastrophic reactor core meltdowns and spent fuel rod storage pond fires.

“If an extreme geomagnetic disturbance [such as last occurred in 1921] were to cause widespread grid collapse (which it most certainly will), in as little as one or two hours after each nuclear reactor facility’s backup generators either fail to start, or run out of fuel, the reactor cores will start to melt down. After a few days without electricity to run the cooling system pumps, the water bath covering the spent fuel rods stored in “spent fuel ponds” will boil away, allowing the stored fuel rods to melt down and burn [2]. Since the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) currently mandates that only one week’s supply of backup generator fuel needs to be stored at each reactor site, it is likely that after we witness the spectacular night-time celestial light show from the next extreme GMD we will have about one week in which to prepare ourselves for Armageddon.”

Globalist Mob Puts European Gas Imports at Risk

“Yesterday we presented why when it comes to Syria, the UN Security Council can forget any attempt at “overhauling” a regime that is a cornerstone for Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean and the middle east.

“Russia has something that is far more valuable to Europe than the Goldman-alum controlled printing press: it has the world’s largest natural gas reserves. Which for a continent gripped in one the coldest winters on record, whose heating infrastructure is based primarily on natgas, and where Russian imports account for 25% of total nat gas, Russia has the upper hand in, well, everything. Which it gladly reminded the world of yesterday. According to the AP: Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom natural gas giant acknowledged for the first time Saturday that it “had briefly reduced gas supplies to Europe amid a spell of extreme cold.”  Oops… Just a fat finger there, nothing to worry about. Oh, and if anyone forgets that in the Eurasian continent it is Russia who increasingly holds all the cards, Gazprom may “briefly” cut all supplies to Europe, -40 C degree temperatures be damned. Briefly…

“Unfortunately for Europe, Russia’s monopolistic control of its warmth will only increase with time. …  Oh, and before we forget, Russia is also the world’s largest oil producer in the world having recently overtaken Saudi Arabia, and second (possibly the) largest exporter. Any questions now who has not only all the trump cards, but all the cards, period?”

The January Jobs Are Statistical Artifacts

“Last Friday the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in the first month of this new year 243,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate (U.3) fell to 8.3 percent. This good news is a mirage. It is due to faulty seasonal adjustments and to the BLS birth/death model. In a prolonged downturn, seasonal adjustments and the birth/death model produce nonexistent employment.

“The unadjusted data show a rise in the unemployment rate. The birth/death model, which estimates the net effect of jobs lost from business failures and jobs created by new start-ups was designed for a normal growing economy, not for a prolonged downturn four years old. Statistician John Williams ( reports that the BLS adds 48,000 new jobs per month to the payroll employment report based on the birth/death model even though the economy has not come out of the deep recession. In other words, over the course of a year, the birth/death model adds about 580,000 jobs to the reported jobs numbers. End of year benchmark revisions quietly take the nonexistent jobs out of the totals, but these revisions do not receive headlines and pass largely unnoticed.”

Brookings: ‘Horrific Provocation’ and ‘Tehran-Sponsored 9/11′ Needed to Trigger Iran Invasion

Brookings Institute: “‘Other countries also will want payoffs from the United States in return for their assistance on Iran. Such deals may be distasteful, but many will be unavoidable if the Persuasion approach is to have a reasonable chance of succeeding. … To be successful, a Persuasion approach would invariably require unpleasant compromises with third-party countries to secure their cooperation against Iran. …

any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context (…) The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer- one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians “brought it on themselves” by refusing a very good deal. …

it is not impossible that Tehran might take some action that would justify an American invasion. And it is certainly the case that if Washington sought such a provocation, it could take actions that might make it more likely that Tehran would do so (although being too obvious about this could nullify the provocation). However, since it would be up to Iran to make the provocation move (…), the United States would never know for sure when it would get the requisite Iranian provocation. In fact, it might never come at all. …

With provocation, the international diplomatic and domestic political requirements of an invasion would be mitigated, and the more outrageous the Iranian provocation (and the less that the United States is seen to be goading Iran), the more these challenges would be diminished. In the absence of a sufficiently horrific provocation, meeting these requirements would be daunting.

Something on the order of an Iranian-backed 9/11, in which the plane wore Iranian markings and Tehran boasted about its sponsorship.(…). The entire question of “options” becomes irrelevant at that point: what American president could refrain from an invasion after the Iranians had just killed several thousand American civilians in an attack in the United States itself?’ “

So how in the world could they get Iran to admit something they didn’t do?  That’s easy.  The media claimed bin laden (or one of the bin ladens) boasted about doing 9/11, but not before the original bin laden publically disclaimed it (and down the memory hole it went).  The media could be told to print anything and they’d do it.  They’ve been doing it for years.  They’ll do it again.

Primer on False Flag Operations

“The term comes from the old days of wooden ships, when one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship in its own navy. Because the enemy’s flag was hung instead of the flag of the real country of the attacking ship, it was called a “false flag” attack.

“There are many examples of false flag attacks throughout history. For example, it is widely known that the Nazis, in Operation Himmler, faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. And it has now been persuasively argued — as shown, for example, in this History Channel video — that Nazis set fire to their own parliament, the Reichstag, and blamed that fire on others. The Reichstag fire was the watershed event which justified Hitler’s seizure of power and suspension of liberties.

“And in the early 1950s, agents of an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind “evidence” implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers). Israel’s Defense Minister was brought down by the scandal, along with the entire Israeli government. Click here for verification.

“The Russian KGB apparently conducted a wave of bombings in Russia in order to justify war against Chechnya and put Vladimir Putin into power (see also this essay and this report). And the Turkish government has been caught bombing its own and blaming it on a rebel group to justify a crackdown on that group. Muslim governments also play this game. For example, the well-respected former Indonesian president claimed that their government had a role in the Bali bombings. …”

Network Analysis in Political Activism

“… Corporations offer us more opportunities to apply network analysis than any other formation in which we are interested, save perhaps for the Israeli government itself. Corporations can be bound to other entities through parent-subsidiary relationships, through overlapping boards of directors, or through R&D or marketing partnerships. They may rely upon supplier networks in order to manufacture their products, or upon distribution networks to deliver them to consumers.

“Large corporations can possess a staggering array of relationships with other entities:

  • Customers/clients
  • Investors, funders, or creditors
  • Employees, unions, or staffing agencies
  • Licensors, franchisors, or IP owners
  • Corporate giving recipients/Grantees
  • Professional services firms (including ad agencies, PR firms, training providers, and countless others)

“These relationships all exist within networks, and within these networks lie all manner of exploitable weaknesses. Mapping these networks can allow us to discover opportunities for tertiary boycotts, to locate key dependencies and bottlenecks, reveal hidden paths of influence, identify potential allies, and even to anticipate the impact of changes to the competitive landscape or relevant market conditions. It’s like having the blueprints to the Death Star. Sort of. …”

The network structure of “the establishment” is what gives it its resiliency.  It’s why the 60s and 70s never produced structural changes in power relationships in the USA.  You can be sure that such sophisticated analysis is being directed at political activists right now, both by governments and corporations.

Complexity is the stuff of life.  It’s a force of nature.  Use it or it will use you.

The Destruction of American Education

“It might seem that the word “destruction” in the title of this essay is a bit over the top. But it’s the only accurate description of what has happened and is happening in America today. The capitalist cabal that now controls the U.S. Obushmahas systematically destroyed American education in general and is currently attacking each academic discipline.

“Obama, the cabal puppet, has continued the Bush onslaught against public education and initiated a new attack through what he calls his “Race to the Top” initiative. Actually, it constitutes a race to the bottom for American students.

“The basic idea is to force state governments to compete for $4.35 billion in federal assistance, with the money going to those states which do the most to promote charter schools, utilize standardized testing, and weaken workplace rules for teachers. Essentially, the scheme sets up a bidding war among the states for desperately needed funds on the basis of an anti-public education agenda that has been promoted for decades by the right wing.

“Pairing the Democratic Party demagogue Sharpton with Gingrich is aimed at suggesting that a broad coalition has formed behind Obama’s education agenda.

“Sharpton’s role is to defuse opposition in largely African-American urban schools that will be particularly devastated by Obama’s policies. Citing the ‘achievement gap’ that remains between black and white students, Sharpton now champions the same policies he opposed when they were put forward by the Bush administration. …”

Is it permissible yet to talk of a cabal or conspiracy even though we don’t know each and every conspirator and each and every mechanism of control and we don’t have sworn testimony in open court with the mainstream media faithfully reporting its proceedings?   Is it clear yet that it’s no longer reasonable to expect the judicial system or the media to act in the interest even of national preservation?  Do we really need proof of intent in order to act in an organized way to obviously systematic destruction?

At this point the crooks have a gun to our heads.  They’ve loaded the chamber and are in the process of squeezing the trigger, and still they mouth soothing platitudes about how they’re working for us in some way which, to put it mildly, is not readily apparent.

I’ve heard that everything hitler did was legal.  I don’t know about that, but so far everything the bush/clinton/bush/obama regime has officially done was legal.  It’s what they’ve done under the table to produce the current legal situation that was criminal.  So you have a choice, you can pretend that we’re in a gentleman’s game and stay in the comfortable role of the loyal opposition, or you can start thinking for yourself.  But the thing is, time is running out.  The rising level of consciousness among the public is in a race with the final preparations of those who have controlled this country behind the scenes for decades.

History repeats itself because human institutions are immortal and their institutional interests don’t change.  The cabal which links wall street and the city of london was behind the rise of hitler and mussolini.  The virus of empire has been transmitted from britain to the USA.  We’re back in 1776.

What kind of psychopathic thought processes could provoke such a statement in such a context?  What is going on in the minds of the ruling elite?