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Beating Babies For Jesus

There is a brutal movement in America that legitimizes child abuse in the name of God. Two stories recently converged to make us pay attention. Last week, a video went viral of a Texas judge brutally whipping his disabled daughter. And on Monday, the New York Times published a story about child deaths in homes that have embraced the teachings of To Train Up a Child, a book by Christian preacher Michael Pearl that advocates using a switch on children as young as six months old. ”

Banker Coup: Goldman Sachs Taking Over Europe

“Precisely as we warned all along, the very financial terrorists responsible for the economic collapse have now exploited the crisis to pose as saviors and oversee a banker coup – with Goldman Sachs stooges now in control of both Italy and the European Central Bank.

“The objective of the coup is to exploit the euro debt crisis as a vehicle through which to create a European federal superstate that will transfer all remaining control over national affairs to Brussels. The globalists have already started the process, hand-picking two unelected stooges to replace democratically elected Prime Ministers in Greece and Italy.”

US Faltering in Efforts to Sow Seeds of War in South Asia

US sows discord in South Asia

Now that it’s widely known that the Mumbai attacks were in all likelihood an american operation, India has its eyes open re: US objectives, which involves india being a kamikazi puppet of western interests.