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Was the Paris Shooting a Hoax?

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This video may have taken this down by the time you get to it.

(Update: Yes it was. Within 12 hours of posting. Read analysis and then we’ve got a link you can go to below.)

Here’s the first issue and it’s very simple:

The “gruesome” video of the execution of a police officer is nothing of the kind.

In the US, they will not play it on TV and Internet companies are taking it down every time someone puts it up, but note to censors: the policeman clearly was NOT shot in the head, neck, upper torso or anywhere else.

What’s the problem?

No blood.

Not to be gross or graphic, but how do you shoot a person point blank from close range in the head without there being some (or a lot of) blood?

Why is the mainstream and Internet media so insistent on taking the video down especially it when appears that nothing happened when the shooter pulled the trigger?

Also, the casualness with which these guys did what they did is very strange too.

This doesn’t prove anything other than the fact that this was a very strange occurrence.

Technical note: A 7.62 round is actually not that big, smaller than what is used to hunt deer, but it is a lot bigger than a BB and would definitely have a graphic effect. Something’s fishy here.

We found a link so you can see for yourself: Without censorship. You can see the fraud with your own eyes.


Note: For people who lack real life (vs TV watching) experience with firearms, search the YouTube video “AK watermelon” and see what a 7.62 round does at close range.

Also there are numerous videos of people being shot. Physics requires a reaction in the body, not a casual – and slightly delayed – “Oh! He got me” roll over. Depending on distance you should SEE the reaction before you hear it, not after. (Sight travels faster than sound.)

This man was shot at. He was not shot. So why is the news media saying that he was and that the images are to horrible to air?

Update: 1/8 11:00 AM

Something else strange to ponder:

PARIS is a BIG city with lots and lots of traffic…

But the shooters could park casually in the middle of the street in the middle of the work day, tend to their business and get back to their getaway car without having to compete with any traffic whatsoever.

Plus the shooters just happened to know when the entire staff was going to be in the office for a meeting (rare for that publication)

Update: 1/8 2 PM

Time Magazine reports that Paris police are “expanding” random searches. Gee, just like the good old USA. Paris had random searches too. Who knew?

Another news item. Last year, France scrapped it’s graduated terror alert scale. Now there are just two: either “vigilante” or “attack mode.” The system is called “Vigipirate”

Also, the masterminds who knew when the publication was having its full meeting and somehow managed to block all car traffic in front of the building during their operation…left their identity cards in their abandoned get away car. Not so smart.

And, according to the BBC, they decided that the smartest thing in the world to do right after the attack was to rob a gas station in full battle gear so they could get free gas and some snacks on their way to their secret hideout. They graciously left all the witnesses to this grand larceny alive to tell the story.

They can’t be serious with this bullshit.

Update: 1/8 3 PM

Time for a prediction because the story as told is obviously preposterous.

After a few days to give the “anti-terror” folk time to strut around, the bad guys will be killed in a shoot out. Maybe in a barn or in the thick woods (my recommendation, no witnesses.) The bad guys’ motives will be unknown or incoherent, but will surely involve that “crazy” religion we all love to hate.

The “boat in the backyard” thing is old, but who knows. These guys like to recycle.

For more The “War on Terror” is a Fraud: videos, click here

Fox Fired Glenn Beck After He Exposed the Federal Reserve

Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011

I never liked Glenn Beck much, but it is quite a coincidence that he comes out with the real truth about the private Federal Reserve, and then loses his show on Fox News. Like Ron Paul always says, the Fed is the true facilitator of big government. They could never tax enough, or borrow enough to pay for the wars and corporate welfare without the printing press and world reserve currency status. Do your own research; read G. Edward Griffin’s classic “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” The creation of the Fed WAS A CONSPIRACY. No theorizing needed. Our forefathers fought since the founding to deny the bankers a monopoly over the control of currency and credit. We have fallen under the control of the banking establishment, and they have tied their fraudulent debt to the fiscal wellbeing of America.

If you consider yourself a proponent of limited, Constitutional government, you have an obligation to fight the Federal Reserve. The neocon talkers like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Ingraham, and even Savage will not explain the truth. While popular outrage is focused at the Fed, the neocons are trying RIGHT NOW to shift the focus to Chinese policy and their alleged (get this) currency manipulation! Ever heard of QE2?

Aired on March 25, 2011 – Fox News Channel’s “Glenn Beck”

Griffin refers to the “mandrake mechanism” but Beck never allows him to finish.  Here’s what he’s talking about, excerpted from his book:

… It is difficult for Americans to come to grips with the fact that their total money supply is backed by nothing but debt, and it is even more mind boggling to visualize that, if everyone paid back all that was borrowed, there would be no money left in existence. That’s right, there would not be one penny in circulation — all coins and all paper currency would be returned to bank vaults — and there would be not one dollar in any one’s checking account. In short, all money would disappear.

Marriner Eccles was the Governor of the Federal Reserve System in 1941. On September 30 of that year, Eccles was asked to give testimony before the House Committee on Banking and Currency. The purpose of the hearing was to obtain information regarding the role of the Federal Reserve in creating conditions that led to the depression of the 1930s. Congressman Wright Patman, who was Chairman of that committee, asked how the Fed got the money to purchase two billion dollars worth of government bonds in 1933. This is the exchange that followed.

ECCLES: We created it.
PATMAN: Out of what?
ECCLES: Out of the right to issue credit money.
PATMAN: And there is nothing behind it, is there, except our government’s credit?
ECCLES: That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.

It must be realized that, while money may represent an asset to selected individuals, when it is considered as an aggregate of the total money supply, it is not an asset at all. A man who borrows $1,000 may think that he has increased his financial position by that amount but he has not. His $1,000 cash asset is offset by his $1,000 loan liability, and his net position is zero. Bank accounts are exactly the same on a larger scale. Add up all the bank accounts in the nation, and it would be easy to assume that all that money represents a gigantic pool of assets which support the economy. Yet, every bit of this money is owed by someone. Some will owe nothing. Others will owe many times what they possess. All added together, the national balance is zero. What we think is money is but a grand illusion. The reality is debt.

Robert Hemphill was the Credit Manager of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. In the foreword to a book by Irving Fisher, entitled 100% Money, Hemphill said this:

If all the bank loans were paid, no one could have a bank deposit, and there would not be a dollar of coin or currency in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash, or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless situation is almost incredible — but there it is.6 …

the mandrake mechanism: an overview

The entire function of this machine is to convert debt into money. It’s just that simple. First, the Fed takes all the government bonds which the public does not buy and writes a check to Congress in exchange for them. (It acquires other debt obligations as well, but government bonds comprise most of its inventory.) There is no money to back up this check. These fiat dollars are created on the spot for that purpose. By calling those bonds “reserves,” the Fed then uses them as the base for creating 9 additional dollars for every dollar created for the bonds themselves. The money created for the bonds is spent by the government, whereas the money created on top of those bonds is the source of all the bank loans made to the nation’s businesses and individuals. The result of this process is the same as creating money on a printing press, but the illusion is based on an accounting trick rather than a printing trick. The bottom line is that Congress and the banking cartel have entered into a partnership in which the cartel has the privilege of collecting interest on money which it creates out of nothing, a perpetual override on every American dollar that exists in the world. Congress, on the other hand, has access to unlimited funding without having to tell the voters their taxes are being raised through the process of inflation. If you understand this paragraph, you understand the Federal Reserve System….

I would further elaborate that under the current system, money is nothing but a digestive enzyme which banks use to absorb real wealth from the economy.   Banks create “virtual” money (principal) when they make loans.   That principal is destroyed when the loan is paid off, but the interest payments are “real” money which the bank gets to keep.  Think of how an amoeba eats: it surrounds its prey and invests or “loans” digestive enzymes into it which dissolve the prey.   Then the enzymes (principal) and the dissolved goodies (interest) are absorbed by the amoeba.  The process repeats.  The net investment of the amoeba is zero unless the prey defaults, in which case the collateral is seized.  But normally the return on its “investment” is the interest paid.

In theory the bank’s maximum loan portfolio is limited by the prevailing “reserve ratio”, so that a naive interpretation is that the bank can only create and loan out up to (1-reserve ratio) times its  capital reserve.  But the trick is that savings deposits are counted as part of its capital reserves, and guess where those deposits usually come from: businesses and people who sell merchandise (cars, houses etc) to borrowers from banks!   If there was only one bank in town and all the bank’s loans wind up back at the bank as savings deposits, the sum of the total amount of money created by a given initial capital reserve  is a geometric series with r=(1-the reserve ratio), so that the ratio of money produced to capital reserve is 1/(the reserve ratio).   Historically the reserve ratio has been 10%, which means the total amount of money produced could be up to 10 TIMES the initial amount of money in reserve.  This is how banks create money out of nothing.   Likewise, the effective annual rate of return on the bank’s actual investment (initial capital reserve) is up to 10 times the interest it charges on its loans, i.e. 100% if it loans at 10% interest.    Not bad for doing nothing.

Needless to say this amount of leverage and recursive debt dependency makes the system extremely unstable in the event of multiple defaults.   This is why the FDIC is needed,  but in the event of systemic failure the fed can always bestow more digestive enzymes out of its capital reserves (which in the fed’s case happen to be zero).

This looks a lot like medieval serfdom.

This instability would vanish if money was an asset instead of a debt-pyramid scheme.  But it does give the fed a great deal of leeway to induce depressions on demand.   The effect of even minor restrictions on the money supply is amplified by the instability of the system.

In the case of the great depression, the fed withdrew 30% of the cash from circulation. In the 2008 crash, with the internet looking over their shoulder, the cartel was more subtle: the BIS modified banking accounting rules about valuing capital reserves (mark to market) at the height of the fed-inflated housing megafraud bubble after the bush admin had spent years actively blocking investigations into mortgage fraud in all 50 states to allow the bubble to reach maximum capacity.   Between bush’s malfeasance and mortgage reforms passed in the 90’s in the name of helping the poor get homes predatory lenders were shielded from both legal and financial liability for creating junk loans.   The system was designed to encourage massive fraud.

When the planned and executed downturns hit, the fed’s cash-engorged shareholders can  slurp up real property for pennies on the dollar.  No wonder there’s a pyramid on the back of every dollar bill.

Trump Wire Tap ‘Worse Than Watergate’

You don’t have to be a trumpster to wonder at the obvious hostility directed at him by the overlords, of which trump is only a minor player. While our national life support system (industrial infrastructure) has been systematically gutted and exported abroad and our economy has become increasingly financialized and subject to the kindness of strangers, the establishment and its media mouthpieces have been remarkably silent, raising the question of their identification with the national interest. Much of trump’s economic agenda, such as tariffs on imports, tax incentives for domestic production and restrictions on immigration are simply commonsense measures to keep americans from starving in the streets and spontaneously dividing into tribal conflict when the dollar goes to hell, as the invisible government has already arranged for. These are the kinds of measures that made the USA the industrial powerhouse of the world years ago.  The country is currently running on fumes due to the policies pursued by the overlords and the silence of the media, the same media which is going after trump with fangs bared.

Here’s my birds-eye view of the current situation. Globalization has erased financial incentives for national allegiance among major corporations and facilitated the formation of global financial networks that are fostering the push for global governance which was formerly only in the sights of the central banking cartel. Globalization is not about a warm fuzzy global brotherhood. It’s a serious intensification of the monopoly capitalism which has already decimated small businesses and impoverished communities the world over ( ).  The logical destination of this economic juggernaut is that most of humanity (including the western middle class, the tattered remnant of the renaissance and enlightenment which resulted from the industrial revolution) will be transitioned from resource to liability on the balance sheets of the ultra-wealthy.  Mass genocide (most likely via arranged war) will be the obvious solution for political stability.  The old aristocracies and secret societies and the central banking cartel with which they are thoroughly entwined ( ) will be the main centers of power and a new high-tech dark age will descend on humanity.  Very simple.

Trump, for all of his many faults, is one of the few remaining nationalists among the very (not ultra) wealthy.  Most of his business interests require a certain degree of american prosperity.    To that extent, he is perhaps our last chance to avoid the shock doctrine.   He may be powerless to stop it in any case.  But if it happens during his watch, he will obviously be made the scapegoat while the real predators will attempt to remain invisible.

As far as I can tell his election threw a monkey wrench into the global government project (the NWO).  Hillary was to continue the slow bleed, further weakening the country toward the point where the terms of its political surrender to the NWO can be dictated by the overlords’ power over its economic survival.

Unfortunately it seems trump has fallen under the spell of the neocons, the most malignant force in washington.   These are certainly interesting times.

Permanent Govt Pushing for End to Stay-at-home Moms

The stealth of the luciferian machine stems from their infinite patience and infinite money, always operating in the background.  You’ll seldom see any of them pushing this kind of social domineering in public.  Instead, they create endowed chairs with strings attached at prestigious universities or arrange for certain reporters to be hired or fired.  Over time, the ideas that their chosen orifices persistently vent are soaked up almost unconsciously by the society.

Studies have shown that unopposed, persistent minorities become increasingly accepted over time.  The “overton window” is continually being shifted toward maximum exploitation and maximum centralization.   You can see the effectiveness of such techniques in the near-universal silence among mainstream economists about the fundamental crookedness of the banking laws, which allows banks to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it.

In the present case, a completely lunatic proposition that all women with school-aged children should be forced into the workplace will no doubt become increasingly  accepted, especially after the economy is caused to implode and a case is made that the workplace needs all hands on deck to combat poverty.   Or maybe a new war will be arranged and it will be in the name of national defense.  When all we really need for real national defense is to adopt the American Monetary Act ( )

First they wreck familial bonds via circumcision and obstetrical abuse, then they market 2-worker families as women’s liberation (are families twice as wealthy now?), and now they’re talking about using the force of law to finish the job.  Do children need and deserve to have at least one full-time parent until they reach adulthood?  Does a mother’s role in her children’s lives end after the final push?

Next the kids will be forced to do “their patriotic duty” too.  Cuz the state sanctioned counterfeiters (bankers) need more property.

There’s a word for this steady rise of poverty, desperation and social degradation: slavery.

See: and

… It’s the topic of stay-at-home mums. More specifically, the release of any data or analysis that dares recommend Australian women should get out of the living room/kitchen/nursery and back into the workforce.

So the outcry has been predictable in the wake of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) recent report which had the audacity to suggest stay-at-home mums would be better off putting their skills to use in paid employment.

“One of the areas of greatest untapped potential in the Australian labour force is inactive and/or part-time working women, especially those with children,’’ concluded the landmark study. “There are potentially large losses to the economy when women stay at home or work short part-time hours.’’

Right on cue, hysteria ensued, with commentators from coast to coast howling in indignation at the very idea that the uppity OECD would insinuate Australia might have a tiny bit of a problem with our female workforce participation rates. …


Essential Listening: How America Lost the Revolutionary War

The Gods Of Money: How America Was Hijacked

Finance analyzed as power; Alexander Hamilton’s First Bank of the United States; the War of 1812; central banking backed by the power of the state, but in private hands; a silent coup d’etat since 1945 by the international bankers of Wall Street; the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve as a private central bank; the US Constitution gives the monetary power to congress; President Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank of the United States; the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln arranged by London bankers because he issued Greenbacks to finance the Civil War; President John Kennedy assassinated five months after his proclamation to print silver certificates; the CIA’s dark agenda; the Bretton Woods Dollar System; the two pillars of US hegemony: the dollar’s reserve status and the world’s most powerful military; financial warfare against the Euro; debt slavery; fractional reserve banking; the US empire resembles Rome of the 4th Century.

Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction. The inability of colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George III and the international bankers was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War.

— Benjamin Franklin, quoted in “National Economy and the Banking System of the United States” by Robert Lantham Owen 1939

What did Ben Franklin and the rest of the founders know and why was it censored from history?  How is it the key not just to economic prosperity, but to actual human liberation never before seen on this planet?   Find out at  But sit down with a stiff drink first.  When you understand the magnitude of the fraud and theft and outright evil which has occurred under our current banking and monetary regime, and begin to grasp the level and pervasiveness of corruption throughout this country, from the government to the media to the universities, you might want to move elsewhere.  But virtually all countries are laboring under the same invisible masters, the satanic shareholders of the central banking cartel, who are running the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

The central banks’ business model consists of charging interest payments on fraudulent “sovereign” debt ($400B+ per year from the US alone), maintaining an inflation gradient, imposing business cycles like the Great Ripoff of the ’30s (in which 7 million people died of starvation in the US alone), and cultivating continual wars as they profit from the government debt generated by both sides.  They are the true Masters of War.

The American Monetary Act, which you can find at the above site, provides an elegant solution to the problem.  If it is passed, it would complete the project which was started in 1776.   The fraudulent “national debt” would disappear overnight without disturbing the treasury market, simply by forcing banks to do what most people think they already do: act as clearing houses between savers and borrowers.   Business cycles would virtually disappear, the profits from war would be vastly diminished, the satanic overlords would lose much of the funding for their NWO project, and this country would experience a level of prosperity which it has never seen before in its history.   Simply by introducing the concept of honesty into the banking laws.

If the AMA or something like it is not passed, the future is too dark to contemplate.  There is no more important issue facing this country.   Let me repeat: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT.   Let that sink in.   Educate yourself and be part of the solution.

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford knew about it:

Thomas Edison on Government Created Debt-Free Money

This first video advocates going back to a gold standard, and this would address some of the problem.  But who has the gold?  The above site’s approach is much fairer, more democratic and more flexible.  But this gives a good overview of how the present system works.

More censored history: