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Mercenary Psychiatrists Were Accomplices to Murder of JFK

Psychiatry, the pseudoscience and swiss army knife of political subterfuge and oppression, came to the aid of the cabal which offed JFK.

Documents Reveal Two US Soldiers Overheard Plot To Kill JFK—and Were Committed After Reporting It

Despite receiving little attention in the mass media, the November 2017 and April 2018 release of more than 35,000 and 18,000 documents by the Trump Administration, relating to the assassination of former President Kennedy—which had been withheld from the public for more than 50 years—sheds new light on the president’s murder and the two soldiers who attempted to stop it.

While the mainstream media did cursorily cover the two releases, virtually none of the coverage was aimed at the most damning revelations, which included the fact that two U.S. soldiers in separate locations uncovered cryptographic messages indicating that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated, prior to his murder in Dallas.

Ominously, both of these soldiers were subsequently institutionalized after attempting to get the information they had uncovered to authorities….

More Evidence of a Broken Police Training System

Family Calls for Help with Suicidal Child, Cops Show Up and Kill Him

A family friend claimed that the boy was unarmed when he was shot and killed by police officers who promised his parents they would help the suicidal teen….

They tased him twice first and then shot him when he tried to get up.

People who are depressed (OR NOT) would quickly become hysterical after an encounter with a taser.

Tasers are escalation weapons.  That’s what they’re designed to do: traumatize.   How can this still be going on when the intent is so obvious?   How is it that our so-called experts in psychology haven’t called BS on tasers by now?   These are NOT non-lethal weapons.

Who are Washington’s “Revolutionaries” in Iran?


The US backed Iranian opposition are neither “revolutionary,” nor even “in” Iran. Yet they have been designated as Washington’s proxies of choice, and an alternative government they seek to place into power in Tehran.

July 11, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – As the US-led proxy war in Syria reaches a relative stalemate and with time on Damascus and its allies’ side, Washington’s wider agenda of using the conflict as a stepping stone toward regime change in Iran is leading into a much larger conflict.

Geopolitical expert F. William Engdahl has pointed out the means through which Western oil corporations have orchestrated global schemes to raise oil prices to make American shale oil production profitable. At the same time, the US has for years now used sanctions against Iran, political subversion in Venezuela, war in Libya, and proxy war in Ukraine to prevent Tehran, Caracas, Libya’s opposition, and Moscow from benefiting long-term from higher oil prices.

For Iran, undermining its oil revenues and reintroducing sanctions and secondary sanctions on nations that refuse to recognize America’s withdrawal from the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal, is done in tandem with direct, covert subversion inside Iran itself.

Together, these efforts seek to cripple Iran as a functional nation state, as well as reduce its influence through the Middle Eastern and Central Asian regions….

US paper gold suppression allowing Russia & China to buy real gold at discount prices

Efforts by the US to suppress gold prices in order to prop up the dollar are allowing Russia and China to build up huge reserves of physical gold by purchasing large quantities of the precious metal at significantly lower prices.

Net central bank purchases in the first quarter of the current year surged by 42 percent compared to the same period a year ago, totaling 116.5 tons, according to data compiled by the World Gold Council (WGC). The number reportedly represents the highest quarterly total since 2014.

Over the past two decades, Russia has been ramping up the purchases of physical gold. In May, the country’s gold reserves surged to 1,909 tons, Russia’s Finance Ministry reported. Since 2000, the country’s gold reserves have surged by 500 percent.

Russia remained the most prolific purchaser of gold in the first quarter of 2018. The country’s holdings currently account for 18 percent of total reserves, according to the WGC.

Last month, Russia managed to force China out of the top five gold holders, which also includes the United States, Germany, Italy and France. However, China is not far behind, with a reported 1,843 tons of gold held in its national reserves.

China and Russia, along with Turkey, India and other countries have been aggressively accumulating gold reserves in a bid to diversify their reserve financial assets from the greenback that currently serves as the global reserve currency….

Those devious russians and chinese refuse to subsidize the military operations of the empire which has all but declared war on them for encroaching on its back yard, which happens to include the entire planet.

In other words, the satanists who puppet the machinery of the US govt via murder, bribery and blackmail are quite literally forcing the destruction of the USA.   In their lust for empire, they have killed their own golden goose, the world reserve currency.

The toxicity of this mindset is further illustrated by the empire attempting to wean europe away from russian gas imports by wrecking our own aquifers via fracking.

Fracking Bastards Intend to Destroy US Aquifers to Isolate Russia

Treasury Secretary Seeks to Reassure Everyone About Ft. Knox Gold

Russia speeds up dumping the dollar from economy

One of Russia’s largest banks, VTB is seeking to decrease the share of US dollar transactions at home as locals are choosing the Russian ruble over the greenback.

“There is one interesting thing I wanted to highlight. Since the beginning of this year, people seem to be less interested in making dollar deposits or taking out dollar loans, compared to ruble-denominated deposits and loans. We believe this to be an important step towards the de-dollarization of the Russian finance sector,” said VTB head Andrey Kostin at a Kremlin meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

According to Kostin, VTB experts have drafted a package of proposals designed to further promote the ruble in international settlements. I think that we need to create our own financial tools. This would serve as an additional safeguard for the Russian financial sector against external shocks, and would give a new impetus to its development,” Kostin added….

Russia dumps half of its US Treasury bonds

Russia has held a major selloff of US Treasury bonds, dumping some $47bn-worth of papers and momentarily dropping six places on a list of major foreign holders of US securities, recently released statistics for April have shown.

In just one month, Russia proceeded to sell $47.4 billion out of the $96.1 billion the country had in US treasury bonds in March. The latest statistics released by the US Treasury Department on Friday showed that, in April, Russia had only $48.7bn in American assets, occupying 22nd place on the list of “major foreign holders of Treasury securities.”

Americans are in dire need of taking a cue from the russians and creating their own financial tools before the “fed’s” fake money falls out from under us.   Otherwise the foreign dollars that are increasingly flooding back home will be traded for real assets (real estate, resources) at firesale prices by desperate americans, who will be left with trainloads of worthless paper and nothing else.   It will be the biggest bargain basement discount sale in history.

Oklahoma House Passes Bill That Reaffirms Gold and Silver as Money (2014)

Wyoming moves to challenge the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money

California Senate Moving Toward What Every State Should Do: Ditch the Fed

Texas Bill to Establish Gold & Silver as Legal Tender, Dealing Massive Blow to Federal Reserve

Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate

Newsbud: Oil on Gold: The Demise of the Ponzi Petrodollar