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9/11 is an IQ test for the american people

Do you believe your own eyes, or do you believe what you’re told?  This is the reverse darwinian selection process being implemented by the subversives and traitors who are in control of the federal government.  Which side are you on, the side of “safety” and stupidity, or courage and intelligence?  It may be dangerous to tell the truth these days, but in the long term it’s far more dangerous to let these murderous criminals get away with their brazen insult to your intelligence and their heinous assault on your freedom, because they will not stop with the crimes they’ve already committed.

The economic catastrophe they have already engineered should be evidence enough of their intentions.  But  they are helpless in the face of an informed and armed citizenry.  If you remember that they are the terrorists and the traitors, that they are sociopathic parasites feeding on this country, that only their fraudulently obtained wealth distinguishes them from common street thugs, then all the lies they spout from their wholly owned and controlled mass media outlets will only serve to expose their accomplices, the professional liars that pose as journalists.

The time to stand for the future is now.  A new terrorist attack may well be coming.  Your silence is your acceptance.


Anthro-global warming theory justifies this??

Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming

Let’s get this straight please: forget the glaring discrepancies between the computer models and the observations.  Forget the politics and petro-corporate funding of the global warming lobby (the de beers diamond business model: artificial scarcity).  Forget the deleted emails and the biased temperature adjustments and biasing thermometer locations.  Suppose carbon emissions really are feeding a runaway warming effect.  Al Gore, the biggest shareholder of occidental petroleum, wants to use carbon offset trading, mediated in wall street’s funny money, to compensate for the the carbon footprint of wall street’s industrial behemoths by seizing poor farms in africa?

Let’s see, what’s the net carbon effect of shutting down self sustaining solar powered agricultural communities and funneling the hordes of refugees into camps where their survival will depend on food brought in by petro-powered container ships from who knows where under the “generosity” of the international financial institutions which displaced them?  They better hurry up and starve to death or get killed if there’s to be a net reduction in carbon emissions, right?

When did environmentalism become synonymous with malthusian eugenics?