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The result of global lockdown: Global genocide and a way out

You don’t have to believe that the virus was manmade and partially funded by the NIH or that there are known, cheap and easy preventions and treatments for it which are being censored and criminalized by governments around the world or that surgical masks won’t stop viruses, although you can verify all of these facts on this site and many other sites.

The most important thing now is to avail yourself of your ability to think.    The global economy is structured like a living organism, with energy, resources and waste products being shuttled between organs of the body on demand via money in a mutually self-sustaining dynamic equilibrium which is the fruit of centuries of development.   Of course the body has emergent parasites as would be expected, but for all its faults, it sustains human life on a huge scale.   (ignoring sustainability and imposed disasters for the moment)   Like all self-organized systems, it is robust and resistant to localized injuries as each part networks with and sustains the others as they rebuild from injury and resume contributing to and feeding from the system.

Now most of the organs and cells of the body are being forced to shut down, crawl into a hole and stop producing critical resources and energy for the rest of the body.   (except for a few chosen industries such as banks which continue to collect full interest and principal on their loans despite only destroying the principal on receipt)

To anesthetize and delay the perception of pain, opiates are being applied in the form of money to those populations whose cooperation is still needed for now.   The body is dying but still somewhat comfortable.  The mask is an apt metaphor for the slow suffocation which is taking place.

In the name of personal survival, everyone is being forced to remove their support for everyone else, for their own good as individuals.   Mutually assisted suicide.

But the shadow government which controls the fed has been gracious enough to give us a way out of the trap they’ve set for us.   Their wealth has always been contingent solely on the masses’ belief that they are wealthy.    The power of such belief is evidenced by the empires which have been raised up and destroyed by the actions of masses of people who spend their lives chasing after the tokens of such fictitious wealth, currently manifesting as pieces of paper.

Dollars still saturate the global economy, despite the efforts of the puppetted policies and government officials who have spent decades undermining their value, mostly through counterfeiting and weaponization.    They still constitute most of the lifeblood of the system.     When the system (or most of it) dies, those dollars will be jettisoned and replace by new tokens, which is the whole purpose of this staged pandemic.   The world economic forum, the BIS and fed officials have been very open and explicit about their desire to ditch the dollar.    Covid is how they intend to overcome the resiliency of the the system and kill it once and for all by targeting all of the organs simultaneously.

Those dollars can still sustain life as long as the organism survives, but once it dies the dollar will die with it.

For now, we can’t stop the mass counterfeiting which is going on, but as long as we have an economy to return to, we could still turn this around with our faith in each other transacted via our fading faith in the dollar.   But only if we have the courage to face the fear and escape the cages which have been built around our minds.

What I’m saying is that the lockdowns are the most obviously bogus, energy intensive and thus vulnerable facet of the genocide which is being constructed  around us.

Ditch the mask and carry on as usual.   Get lots of sunshine.  Support your local businesses, sell lemonade on the corner, help your neighbor with house repairs, get back your old job or any other job.    And accept dollars as payment for now because conscious people know that we’re all in this together and money was all an illusion anyway.    Wake from the dream.   Rediscover what it means to be human.

There’s lots work to do and no shortage of workers.   We can create our own “new normal”, just as we created the old one, but a little wiser about the “guidance” of our self appointed masters.

We made this economy.   It is our property.   Defend it as you would defend your own home.

Joe Biden on Gun Control: Understanding Biden’s 2020 Platform and the Second Amendment

If you think the 2nd amendment is radical, think how useful it would have been in nazi germany or cambodia, because behind the scenes, the same interests control the US economy and much of the government and media. I AM NOT JOKING. The censored history is clear.

Disaster capitalists tend to be satanists and satanists love genocide however they can accomplish it, through starvation or bullets or injections. We the people have everything we need to survive what’s coming, if we have the consciousness to understand the enemy in all its guises.

Note I am talking about self defense here.   The bastards would like nothing better than clueless sociopaths shooting up their own cities.

The one-two punch of the Wuhan Coronavirus explosion, and the civil unrest of early 2020, led to an unprecedented growth in firearms ownership in America. All told, there were about two million firearms sold in the month of March 2020 alone. Between March and July, an additional three million were sold, with about half of those happening in the month of June.

Ammunition sales have similarly spiked, with record sales occurring on this website. However, gun owners don’t need a report to know that there has been a massive surge in demand for ammunition. They need only go down to their local gun store and see that all of the most common rounds are in short supply, sold out or being rationed at the point of sale.

But it’s not just guns and ammo. There has also been a significant increase in the number of Americans obtaining their concealed carry weapons permit and packing on a daily basis. Forbes magazine estimates that 20 million Americans are now carrying as part of their everyday life.

The flipside of this is that Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign has been perhaps the most radically anti-Second Amendment campaign on record. Former Vice President Biden is very proud of his role in spiriting the 1994 gun ban into passage. If he’s elected, we will see an expansion of the power of the federal government and attacks on the rights of Americans that will not be restricted to the ownership of firearms. As president, Biden would resume the Obama-era attacks on the suburbs ended by President Trump, give citizenship (and voting rights) to nearly 30 million illegal aliens and use the Federal Reserve to address a “racial wealth gap.”

However, Biden’s desire to erode the Second Amendment deserves special attention. It is a radical agenda that will gut the right to bear arms in this country. Does that sound like bluster and hyperbole? It’s not.

Joe Biden’s Record: What He Says vs. What He’s Done

Joe Biden on Gun Control: Understanding Biden's 2020 Platform and the Second AmendmentThere are two ways to determine how a potential President Joe Biden would govern with regard to the Second Amendment: What he says and what he has done. As Joe Biden has been out of government since 2017, we will start with his history as a legislator and as Vice President of the United States.

Joe Biden has a very long record of being anti-Second Amendment. He voted for the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act, which was primarily a series of gimmes to gun grabbers in exchange for getting the ATF to leave law-abiding gun owners alone. If you’ve ever wanted to own an M-16, but can’t afford one because of the high price of the related tax stamp, you can thank Joe Biden for that.

Biden was also instrumental in the passage of the Brady Bill. This law, until the creation of the NICS background check system, provided for a five-day waiting period to purchase a firearm. He brags about his role in passing this bill into law on his campaign website, saying “In 1994, Biden – along with Senator Dianne Feinstein – secured the passage of 10-year bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. As president, Joe Biden will defeat the NRA again.”

Far more concerning, however, is that, as a Senator, Joe Biden literally wrote the bill that banned so-called “assault weapons” in the United States for 20 years. This assault weapons ban defined “assault weapons” in an extremely broad sense. Under the law, the definitions of an assault weapon were as follows: …

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Industrial Genocide Complex Increasingly Shrill About Personal Gun Ownership

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Google CEO admits US doctors don’t have free speech because of WHO directives

During the BIG 4 Tech hearings today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted he follows UN directives when censoring content.

Pichai was specifically asked about Youtube’s censoring of a video of a group of doctors who talked about the hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in curing those sick with COVID-19. Pichai said they censor content contrary to CDC guidelines.

WARNING — CDC Tricking Parents into Surrendering Immunization Records of their Children

In a shocking discovery, the Thomas Paine Podcast reveals the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is scheming to grab your children’s immunization records under the decoy of conducting a ‘voluntary survey.’ CDC representatives cold-called Thomas Paine for the survey and, after being worked over by the veteran journalist, the ensuing revelations prove beyond alarming for all parents and guardians of anyone under 18 yrs. old. Listen to the call for yourself. Listen above.

Just what does the CDC plan to do with your child’s immunization records? The sky is the limit in today’s current medically-panicked police state, especially if children — from toddlers and teens — do not have their ‘proper’ shots, per CDC goons.

Keep kids from attending school? Cut off or increase your health insurance coverage? Show up your front door? Alarming information with troubling repercussions.

Conversations about the CoVid Con Part 1

I had a 3 hour extended conversation with people who are expert on fraud in medical science who’ve spent years of their life not only studying this subject, but educating people about it.

As far as I know, no other news sources anywhere is digging deep as deeply into this subject – which is all important now – as we are.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be releasing highlights of the conversation.

This is Part One with Paul Philpott.

Paul Philpott is a biochemistry and mechanical engineering graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology and Florida A&M University.

In the 1990s, while still in school, he edited the Rethinking AIDS newsletter, an update on the scientific contradictions of HIV/AIDS science.

His 1996 “Viral Load of Crap” article, co-authored with Christine Johnson, convincingly revealed just how unsuitable the PCR-based “viral load” testing technology was for detecting and counting HIV infection, and we are eager to hear how that same testing is being used just as fraudulently to detect COVID, also known as Coronavirus.

Paul currently works as a technical solutions executive serving the automotive industry. Additionally, as a resident of the metro Detroit area, for 10 years he co-founded and directed the Ben Carson Lifetime Scholars Program, training “at-risk” high school students for high academic achievement.

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