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As U.S. Polls Tighten the Signs All Point to Hillary for Prison

It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that nothing is assured, these bankster agents have lots of tricks up their sleeves.   Many people think they nearly succeeded in getting us into a nuclear war 9 months ago.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Republicans are going to remain in control of both the House and the Senate in a couple of weeks.  Since their flawless victory over the Democrats in the fight to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Republican base is more energized now than at any point since November 2016….

They say pictures are worth a thousand words… so, here’s one.

RCP House Polling Avg

The Redcoats are Coming, The Redcoats are Coming!

And if you don’t think the person that is most worried about this picture is Hillary Clinton, then you haven’t been paying attention.

But, to get to Hillary, I’ll have to connect a few dots….

Has Trump has finally made the point clear to his generals that staying in Syria and Afghanistan forever is not in the U.S.’s best interests? Firing Mattis or allowing him to resign gracefully after the mid-terms would be a big move in that direction, if Woodword’s reporting is to be believed.

Woodward paints Mattis as the biggest obstacle to that end, arguing for the standard neoconservative line of defending America by invading the world.

Trump wants us out of Syria and Afghanistan. His cabinet doesn’t. So, we’re seeing him beginning to change the cabinet. Again, this happens as fallout from the Kavanaugh win since that fight changed the game at the grassroots level making it easier for him to fire the paper-hangers and promote the fire-breathers.

Then we have Israel and Syria opening up the Quinetra crossing to and from the Golan Heights for the first time in seven years, even though the war or words between the two countries continues to be belligerent….

And that brings me, finally, to Trump’s revoking Hillary Clinton’s security clearance along with five others including her close aide Cheryl Mills. Hillary and her staff have been using their clearance, like former CIA Director John Brennan to attack Trump in the press.

But, it is, lastly, the news that Ecuador reinstated Wikileaks’ publisher Julian Assange’s Internet and communications is the thing that set off my Spidey-Sense and was the catalyst for this post.

Assange has been held under an effective gag order, like Paul Manafort, for months now to keep them both from telling their story to the world. For more than a year Trump has fought an uphill battle against a deluge of distractions, most of which are untrue and some simply intelligence agency provocations designed to push him into untenable positions.

But, the noose is tightening around the conspiracy to oust Trump from power as it is outed bit by bit. With each small revelation, the picture is in focus. All that was missing was a fundamental change in the political atmosphere.

Because, make no mistake, Assange knows where all the metaphoric and literal bodies are buried.

The pressure on Ecuador’s new President to keep Assange silent must have lifted otherwise he’d still be in effective solitary confinement. And why would that pressure lift all of a sudden?

Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS ‘took the Fifth’ in Congressional testimony. Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ignored the summons from Congress.

Everyone knows Julian Assange can put the finger on Hillary for what happened in 2016 (and so many other things).

So, putting the last piece to this puzzle together, it should be getting clearer here that some very important people are about to be indicted and/or arrested.

Containment around Hillary’s crimes has been breached and all that’s left now is for the people close to her to start turning on each other. The mid-terms were their last, best hope for a stay of execution.

But, Kanye West personally ended that hope just days after Kavanaugh was confirmed.

As the newly-empowered GOP bulldogs like Devin Nunes and John Ratcliffe take things to the next level in their investigations expect these trickles to become a torrent in the wake of the Red Tide coming on November 6th.

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Undercover Video: McCaskill Hiding Agenda From Moderate Voters: “People Just Can’t Know That”

As someone who used to call her office regularly and who followed her fairly closely I can vouch for her worthlessness.  She stands for nothing except herself.

In the third undercover video filmed by Project Veritas  during the ongoing 2018 election season, Missouri Senator McCaskill’s considerably more liberal views – “essentially the same as [Obama’s]” – are exposed as she and her campaign staff conceals them in order to court moderate voters… and she needs them as her and her opponent are essentially tied:

Said James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas Action:

“This undercover report shows just how broken our political system has become. Senator McCaskill hides her true views from voters because she knows they won’t like them.” 

Senator McCaskill Talks Gun Bans on Tape

Senator McCaskill revealed her intention to vote on various gun control measures in undercover footage:

MCCASKILL: “Well if we elect enough Democrats we’ll get some gun safety stuff done. They won’t let us vote on it, we’ve got 60 votes for a number of measures that would help with gun safety, but McConnell won’t let ’em come to the floor.”

JOURNALIST: “Like bump stocks, ARs and high capacity mags…?”

MCCASKILL: “Universal background checks, all of that… But if we have the kind of year I think we might have I think we could actually be in a position to get votes on this stuff on the floor and we’d get 60 [votes]…”

JOURNALIST: “So you would be on board with the bump stocks and… high capacity mags.”

MCCASKILL: “Of course! Of course!”

Despite her strong views on gun control, Senator McCaskill does not tend to promote them on the campaign trail or on her website. Rob Mills, who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, says that is “…because she has a bunch of Republican voters.”

Another individual who works on Senator McCaskill campaign, Carson Pope, adds that “…a semi-automatic rifle ban is more so what she would support.”

“People just can’t know that.”

According to Mills, Senator McCaskill conceals her support of Moms Demand Action, a gun control group, and other similar organizations because they would “…hurt her ability to get elected.”


Another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, Glen Winfrey, explains plans for the impeachment of President Trump:

JOURNALIST: “So, here’s the real question, Claire holds off on impeachment to get the moderate. What do we tell the moderates when we drop the impeachment hammer afterward?”

WINFREY: “Get over it. It was a national security question. That information was confidential, and she did her duty by not revealing the information until afterward.”

Waco and the American Nazi Reality

You don’t have to be a bible-beating fundamentalist to wonder how it was that a commune full of men, women and children was incinerated while under a deluge of incoming bullets which prevented escape,   in a supposed police action for supposed weapons violations whose supposed perpetrator had been in town and available for arrest only hours before.   And you have to marvel at the way the whole thing was quickly ushered out of public consciousness as a series of supposedly “independent” investigations and a false flag act of domestic terrorism reassured the public that washington was under control and needed after all.

Waco was a test of the ATF and FBI rank and file, the congress, the DOJ, the media and the public to see whether large scale atrocities against media-marginalized innocents without trial could be carried out in the domestic arena (as opposed to the foreign arena, where extensive “tests” had already been conducted) without manageable resistance among any of those groups.    The test was a success, largely thanks to the OKC bombing false flag, which cemented public opinion against the targeted demographic and in favor of more suppression of self defense (i.e. guns) among the people.

But don’t worry, this is a civilized country with a civilized government and a civilized media and an academic community which automatically rejects “conspiracy theories” like fictional reserve banking but is very much concerned with “peace studies”.   As an abstraction.   Like germany in the 30’s.   The experts are in charge.  Remember the Reichstag fire?   9/11?

The only reason there aren’t troops on the street is they’re not needed because the people are still asleep.

“First they came for the weirdos I saw on TV” etc….

Waco II: The Big Lie Continues

Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament

OKC Bombing: Another Silenced Witness to Mass Murderers in the FBI and OKC Police Force

Covert Ops Agent Claims CIA Offered Him $1 Million to Bomb OKC Federal Building,%20Oklah.pdf

Reprise: DHS “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

PDF: “War is a Racket” by Gen. Smedley Butler

Iceman Tapes: Inside the Mind of a Mafia Hitman

PDF: Jim Marrs: The Rise of the Fourth Reich

PDF: The Nazi Hydra in America

Vaccinated children have 420% higher risk of ADHD compared to non-vaccinated kids

But it’s only probabilities.  Easy to ignore since there’s always the possibility everything will be fine.

This is the substance of what passes for medical ethics: the weaponization of ambiguity.   Except where harm is obvious and demonstrable such as genital mutilation, in which case resolute blindness is needed, but it takes years of medical education to achieve that level of self-discipline.

(Natural News) For the longest time, I’ve wondered why scientists have not done more straightforward, direct comparisons of the health outcomes of vaccinated children versus those whose parents have chosen not to vaccinate them. After all, that would provide the definitive answer, wouldn’t it? No more of this shilly-shallying back and forth; if you took a group of kids around the same age, half of whom were vaccinated while the other half were not, and checked which group had the better health outcomes, the vaccine debate would be over.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other agencies have stubbornly refused to promote such uncomplicated, straight-forward scientific analyses – no points for figuring out why – but a group of scientists from the School of Public Health at Jackson State University has nonetheless risen to the challenge. For those who have been warning parents about the dangers of vaccines for years, like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the scientists’ findings are not the least bit surprising.

The study, which was published recently in the Journal of Translational Science, sought to do two things: Firstly, the scientists wanted to compare a broad range of health outcomes for vaccinated and unvaccinated children; and secondly, they wanted to determine whether there was an association between vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) which remained significant after adjusting for other factors.

Interestingly, the study abstract begins by singing the praises of vaccines and all they have accomplished in preventing diseases in the past. They then go on to point out, however, that in terms of the current recommended pediatric vaccine schedule, children receive 48 doses of vaccines to prevent 14 different diseases by the age of 6 – a number which has increased steadily over the past 60 years.

The researchers point out that individual vaccines are tested before being rolled out to the public, and that though they are known to carry risks, these risks are believed to be minimal.

But here’s the kicker: It’s the long-term effects of these vaccines, and particularly having so many vaccines in such a short space of time, that scientists have not assessed. “There are very few randomized trials on any existing vaccine recommended for children in terms of morbidity and mortality,” they note, “in part because of ethical concerns involving withholding vaccines from children assigned to a control group.”

Okay, so scientists haven’t wanted to withhold vaccines from children in order to study them, as that would raise ethical concerns, so they’ve rather just gone ahead with vaccinating millions of children with pretty much untested vaccine combinations? Okay … moving on.

The abstract explains that the major controversy raging at the moment is whether vaccination can be linked to neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) like autism, ADHD and so on – a controversy which has been “fueled by the fact that the U.S. is experiencing what has been described as a ‘silent pandemic’ of mostly subclinical developmental neurotoxicity, in which about 15% of children suffer from a learning disability, sensory deficits, and developmental delays.”

For their study, researchers studied 666 children, 39 percent of whom were unvaccinated – they managed to find a large enough control group of unvaccinated kids by approaching homeschool organizations.

Though the vaccinated kids were found to have lower incidences of chicken pox and whooping cough, there were no significant differences in the rates of other diseases, including Hepatitis A or B, high fever over the previous 6-month period, measles, mumps, meningitis (either bacterial or viral), the flu or rotavirus!

And that’s not all. Vaccinated children were “significantly more likely than the unvaccinated” to have developed one or more of the following:

Autism: 4.2 times higher risk

ADHD: Also 4.2 times higher risk

Learning disabilities: 5.2 times greater risk

Eczema: 2.9 times higher risk

Allergic rhinitis: a massive 30 times higher risk

Pinterest claims that if you question vaccines, you are spreading “self-harm” and must be banned

Pt: Doctor please save me from my mistrust of medicine!!

Dk: Here’s a nice injection of aluminum.   Bend over please.

Vaccines have injured thousands of children — and the parents of these children often turn to social media to share their stories as a way of cautioning other parents and to spread awareness. Now, Pinterest and other social media networks are trying to silence them. By taking away their freedom of speech and ousting concerned parents from their platforms, Big Pharma’s puppets can continue to push their narrative for total vaccine tyranny unchallenged. Erasing posts sharing the realities of vaccine injuries serves the ludicrous notion that vaccines are “100-percent safe.’ The echo chamber is real — and it is getting bigger. Under the left-wing’s reign, free speech on the internet is disappearing.

Pinterest’s “Community Guidelines” section includes a host of topics that are banned or “hidden” from public view. As the site states, “Our team works hard to keep divisive, disturbing or unsafe content off Pinterest.”

The topic of vaccines would probably fall under “divisive” content but Pinterest takes it even further by labeling anti-vaccine content as an extension of self-harm. Their community guidelines on Self Harm declare:

We remove any content that promotes harmful behavior, or anything that encourages or suggests self-harm. We’ll take action on misinformation that has immediate and detrimental effects on a pinner’s health or on public safety – like promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses and anti-vaccination advice.

Information that paints vaccines in a bad light is also labeled as “harmful misinformation” under another section of the community guidelines — so disparaging the vaccine industry on Pinterest may count as two offenses, instead of just one….

Caesarean section use has almost doubled globally since 2000

Globally, the number of babies born through caesarean section (C-section) almost doubled between 2000 and 2015 — from 12% to 21% of all births — according to a Series of three papers published in The Lancet and launched at the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) World Congress in Brazil. While the life-saving surgery is still unavailable for many women and children in low-income countries and regions, the procedure is overused in many middle- and high-income settings….

In the 10 countries with the highest number of births in 2010-2015, there were large differences in C-section use between regions — for example, differences between provinces in China ranged from 4% to 62%, and inter-state differences in India ranged from 7% to 49%. The USA, Bangladesh, and Brazil reported C-section use in more than 25% of births nationally, but some regions within these countries used C-section around twice as much as others [2]….

Maternal death and disability is higher after C-section than vaginal birth. In particular, C-sections have a more complicated recovery for the mother, and lead to scarring of the womb, which is associated with bleeding, abnormal development of the placenta, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies. The authors say that it is important to note that these are small but serious risks, but each of these risks increases as a woman has more C-sections.

There is emerging evidence that babies born via C-section have different hormonal, physical, bacterial and medical exposures during birth, which can subtly alter their health. While the long-term risks of this are not well-researched, the short-term effects include changes in immune development which can increase the risk of allergies and asthma and alter the bacteria in the gut….

As is customary in “scientific” medical research, the toxic psychological impact on imprinting children and vulnerable mothers (see #3 at ) is resolutely and uniformly ignored in the source article ( ) .   In fact that seems to largely be the function of the psychological sciences: rationalize business as usual, objectify and pathologize predictable reactions to resultant trauma and find a way to blame the victim.

It seems the punishment for having children is becoming increasingly severe.  Normal, unhurried, confident birth is an orgasmic event designed to bond mother and baby.  It is hardly ever to be found in a hospital setting.

This will continue to accelerate as doctors become increasingly overworked, time-constrained and ignorant of normal birth, and humanity will become increasingly barbarized and medicalized as the toxic epigenetic imprint spreads with each new generation and babies are physically, emotionally, hormonally and immunologically severed from their mothers and put on industrial effluent (aluminized and fluoridated formula) due to lactation disruption, and abandoned to strollers, TV, computers and day care.

Sorry if this sounds depressing, but it’s only logical.   Birth trauma creates dissociation and reduced empathy, leading to abandonment of empathic behaviors like child nurturing and play and the adoption of more “efficient” hive-like behaviors to fill in the voids.   The intergenerational feedback loops are hard to miss, especially with profit-driven male doctors involved.   The only constraint to exponential growth that I can see will be the level of population saturation as the rate approaches 100%.   Thankfully,  all the misery and illness that it causes will be great for the economy.   At least until everything falls apart completely.

A Rocket Scientist’s Version of Childbirth

Medical Establishment is Genetically Vandalizing Future Generations

How the Empire’s Child Abusers Censored Revolutionary Research into Causes of Violence

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret

Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore made a stunning discovery late last year. Using publicly available government accounting reports, he revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The data he used has been scrubbed, all accounting records are heavily redacted and now the federal government has declared its accounting falls under “national security.” Dr. Skidmore can no longer get the government to respond. Dr. Skidmore explains, “At this point, they are no longer responding to any of my inquiries. They are just not answering, and that is very astounding . . . and you can go on and look at the report yourself and see all of it blacked out. I actually lost sleep over that. That really bothered me. . . . Now, they are not even using standard accounting financial reporting rules. They are just moving things around and not telling anybody. So, first, all of this stuff is hidden because it is a national security issue, and now they are just changing the accounting standards. I would ask is that constitutional? I don’t think so. Does it match any of our financial reporting laws? I don’t think so. I am not sure what gives the government the authority to make that decision, and, yet, it’s happening.”…

Dr. Skidmore says there is a limit to money printing even when all the global central banks are doing it. Skidmore says, “What does it mean when a central bank is buying equities, or buying debt with printed money in order to suppress interest rates and keep this game going? I think, overall, the whole world is awash in debt, and it’s expanding at a rate that is unsustainable. The only way it has been sustained is that interest rates have been falling for 30 years. Now, interest rates are no longer falling, and we are running up against a constraint. Now, if this $21 trillion in ‘missing’ federal money really represents spending above and beyond what the official records indicate, then that has huge financial implications and huge implications for confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency. This is an enormous priority to address and not just cover up and say we are all good.”…

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