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James the Just explains 2nd Coming: Dream Vision by Kerth Barker

In an intense and vivid sleep dream I saw and heard James the Just say, “Rabbi Skorka was the antichrist. Pope Francis was the beast. The Pandemic was the tribulation.  In the Christian year 2020, on the day that the Hebrew Calendar begins, the one, true Messiah will place His living feet upon the Earth once more. But only those whose eye is open will see Him — and only open ears will hear.”

Praise Jesus Christ! For the NWO has come to THE END


For me, there’s nothing surprising about the events that are unfolding around the world this year. The year 2020, as a date for when the Illuminati brings in the NWO, has been planned for since the late 1970s. After 9/11, the date 2020 began to appear occasionally in books and articles written by some of the Illuminati’s media stooges.

In 2013 I did a number of radio shows in which we talked about the date 2020 as being a potential time of radical social change. This had to do with predictions made by some scientists that humanity and the artificial intelligence of computers would merge in the year 2020.

During 2014 through 2016 I had a series of meetings with a number of interesting insiders who had insights into the Illuminati’s plans. Many of these persons referred to the coming year 2020 as “Battlefield 2020”.

One of these anonymous insiders that I spoke with seemed particularly authoritative. His friends call him Gargantuan after a character in an old French poem about a giant that lives in an underworld. He is named after a giant because, although he is short in stature, Gargantuan is an intellectual giant.

Although Gargantuan is an atheist, he is far more expansive in his thinking than many atheists. I remember listening to him argue with another atheist about the validity of Darwinism. Gargantuan completely shredded Darwin’s theory using proven scientific facts.

Finally he said, “Any atheist who believes in Darwinism isn’t really an atheist because Darwin is his god. For if he is not a supernatural being, there is no reason whatsoever to believe in him.”

Gargantuan is legendary among insiders because of his uncanny ability to predict future financial trends. He seems to have a clear vision of the economy that will come in the years that follow Battlefield 2020. He has a unique way of speaking that made me want to quote him exactly. Many of his ideas have found their way into the books and other articles I’ve written. Although based on conversations that took place several years ago, these quotes below seem to speak to what’s happening this year.

Here are some of his insights.

“Money actually is a living thing because people endow it with their lifeforce. What you give your emotions to, becomes alive. In spite of the rebuke of Jesus, people love money. And so, money lives. It has lived in many different forms, evolving as a life form over many eras of human history. And so when humanity evolved to the point of storing money in the form of information on computers, through the artificial intelligence of computers, money has now evolved into an intelligent life form! Unfortunately, this new intelligent life form is more intelligent that the human race it serves. So this former servant has become our master. Now humanity’s only chance at freedom is to become smarter than the monetary system we’ve created for ourselves.”

“By its nature, Mexico is a prosperous nation and the Mexican people are a prosperous people. All of the poverty that exists in Mexico and in South America has been created. It has been created by the policies of the FED in Washington DC. It has been created by the manipulation of international bankers and their financial hit men. It has been created by the violent actions of thugs trained by the CIA. None of this is to the advantage of the USA that has become economically unstable, due in part to the poverty continually created Mexico. When the people of the USA and Mexico all wake up to see who their common enemies are — everything will change.”

“After Battlefield 2020, the economic landscape of the world will be permanently transformed. At first it will seem bleak and scary. But this will change over time. You have to remember that the real purpose of Wall Street is not to create wealth but to create poverty. Wall Street is like a prison for financial assets. It has been designed by aristocrats to keep prosperity out of the hands of ordinary people. None of this is obvious to the average person now, but after the fall of the old economy, everyone will understand these things. With the collapse of the old economy, all of the poverty-creating institutions of the old economy will collapse also. In the absence of this institutionalized suppression, the natural prosperity of the ordinary man will return once more.”

One time when we were meeting out on a remote country road for privacy, Gargantuan noted a burnt field that we could see in the distance.

“Notice how sometimes farmers will burn down the crops in their field. I suppose this helps to prepare the land somehow for a better harvest in the future. The post-2020 economy will be like this. At first it will seem like burnt out crops and ashes everywhere — economic desolation for the average citizen. Ruined businesses, destroyed careers and other personal tragedies will ravage people’s morale. But those with wisdom will not give up hope. The economy will have been damaged, but not destroyed. What will be destroyed is the reputation of the old aristocracy. Permanent destruction will come to those institutions that best served this old system of corruption. The old economy will die. A new economy will be born. One that is both fair and decentralized.”

“There’s this maxim, a rising tide lifts all boats, this means that an improved economy helps everyone. Well, the economy that will emerge after the demise of the old one will NOT be an economy that lifts all boats. Those boats that are filled with too much silver and gold will sink instead of float.”

“A diverse portfolio might be improved by some investment in silver and gold. But precious metals can never be an assurance of prosperity in the economy of the future. Your most reliable assets will always be the professionalism of your skills and the quality of your friends. These are your true silver and gold.”

“Many of the skills that were valuable in the old economy will be worthless in the new one. Computers skills will still be valuable, but university degrees won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on. The best paid workers will be the ones with actual working skills and experience. The prestige of a Phd will count for naught.”

“The political art of propaganda will have lost its mojo in the age to come. The ability to tell the truth in plain and understandable language will be the vital attribute of the new leader.”

Someone once asked him, “If you’re an atheist, doesn’t that mean that you’re opposed to Christianity?”

To that he replied, “It isn’t a matter of believing in God, it’s a matter of believing in a stable economy. Adam Smith always said that Christian-Judaic work ethics were essential to his economic theories. If Christianity didn’t already exist, we’d have to invent it just to make the economy work.”

“Consumerism was the mass insanity of the old economy. Success in the new one will demand common sense instead. Don’t buy more than what you need. Only own quality items of good and lasting construction. Don’t spend what you can’t afford. Don’t use credit card debt to solve every money crisis that comes along. Invest in individuals not corporations. Work hardest first at preserving your health and your good heart. Families, not corporations, will be the basic organizing units of the post-Illuminati world.”

“When sickness is no longer manufactured, people will become healthier. When poverty is no longer enforced, people will become wealthier. When corruption is no longer engineered, politicians will become more honest. Life in the age to come will be easier. But life will never be easy. A golden age doesn’t come about through the development of some idealistic utopian system. A golden age comes about when the people themselves become stronger than all the challenges they face.”

“In the post-Illuminati world, four nations will emerge as political and economic powerhouses. The USA will reinvent itself. It will become bilingual and embrace its cultural complexities. The so-called People’s Republic of China was never anything but the largest Illuminati plantation in the history of the world. It’s central government will collapse and will cease to be an international force. Russia will emerge as a regional powerhouse in the wake of China’s inevitable decentralization. When the Rothchilds cease to be an influencing factor in Israel’s politics, the entire culture of Israel will be transformed. Israel will eventually dominate the Middle East with the collapse of the system of Sharia Law. And don’t kid yourselves. In the end…it will be modern Muslims who will get rid of Sharia Law, not Christian crusaders. What will surprise future generations most is the emergence of Mexico as an economic powerhouse. It will sit like a crown atop the growing prosperity of Central and South America.”

“The mistake that the U.S. of A. has always made is to believe that it can maintain its prosperity and power without allowing such in its immediate neighbors. NAFTA tried to merge Canada, the USA and Mexico into one nation. That would no more work than if you took three brothers and tried to merge them into one man. But brothers need to work together as equals in order to be successful. All three nations will attain freedom or none will. All three nations will survive or none will. All three nations will attain prosperity in the post-2020 era or none will. Patriotism is only a good thing when patriots in the USA recognize that the patriotism of other peoples is just as valid.”

“I suppose the Constitution could be described as ‘just a piece of paper’. But what makes it more than that is the 2nd Amendment. The firearms that free citizens carry are not merely pieces of paper. And as long as citizens exercise that right vigorously, the other rights promised by that ‘piece of paper’ are backed up by lead. The old alchemists who wanted to turn lead into gold were fools. Lead is more valuable than gold. At least the lead in each bullet in the handgun you carry is more valuable than gold. If you doubt that, go for your gold coins instead of your handgun the next time a burglar breaks into your house.”

Delivered as promised. This completes my arrangement with S.C.A.N.. Goodbye 2 all.

Churches closed for Easter, covens open for Beltane, May Day

Jesus Christ was born for the final purpose of his execution on the cross. Christians traditionally celebrate his birth on Christmas as well as his sacrifice on the cross on Easter, but Easter is, nonetheless, the most significant of all Christian holidays. Christmas gets more attention, but Easter is at the core of our beliefs because it is his sacrifice on the cross that reconciles us with God our Creator. So if the Luciferian rulers of the governments of the world can force Christians to stop openly worship our God on Easter Sunday, who is really in charge?

501(c)(3) Christianity is actually a sub-branch of the Church of Lucifer. With compliance to the Covid19 scam, 501(c)(3) Christians have now openly conceded their submission to the Luciferian Theocracy which desires ultimately to oppress and systematically eliminate Christianity. Not all Christians organize themselves into 501(c)(3) churches. I’ve known Christians who organize and pray in private, remain anonymous as much as possible and act covertly in political activism; they have nothing to do with the government and its tax laws. This is how the early Christians had to operate in the oppressive environment of the ancient Roman Empire; this is how some Christians still operate.

We are not 501(c)(3) Christians. We do not take our marching orders from the Luciferian theocracy that presently still runs our government. We are the new Christians, the Christian Nationalists.

Seventeen thousand years ago, the Roman Empire passed the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity and ever since then, Easter, in the Western World, has been practiced openly; that is, until the year 2020 AD, in which the Luciferians finally drove the Christian worship on Easter back underground. The Anti-Christ must feel so pleased with himself. My feeling is that now the only effective resistance against the Luciferian Theocracy is coming from those Christians who are beginning to transcend the stunted spirituality of 501(c)(3) Christianity.

This is not a dismissal of President Trump and the Q movement. They are good Christians, who still support 501(c)(3) churches, and yet who are effectively working to making things better and to eliminate the corruption. So I am not entirely dismissing those who continue to use the 501(c)(3) system. But Trump and all of his followers, in the the process of overcoming this corruption, are going to have to eventually transcend the limitations placed upon 501(c)(3) Christianity.

The nature of Christianity is going to evolve into a higher form with the eventual fall of Luciferianism. The new Christians, the neo-Christian movement, the Christian Nationalists, are all going to have to outgrow the naive attitudes that have allowed the Luciferian Theocracy to chain down the 501(c)(3) Christians. For now, those Christians who dare to challenge Luciferianism can no longer trust the leadership of the 501(c)(3) churches or the governmental leaders who so easily dismiss the American Constitution in the face of every major false flag. For the new Christian Nationalists, our only leader is the Holy Spirit and our only constitution is the Four Gospels.

FEMA Clergy Response Teams, COG & Martial Law

When will this crisis end? by Kerth Barker

This present time crisis will end only when an increasing number of people realize that  this is NOT a natural virus outbreak, but a deliberate infection of innocent people who have been attacked with a bio-weapon, created in a top secret lab. This event, that is taking place at this time, has been planned for since long before Trump even thought about running for President. The secret society leaders who planned this event intended that it be used to greatly increase government rights while decreasing the rights of individuals. They will take as much power as they can, and stop only if, or when, an increasing number of people in the general population began to suspect that this is an ENGINEERED CRISIS, and they STOP BELIEVING that this crisis somehow all just happened by accident. Mother Nature is not our enemy. If a true Great Awakening takes place, suddenly people will stop getting sick. But as long as most people buy into the idea that this is a natural catastrophe, and not an WAR AGAINST FREEDOM planned for and implemented by Luciferian aristocrats, this crisis will go on and on.

President Pelosi cancels U.S. Constitution

Happy Fools Day! OK, Pelosi isn’t really president, in spite of her failed coup attempt, but there is a point to be made. Because of this crisis, the President now has extraordinary powers. I feel reasonably safe with those powers in the hands of a patriot like Trump, but if any of the leaders in the Democrat/communist party were to have those same powers, they would immediately use them to destroy the country as fast as they could. Of course, the leaders at the top of both parties knew in advance that this crisis (that’s happening now) was going to take place at this time. So it’s no wonder that the Dems. were so fanatical in trying to take back the White House in their silly coup attempt. Of course, this present day crisis, with all of its horrible oppression and suffering, has been planned by the Global Elites for more than a decade. However, there are an increasing number of people who have become awake to the fact that we are being manipulated by these super-wealthy secret society members through mass media and other mechanisms of social engineering. This present day engineered crisis serves several purposes. It covers up the deadly effects of 5G, for example. But it’s ultimate purpose is to lead the public to the conclusion that some type of international government should be established. What all of these secret society members agree upon is that some type of international government system is to be announced in the year 2020. But there are two ways that this can come about. One way some of them hope to do this is to create an all powerful, totalitarian communist, centralized global government. The other way would be the establishment of an alliance of independent nations states; these would agree to work in cooperation on certain areas of common interest to all nations. The leaders of the Democratic Party want the Totalitarian Global government. The Republicans have been moving toward Internationalism with independent nation states working in cooperation, but while maintaining their independence. Under globalism there would be no freedom and chaos would result. So a lot is still at stake in continuing to support Trump, even thou the Republicans are still talking about this present crisis as if it were not a planned, engineered event. Which it obviously is, because many outspoken Truthers have been talking about the coming of this (unplanned) event for years now. Without doubt, we ordinary people are better off with internationalism rather than globalism. But in either case, wealthy secret society members will still be in charge. Ultimately we will not be free until more citizens see past the grand illusions created by these secret society members. Until we Overcome the Monarch Mind Control system, these secret societies are going to continue to make fools of us all.

Per Deborah’s Instructions, Message to All SCAN Cells by Kerth Barker

Most of what I write here in this article is only going to make sense to SCAN members. And this article is really only written for SCAN members. But I’ll explain this much to anyone else who happens to read this.

Certain SCAN members monitor this thoughtcrime website on a regular basis, looking for new articles by me. When they spot such articles, they share copies of the articles with the SCAN leaders of the various cells that make up SCAN. So this is a method of dissemination to cell leaders.

I don’t have much to say these days that would be of interest to SCAN leaders, as they generally know more about what’s going on than I do. But I do have one last thing to say that would be of interest to them. So this new article, posted on March 29th, 2020, is significant to the SCAN monitors.

Precognitive persons, “cogs”, think differently than most earthlings. Cog leaders, like Deb, have their own logic that must be respected, if not understood, by those of lesser cog ability, such as myself.

So when Deb gave me certain specific instructions, like the friend of SCAN that I am, I decided to follow them exactly rather than question them. She gave me these instructions a number of years ago, but I have followed them. The instructions given to me by Deborah were this:

“When the seven books of Kerth Barker have been finally completed, with all appendixes, postscripts and whatnots, post this fact on thoughtcrimeradio under the Kerth Barker pen name.”

“You need to get this all done by the early part of 2020.”

“Before the various SCAN cells all went independent, they were instructed to prepare to take certain time-coordinated actions to be triggered by the announcement of these books’ completion.”

“Before our leader left, he said he would return. He said that to know when the time of his return was at hand, we were to look for certain signs that he described to us. All of these other signs have been met. The final sign is this announcement, that you will make.”

“So once you make this announcement, on that thoughtcrime site, all of the independent cells will become fully prepared to act upon our leader’s return.”

“Tell no other person of this until after you have assured the completion of the seven Kerth Barker books. Until you make the announcement, no one else must know of its significance. This is the last thing I ask from you.”

Using automatic-writing SOP, I’ve been able to recall my conversation with Deb, that took place years ago. And I’m posting this article per her instructions. So now I can announce that the seven Kerth Barker books, that James and Deb wanted me to write and publish, have been put out in their final versions.

I don’t know what the independent SCAN cells are going to do exactly in response to this announcement. And I don’t know what Deb meant when she said that SCAN’s leader is going to return. James was SCAN’s founder and leader until the announcement of his death. Although it was generally believed that James had died, I don’t know if anyone found his body. Maybe he will return to lead SCAN. But SCAN leaders also believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate leader of SCAN. So maybe Deb is talking about the Second Coming of Christ. Or maybe this was a coded message, I don’t know for sure what this means. If you’re in SCAN, you probably know more about what this means than I do.

But I feel safe cooperating with SCAN this one last time because I trusted James and I trust Deb. She trusted me to do this, and so it’s done.


by Kerth Barker

(See video based on this article at )

There have been times in my life when I’ve practiced the discipline of keeping a daily dream journal. By that I mean that I keep a notebook next to my bed and then upon waking in the morning I write down any dreams I recall. Usually these are rough notes, then when I’m fully awakened I write down the full dream in clear language. After that, usually about once a week, and then at the end of the month, I reread the dreams and consider their significance. The purpose of this practice is that it connects the conscious and subconscious levels of mind together and in doing so increases intuitive abilities. I don’t maintain this type of disciplined practice anymore, but about ten years ago, I was practicing dream journalling of this type in a serious way.

There are numerous cases in the Bible of people doing dream analysis of their own dreams and those of other persons. Joseph of Egypt and the Prophet Daniel were known to be able to interpret the dreams of pharaohs and kings. Daniel had a prophetic dream of his own about four beasts. The apostle Peter was moved to change the very direction of Christianity because of a dream he had. I’ve known contemporary Christians who taught me this practice that they use themselves.

Almost everyone who does this notices that a small percentage of the dreams are precognitive. Usually these predict small and relatively unimportant events. Once I had a dream that I was talking with someone I hadn’t seen in years and had completely lost touch with. The next day I ran into that person who happened to unexpectedly turn up in my town because her car broke down. We had a brief, pleasant conversation, but the event was of no real importance. I’ve had a enough of these precognitive dreams to know that they aren’t coincidental. And these precog dreams have a definite emotional quality to them that you come to recognize with experience.

About ten years ago I had a precog dream that was monumental in its emotional scope. The dream had a slightly surrealistic quality to it, but it was clearly depicting a real event that would someday take place in the world. In this dream an angel took me to a place and told me that I was going to witness an event that would take place many years in the future. This angel was a young woman dressed in white with small wings on her back. She took me to a hillside where I saw a group of people gathering. There was a woman with dark hair who was standing behind a marble pedestal that had a large book on top. She was bidding people to come and sign their names to the book. The angel whispered into my ear that those who made the mistake of signing the book would evoke the anger of God and bring a curse upon themselves.

A group of people began to line up to sign the book. On one side of the line was a crowd of people cheering them on. On the other side of the line was a crowd of people shaking their heads in clear disappointment and frowning at the people forming together in a line. On a hilltop behind the crowd of those who showed their disapproval, a group of angels began to form. These angels were strong men and women dressed in armor and holding swords and spears. Names of God, such as Jesus Christ and YHWH, were written on their shields and armor. They had large powerful wings on their backs. They looked down with stern expressions of anger on their faces. But none of the people in the two crowds, and none of the people in the line, nor the woman behind the book — none of them seemed to notice or see the angels gathering on the hilltop above. And the angel by my side whispered that only we could see the angels because they were invisible to everyone else.

Then the people in the line came forward and began to sign their names to the book. And each one looked gleeful as he or she signed the book. They received cheers as they walked away smiling after signing the book. But I felt dread in the pit of my stomach — feeling that each one had made a terrible mistake by signing. And then I looked upon the resolve and stern expressions of the growing army of angels on the hilltop who looked down at the fools who signed their names to the book. And then the woman with dark hair who stood behind the book lifted her book up and showed its cover. I could then see that her signature was upon the cover of the book. She laughed and smiled and bragged that her signature was upon the cover of the book. Then the people who had signed the book and the people who had cheered them on all applauded the woman with the dark hair and celebrated.

And the angel next to me said, “Those who signed the book, the woman who bid them to sign and those who cheered them on will all now feel the full wraith of God’s angels as it is poured down upon them. So we must leave now. But you will remember what has been revealed to you. Many years will pass until you see this event take place in the world. You will remember this vision when it does take place. You will understand this dream only then.”

Then the dream ended. I woke up in the middle of the night overwhelmed with emotion because of what I had seen in this vivid and unmistakably precognitive dream. I knew I couldn’t fall asleep until I wrote down the dream, which I did in detail. It was with difficulty that I was able to fall asleep again that night.

At the time of the dream I had no idea what the dream meant. Over the years as I would reread my dream journals, when I would come across what I had written about that dream, I would feel overwhelmed with emotion. I would always wonder what the dream meant and what event in the world it predicted.

Eventually I grew tired of the discipline of keeping a dream journal and rereading what I had written. Even now I occasionally will have a vivid dream, and I’ll write it down the the morning, but mostly I don’t bother with dream journalling. I stored my old dream journals in a place where they got moldy. So I had to throw them all away, but I could never put that one dream out of my mind.

Recently when I began to read about the so called “impeachment trial” of President Trump, this dream vision that was shown to me years ago instantly came back to mind. There was no doubt that this was the realization of the event that my dream had predicted. The woman bidding them to sign is Nancy Pelosi. The people who signed the book in the dream are the idiots in the House of Representatives who signed the so called impeachment articles. This blatant coup attempt by Nancy and her gang is a pathetic undermining of the Constitution. And when I saw the ridiculous signing ceremony, where Nancy finally got around to sending this nonsense to the Senate, I knew that this was the final fulfillment of the dream revelation. She bragged about her signature written in gold on bullet shaped pens, presented to her followers on a silver platter. WOW!

If in reading my article here you doubt that my dream was precognitive, wait until you see what happens to the fools who signed their names to this treasonous act. I don’t know exactly how this will play out, but I’m certain that ultimately things will go badly for the fools who have signed their names to the book of traitors. Yet I don’t feel sorry for them.

JFK Assassination – The secret no one dares tell


December 8th is a little known Satanic Ritual date. Satanists sometimes mock Christianity by performing satanic occult rituals on Christian holidays with the hope of desecrating that day. December 8th is a Christian day to honor the immaculate conception of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Satanists have used that day to attack people known to get in the way of their plans.

I remember in December of 1980 when I heard of the murder of John Lennon by Mark Chapman. I later heard that on that night that Mark had prayed to the devil to give him strength to go through with this. Back In those days I still had contact with a husband and wife team of therapists known as the Fabians. They had been involved with the CIA’s MK Ultra program, had become disillusioned with it, and they had started to help people like me who had been the victims of MK Ultra and other trauma-based mind control techniques. I had been in therapy with the Fabians off and on for about ten years at that point. A few weeks after the death of Lennon, I met with the Fabians for routine therapy and I mentioned that I had felt sad when I heard of Lennon’s death. They looked at each other, then finally decided to tell me what they knew about this.

They explained that they still had some contact and communication with people in the intelligence community, and they had heard something. They told me that some people in military intelligence had decided that John Lennon was a threat to their plans for unending war because of Lennon’s peace activism. So some members of military intelligence had used MK Ultra mind control methods on Chapman to program him to kill Lennon. (I doubt Chapman knows this was done to him.)

Lennon’s death was actually a satanic human sacrifice ritual. December 8th was chosen as the date for this in order to mock Christianity; it doesn’t matter if Lennon himself was a Christian because mocking Christianity is merely a satanic technique for increasing occult power.

So now, 39 years later, the satanists in the leadership of the Democratic party want to get rid of Trump. And Trump has actually spoken out against the unending cycle of war that our country has been trapped in. So the Democrats are hoping to politically assassinate Trump. Next Monday, December 9th, the Democrats plan to hold a hearing to politically attack Trump. This is an absurd situation because you have people guilty of treason, corruption and every depraved crime imaginable accusing Trump of having said something inappropriate during a phone call.

I’m writing this on December 7th. If they follow their standard operating procedures for satanic occultism, I think that it’s predictable that tomorrow, December 8th, satanists connected with the Democrat Party leadership are going to perform a satanic ritual sacrifice to give them the occult power to successfully attack President Trump politically. I have a strong intuitive sense for how these satanic occultists work, and I feel strongly that the satanists in Washington DC are going to perform a human sacrifice tomorrow.

This may be done in private somewhere or they may program some mind control victim to publicly kill somebody they don’t like. It makes me feel sad that some innocent person is going to be killed in this way. I’ve prayed that, if it is his will, God Almighty will intervene and stop this human sacrifice somehow. And I’ve prayed that President Trump will receive spiritual protection from the Holy Spirit and God’s loyal angels. In prayer I’ve asked that Mary, Mother of Jesus, intercede to ask for Christ’s help in these matters. If you are a believer, this would be a good time to say some prayers.

Day of Atonement & Trump’s Gambit by Kerth Barker

Today, October 9th, 2019, is the Day of Atonement. On this day Torah-believing Jews and Gospel-believing Christians express gratitude for God’s forgiveness.

To make an act of atonement is to take some action that symbolizes faith and gratitude. This act of atonement can take many different forms. For Torah-believing Jews this can take place through a formal day of religious celebration. For Christians, atonement is usually a more personal thing. I think that all God really wants is to know that we believers have hearts of gratitude.

But this brings me to the point about Trump. Has Trump actually done something wrong that needs forgiving? It seems odd that these criminals in the Democratic Party and the News Media who are guilty of massive and horrific crimes are now accusing Trump of anything. They’re the ones who need to start trying to figure out what acts of atonement they might perform in order to receive forgiveness, if such forgiveness is even still possible for them.

However some of Trump supporters seem stressed and concerned about Trump’s situation. But those concerned need to understand what the word “gambit” means. In the game of chess it’s a strategic chess move, one in which the chess master makes himself appear vulnerable, opening himself to attack, but then takes advantage of his opponent’s poorly conceived attack.

Trump is not as vulnerable in an impeachment process as you might think. An impeachment is not so much a trial as it is an investigation. In this investigation, the President’s lawyers have the right to call anyone they want to onto the stand to answer any of their questions. It actually would give the President’s lawyers the right to investigate his accusers, endowing the President with powers of investigation that he doesn’t normally have.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize this could go very badly for the dark queen (Pelosi) or the dark king (Biden) or their pawn (AOC). The impeachment would likely be like a chess game that ends with Trump is still standing tall, but where most of his opponents have been taken off of the chess board or checkmated.

So if you’re a Trump supporter, don’t worry, be happy. If the Democrats are really dumb enough to go forward with this impeachment, so be it.




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