WHO’s monkeypox ’emergency’ gives it dictatorial powers

The World Health Organization declaration of monkeypox as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC) was made by one man, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has no medical training, over the objection of the majority of his own expert committee of medical and scientific advisers. Nine of the committee members thought a PHEIC should not be declared, and six supported a declaration.

“Nine and six is very, very close. Since the role of the committee is to advise, I then had to act as a tie-breaker,” Tedros said in a news conference called to announce the decision.

Perhaps it is the “new math” that leads to the conclusion of a “tie” with a three-vote majority on one side?

Rosamund Lewis, the WHO technical lead for monkeypox, in a press conference July 20, said: “About 98 percent of (monkeypox) cases are among men who have sex with men –and primarily those who have multiple recent anonymous or new partners.” She then said they are typically of young age and chiefly in urban areas.

This raises the obvious question for thinking people: Why is a disease that occurs 98% in men having sex with men now being applied to a worldwide population of people – men, women, children – of all ages, who do not fit this risk profile?

A fact not discussed in most media outlets is even more ominous. PHEIC is the legal “buzzword” that triggers implementation of the International Health Regulatory Agreement signed in 2005 by over 190 countries, giving WHO worldwide control of the “public health” response for all those nations. In effect, this cedes each country’s sovereign authority over its own public health response to the WHO.

This is the same legal framework that led to the lockstep, draconian global control that led to all the COVID lockdowns, mandates and loss of medical freedom. With this WHO declaration of yet another “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” we have a serious dictatorial move underway that people of the world need to understand and take steps NOW to stop.

For the U.S. in particular, there is another threat to medical freedom with this new PHEIC declaration that is not being discussed publicly. The U.S. 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) effectively moved public health response across the country under the control of the Department of Defense (DoD). Use of force was already authorized for the DoD to carry out mandatory COVID shots.

There is already a monkeypox shot for mass vaccination, authorized by the FDA in September 2019. If the DoD mandate already in place is used, the next step could be making monkeypox shots compulsory, and enforcement can be done by the U.S. military – if our service members follow such an order against American citizens. It appears that monkeypox shots can now be used as the replacement “Trojan Horse” for the COVID shots people are refusing, as the damage from the COVID shots is becoming more widely known.

The FDA stated some weeks ago that it is not going to require more clinical trials or component disclosure for these shots, which means alterations in the lipid nanoparticles can be made without the public knowing what is actually IN the shots they are being required to take. That raises the specter of further gene modification without our consent.

In the U.S., those attempting one-world control appear to be pulling out all the stops to disrupt the November midterm election, which could cost them their totalitarian lock on political, economic, medical and military power. This document shows the means to that end……

Source: WHO’s monkeypox ’emergency’ gives it dictatorial powers – Truth for Health Foundation

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