Steve Bannon Issues an Emergency Message Concerning Alex Jones and the Future of the World

Citizens and Patriots,

The Davos Elite—what I refer to as ‘The Party of Davos’ focus on taking your Freedom by taking away your Power. Their objective is to concentrate this Power in the hands of a select group of financiers, corporatists, bureaucrats, and scientists who they believe, as an article of faith, can do a better job ‘managing’ society.

This requires a totalitarian collaboration between Capital, Corporations, and The Administrative State—the same model of Tojo, Mussolini, Hitler—and the CCP. We cannot and will not allow that to happen.

One of the greatest fighters in this struggle against the World Economic Forum’s Master Plan as outlined by Klaus Schwab is the man I call the “I-Corps Commander “—the Information Corps—the tenacious, brilliant, irascible General Patton of our era—Alex Jones of Texas.

I was blown away by his new book, The Great Reset: And the War for the World released 30 August in the Year of Our Lord 2022.

I believe you need to go back to our Revolutionary Generation who did battle against the British in order to come across a figure who combines the dual attributes of being both a great fighter and great thinker.

Take action. Get your copy of Alex’s new book, read it, and write a review to be placed on Amazon, Good Reads, or anywhere people will read about it.

We NEED to drive this book to number one so that the mainstream media is forced to deal with the arguments made in this groundbreaking book.

Stephen K. Bannon

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