Here’s Another ‘Great Reset’ Tool Designed to Wipe Out Good Food

  • The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy’s Food Compass, unveiled in late 2021, is another Great Reset tool designed to discourage the consumption of animal foods by falsely rating them as unhealthy, and encouraging consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPF) by giving them high nutritional ratings.
  • Food Compass rates Frosted Mini-Wheats as three times healthier than ground beef, with a score of 87 out of 100, compared to 26 for ground beef.
  • Food Compass also gives high scores to fries, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, chocolate-covered almonds and almond M&Ms, while rating whole eggs fried in butter, cheddar cheese and ground beef as foods that should be avoided. Based on this tool, you’ll be healthier if you replace whole egg, cheddar cheese and ground beef with candy.
  • Studies have repeatedly shown that diets high in processed foods lead to poor health and depression, and the more processed your diet is, the greater your risk of obesity and chronic diseases that shave years, if not decades, off your life span.
  • Health, food security, independence and freedom are what the global elitists, led by the World Economic Forum, intend to destroy so that they can then roll out a new food system based entirely on patented, processed imitation foods, including lab-grown and plant, or fungi-based “meats,” and “clean, green” protein alternatives such as cricket meal and mealworms.

In recent months, I’ve dedicated many articles to exposing the intentional destruction of our food system. The decision of the Dutch government to impose nitrogen pollution restrictions on farmers is but one example of this.

This “green” policy will cut livestock production in the country by 30% in the next year, put farmers out of business, and force them to sell their land.

Since The Netherlands is the largest meat exporter in the European Union, it will also result in meat shortages around the world.

According to Dutch Parliament member Thierry Baudet, this “green” policy is really a thinly veiled excuse for a land grab.

The government is following the script of The Great Reset, he says, which requires weakening the country, making it more dependent on food imports, and diluting nationalism by taking in more immigrants. And, to make room for immigrant housing, they need to take land from the farmers.

At the same time, Bill Gates is buying up high-priced farmland and telling the world to transition from beef to lab-grown meat alternatives. Insect farms to create human protein alternatives are also being set up and promoted, farms and food facilities are mysteriously being burnt to the ground at surprising frequency, and the Rockefeller Foundation is calling for restructuring the whole food system to make it more “fair and equitable.”

These things are not happening by chance. It’s all part of a plan to eliminate naturally-grown foods so they can then be replaced with patented foodstuffs, which this “New World Order” cabal of course owns.

Food Compass to further destroy nutrition guidance ,,,,,

Source: Here’s Another ‘Great Reset’ Tool Designed to Wipe Out Good Food • Children’s Health Defense

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