Harriet Hageman for U.S. Congress from WY – Campaign Ad

Wow! Poor Liz Cheezy, who was undoubtedly raised in “The Cult” has major competition here in Harriet Hageman. If you doubt the Cheezys are a bloodline/cult family, read Cathy O’Brien’s book, “Trance Formation of America” – free download on the www. Liz’s dad’s luciferian ways are featured in that book. But Liz doesn’t stand a chance against Harriet Hageman, if Wyoming has anything to say about it.

This video is a rousing edit of Harriet’s speech at the Trump rally held in WY.

Harriet is from a multi-generational Wyoming family, an attorney who has worked to protect Wyoming’s rights – successfully interfacing with D.C. bureaucrats and politicians, for many years.

WY Republicans want – and deserve – real representation. Every state deserves to have people in Congress who actually represent their values. I am very happy with mine:  Senator Josh Hawley and Representative Vicky Hartzler. They represent me well.

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