Tylenol Use in Babies, Children After Vaccination Raises Risk of Autism, New Review Shows

The authors of a new review of the drug acetaminophen (paracetamol), sold under the brand names Tylenol and Panadol, called for the immediate end of the use of the drug in infants and children, citing the drug’s association with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

“Our study shows that acetaminophen would never be approved for pediatric use by today’s regulatory standards,” Dr. William Parker, of WPLab, Inc., who led the research team that conducted the review on acetaminophen and autism, told The Defender.

The review, published in the July issue of Minerva Pediatrics, offers 17 lines of evidence that the commonly used remedy for pain and fever may be contributing to the autism epidemic.

The authors said their findings could have huge implications for preventing ASD, as acetaminophen is used so much in young children — in some populations, up to 90% of children receive acetaminophen in their early years.

The rate of ASD has skyrocketed in the last 40 years, and now affects 1 in 40 U.S. children.

Acetaminophen became the drug of choice to treat fevers and pain in children in the early 1980s, after aspirin was associated with Reye’s syndrome.

However, the use of acetaminophen in infants and children was never shown to be safe for neurodevelopment.

“The belief that acetaminophen is safe for children is an assumption based on the fact many studies show it does not cause liver damage in children when used at an appropriate dose,” said Parker.

Parker and his colleagues previously conducted a systematic review, published in February in the European Journal of Pediatrics, which showed the studies claiming acetaminophen is safe for children did not examine the effect of the drug on neurodevelopment — even though the brain is one of the primary target organs for the drug’s therapeutic effect.

Their latest review builds on their earlier work showing acetaminophen was not assessed for impact on neurodevelopment, and on the strong evidence that prenatal exposure to acetaminophen increases the risks of neurodevelopmental issues.

There is little research on the effect of postnatal exposure to acetaminophen….

Source: Tylenol Use in Babies, Children After Vaccination Raises Risk of Autism, New Review Shows • Children’s Health Defense

There’s plenty of research.   They’ve known about this for at least 10 years.   Rehashing old research is easy money in medicine.  Practically an industry all by itself.

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