Hero of Humanity Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Dead

Developer of the Zelenko Protocol for early treatment of Covid19, “Zev” Zelenko died June 30 from a rare form of heart cancer he had been dealing with for the past 4 years. 

David Sorensen of StopWorldControl.com has posted a fitting tribute to his work and legacy. 

Today (June 30) our dear friend and a true Hero of Humanity Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has left his earthly body, and was taken up into the glorious realms, from where he will continue his fight for a better future of humanity. Two years ago nobody in the world had heard about this humble family physician from a small Jewish community in New York, where his patients considered him as part of their family, because of his tender care. Now he is the most renown medical doctor in the world. What happened?

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Source: Brave Hero of Humanity Dr. Zelenko died today – Stop World Control

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