Increase Is Coming! How to Pray So Your Prayer Works | Donna Rigney

The cry of “Help!” is a simple prayer that most people, even atheists, pray during emergencies. “Help!” might be the simplest, most sincere and universal prayer that is guaranteed to be answered… see “NDE” (Near Death Experience) videos.

And there is a way to pray in non-emergencies that is guaranteed to work because it comes from God Himself and not from our own tiny little finite, programmed minds. You kinda (to put it in my words, not Donna’s) pray for God to pray through you. And what God prays is in tune with His will and your own. He knows the bigger picture of the life you have designed for yourself. “Thy will [will] be done.” Your will is His will; His will is yours. They are not disparate.

Have you ever considered before the possibility we have designed our lives to lead us to the point where we ask God to know God? A bold and dashing adventure, an everlasting love affair take up where we left off when we became temporarily distracted by people, places and things on planet Earth. Life really begins at that point and we understand the line, “Let the dead bury the dead.”


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