Anomalies & Curious Facts Surrounding Uvalde Shooting

One interesting, curious fact is that Anderson Cooper was on-site in Texas rather quickly after the shooting.

Summary by JW Williams

Uvalde, Texas: On May 24, 2022, Salvador Ramos, 18, reportedly shot his grandmother in the face, crashed her truck into a ditch, shot at funeral-home employees and then entered Robb Elementary School and shot 19 children and two teachers to death.

The police-action timeline changed numerous times over the past few weeks. It was first reported that they waited outside the school for backup for almost an hour because they were afraid of being shot. However, the police walked back a number of narratives and made these corrections: the school door shut when the gunman entered, Ramos was not confronted by a school officer, Ramos was not barricaded in a room by police, Ramos was not wearing body armor, and a responding officer was reported to have saved his own child…

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Anomalies and Curious Facts Surrounding the Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

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