4 Tips to Detect Psychopaths in Uniform

Thank goodness psychopaths are a small minority on the planet, but you need more than a gun to be well-armed; you also need information.

As for psychopaths in groups, they say that one rotten apple can spoil a bushel. I saw that in action when an innocent new officer came to my apartment to help with a very strong smelling drug problem next door and another young but “more seasoned” officer came in to “explain” to him how drug issues were really taken care of in that town; in short, they were ignored.

And what is “boot camp” but a mind-control program aimed at training young people to militarily bully and kill, when every cell in their kind and caring human bodies scream, “No! Respect and preserve life. Do not kill!”?

From Kerth Barker’s books, we know that Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) began as an “art”, a trauma-based mind control system designed to install demons into human minds, primarily the minds of the children of wealthy, powerful families who wanted their bloodlines to establish and maintain control of others. After WWII, scientists imported to the USA from Germany through Operation Paperclip continued their work making SRA into a “science” so the C*I*A could turn nearly anyone into a psychopath.

Kerth’s nanny was a Nazi who had worked in the camps, administering higher and higher levels of electricity to children until they died, for the purpose of knowing how much electricity was “too much” for a body to withstand. His Nazi nanny was trained by the C*I*A to administer MK Ultra to children, one of whom was, of course, Kerth himself. Fortunately for Kerth, she was not the brightest and best programmer – and he was the brighter and better of the two.

But the program was honed through the years and became more efficient and effective. Television, movies, music videos shock and install violence, imorality and other luciferian “values” or demons, into vulnerable minds. Is it possible that many of the psychopaths we see in our world are products of MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control? Violence and cruelty beget trauma and trauma begets violence and cruelty.

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Psychopathic cops can be more dangerous than criminals. They are responsible for police brutality, unjustified shootings, false testimony, and many other forms of police misconduct.

Every year, dozens of people who were convicted based on a cop’s testimony, are released from prison because they were innocent. In three out of four homicide exonerations, official misconduct is a factor.

Thousands of Americans have died at the hands of cops in suspicious circumstances. This kind of behaviors are, more often than not, the work of a psychopath.

What is a Psychopath?

One of the problems with psychopaths is that they are incapable of remorse.

For Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, “Psychopathy is probably the most pleasant-feeling of all the mental disorders… All of the things that keep you good, morally good, are painful things: guilt, remorse, empathy.” For neuroscientist James Fallon, author of The Psychopath Inside, “Psychopaths can work very quickly, and can have an apparent IQ higher than it really is, because they’re not inhibited by moral concerns.”

Psychopaths have cognitive empathy, they can understand what others are feeling, but they lack the ability to feel it, which is known as emotional empathy. “This all gives certain psychopaths a great advantage, because they can understand what you’re thinking, it’s just that they don’t care, so they can use you against yourself,” Fallon explains.

In fact, research has shown that psychopaths are extremely adept at identifying vulnerability.

Psychopaths Often Become Cops

What happens when a person like that, someone who has zero concern for our feelings, is handed a gun and put in a position of power?

An encounter with a psychopath in a police uniform can be a life hazard. That’s why it is so important to be able to detect them. When you are in front of a psychopath, behaviors need to be altered, because normal social behaviors can trigger unexpected responses.

Research has shown that Police Officer is one of the top 10 professions chosen by psychopaths, ranking at number 7.

As I wrote in my book – California: State of Collusion, “Power, such as we give to law enforcement, prosecutors and judges, actually attracts psychopathic personalities who want to exert violent dominance under the color of authority. Innocent people can be subjected to a power trip police encounter, can be arrested by a megalomaniacal cop, jailed by a sadist, prosecuted by a manipulative Machiavellian and judged by a sociopath on an ego trip.”

How to Tell if a Cop is a Psychopath – Watch for these 4 Signs

Next time you dial 911, are pulled over on the road, handcuffed, interrogated, or arrested, watch for these signs to determine if you are in the presence of a psychopathic police officer.

1. They are Ambidextrous

If a cop uses both hands indistinctly, that increases his or her chances of being a psychopath. Research has shown that ambidextrous people consistently score higher on standard psychopathy tests. This has been observed in both male and female individuals.

2. They Maintain Constant Eye Contact and Show Particular Body Language

According to the gold standard for detecting psychopathic personalities, which was developed by Robert Hare, lying is one of the strategies psychopaths use to dominate. Sometimes they lie about things that don’t matter, lying is like a sport for them.

While a non-psychopath will often blink and move about in times of stress, psychopaths remain still and hold consistent eye contact. They always appear confident and secure, and they tend to be still.

Because they lack relaxed and natural movements, sometimes their perfect poise gives way to contradictory movements. For example, a psychopath’s nod may say yes while their words say no. They can also point to the left while talking about something that is on their right.

3. They Speak in a Grandiose Manner

Studies have also shown that the speech of psychopaths has some recognizable characteristics. For example, they use words like ‘because,’ ‘since,’ and ‘that’s why,’ to describe their own actions. They often speak in past tense and use utterances like ‘uh’ and ‘um’ rather frequently.

It is very common for psychopathic cops to speak highly of their own behaviors and blame others for all their problems. It is the mark of a psychopath to take no responsibility for their own mistakes.

4. They Manufacture Negative Reactions

Psychopaths enjoy creating chaos. Afterwards, they feign innocence and put the blame on you for reacting. They are masters of provocation. If a cop baits you into an argument and then pretends to be surprised, watch out; chances are, you are dealing with a psychopath.

Conclusion: Trust Your Instincts and Stay Safe

Not all cops care about justice. Many of them abuse their power. Psychopathic ones beat up innocent men, women, and minors. They shoot unarmed victims and lie to secure convictions. If you ever come across a cop, trust your instinct. If there is even the smallest sign that they might be a psychopath, you must watch your back.

Unfortunately, not all cops are there to protect you. Unfortunately, some will try to harm you and send you over the edge. If that happens, try to remain silent, and put safety first.

Our attorneys are used to dealing with problematic police officers and prosecutors who display psychopathic traits. We have psychiatrists on our teams who can efficiently detect psychopaths. If you have run into trouble with a law enforcement officer, call us, we can help restore your civil rights and hold psychopathic cops and their employers accountable.

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