Medicine Resumes its War on Children

The current level of propaganda is beyond anything ever witnessed in recorded history, in a supposedly “free” country anywhere on this planet.
Don’t believe it?
Then watch this video. and ask yourself, when do you ever remember so much marketing to compel people to do something to supposedly prevent an illness, especially one with a 99.96% rate of survival?

Watch this video which shows the level of the propaganda and then listen to the new warning.
You need to know this.
Your life could depend on it, and most probably will depend on this if you’ve already taken the jab.
And if you find this information to be vital, please tell everyone you know and send them this video.

Dr Buttar’s voice was already suppressed through YouTube and Facebook because of his warnings 2 years ago.
He’s coming back now because this information is critical for people to understand and be warned about.

Is there a solution? Yes, based on anecdotal evidence, empirical evidence and observation, as well as supported by the literature, there may be a possible solution to help millions and millions who already have been condemned to die early, to turn the tables and save themselves.
Best of all, it’s not going to cost anyone any money!

How this was discovered and everything explaining the science will be disclosed at the 4th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference.
Each year, the Advanced Medicine Conference is held over Memorial Day Weekend.

The Advanced Medicine Conference is where facts, truth and honesty coincide with the the latest and greatest in medicine, science and research.

This years 4th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference is going to be held in San Antonio, Texas, at the Henry B Gonzales Convention Center in downtown San Antonio on May 28-30 (Saturday-Monday).

For details on how to attend, visit: