Leaked docs show FBI funded Ukrainian neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” that orchestrated Charlottesville chaos to stoke racial division, destabilize West

Newly leaked documents appear to indicate that the FBI actually used taxpayer dollars to fund a Ukrainian National Guard unit whose members are linked to neo-Nazi ideology and have ties to the riot in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017, just a few months after then-President Donald Trump’s term had begun.

The documents identify the “Azov Battalion” as the recipient of those funds, as well as reveal a great deal of coordination between neo-Nazi groups based in the U.S. and the Ukrainian National Guard unit.

According to the documents, the funds were diverted to these various organizations in an attempt to destabilize the West, and the U.S. in particular, during Trump’s presidency by inflaming racial tensions, which continued throughout his term and culminated in the “Floyd’s Rebellion” riots throughout 2020, En-Volve.com reported last week…..


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