How covid vaccines are giving people AIDS syndromes

Anonymous natural health doctor with 1600 patients, many of whom are vaccinated for Covid, has gathered information from her own clients, other physicians, nurses, immunization specialists, and virology doctors. Her analysis from all of this gathered information and data regards the first two doses of the Covid vaccine and the booster shots.

At present, the Natural Doctor is not ready to “go public,” but is currently sharing her info under the umbrella name of T.A.O. – Together As One. However, this doctor’s whistleblower information is presented in a 5-minute video with excellent diagrams (available via Telegram and Signal links only).

According to this analysis, the first Covid vaccination contains several toxic ingredients that are catastrophic to your cellular system. These toxins decrease your body’s immune system capability to produce white blood cells by as much as 50 percent. That’s just the first injection.

The human body creates another generation of white blood cells in about 8 weeks, and this doctor says that is why the second dose injection is set for 8 weeks after the first, to cripple the white blood cell count again, while it’s still severely compromised. This reduces white blood cell creation by another 25 percent.

With each vaccination, the saline ratio of the vaccine is decreased, and the toxic ingredients are increased. That’s a 75 percent loss of white blood cell count, and this is before any booster shots. The booster shots have over 80 strands of foreign bacteria never encountered before by human blood cells. That’s when chronic inflammation sets in.

In anyone with predisposed health conditions, the area of weakness will be exacerbated by this attack of foreign pathogens. Whether you already have issues that are digestive, respiratory, cancer cells, skin conditions, etc., those areas will become inflamed during this chronic inflammatory state. With only 25 percent immune system capacity, this will prove to be catastrophic….

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