Senator Ron Johnson Holds Panel Discussion on ‘COVID-19: A Second Opinion’ & the Data is Alarming

One key moment came up during a conversation between Dr. McCullough, Dr. Kheriaty and others in which Dr. McCullough described the way in which Big Pharma has captured the FDA and CDC. The doctors elaborated on the revolving door between Big Pharma and these agencies, which ultimately puts the agenda of pharmaceutical companies first.  Dr. Kheriaty and Dr. Cole explained how doctors are threatened to comply with the agencies’ guidelines under fear that they will lose their licenses.

In another segment of the discussion, attorney Thomas Renz put the names of three high ranking military personnel on record, after they provided evidence from the Department of Defense database indicating massive spikes in adverse events and illnesses following the rollout of the Covid-19 injections for service members.  The data that Thomas Renz presented indicated that, with adverse events of myocarditis, it appears the Department of Defense covered-up the prevalence of such cases by removing many of them from their own database

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George Soros Pledges ‘Unprecedented’ $125 Million To Help Democrats Win In November

With President Biden’s approval rating in the gutter and Democrats increasingly concerned about their chances of holding on to Congress (as evidenced by Justice Breyer’s decision to retire), the Democratic Party is turning once again to one of its most reliable megadonors for a massive influx of campaign cash, which it will need if it wants to stave off massive Congressional losses in November, not to mention at the state level.

Politico reports that the nonagenerian billionaire is committing $125 million – an enormous and unprecedented (even for Soros) sum – to help Democrats win as many Congressional races of possible in November, and beyond.


It appears Soros’s top issue is voting rights, which also happens to be near the top of President Biden’s agenda as he and his Congressional allies struggle to pass a new voting rights bill.

The group, Democracy PAC, has served as Soros’ campaign spending vehicle since 2019, channeling more than $80 million to other Democratic groups and candidates during the 2020 election cycle.

The new, nine-figure investment from Soros is aimed at supporting pro-democracy “causes and candidates, regardless of political party” who are invested in “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law,” Soros said in a statement shared first with POLITICO.

Soros added that the donation to the super PAC is a “long-term investment,” intended to support political work beyond this year.

Democracy PAC, the PAC tasked with doling out Soros’s millions, will be led by his son, Alexander Soros. ….

Of course, news of Soros’ involvement always has the chance of becoming a political liability for Democrats. Take for instance the fact that the newly elected Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, has essentially ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for most low level felonies, including armed robberies and drug dealing….

  1. it seems we’ll never be free of this pathological bloodline.
  2. They are disaster capitalists, they profit from social upheaval.   Thats why people think they’re “liberal”.   When a society becomes ungovernable they sweep up the broken families and neighborhoods into their vampiric combine.