Moderna Patent Uncovers Nanocensor in Bioweapon

When something is SO important that they work extra hard to enroll and force people to bow to their wishes, you know it has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with their age-old goal of world domination.

Yes, folks, there really are people who imagine that would be a fun “end game” – to rule the world and oppress its inhabitants. See Kerth Barker’s books. They told him of their plans decades ago.

It is obvious that something is awry with this cv campaign. Apparently they want to “chip” us all – and the vx is the means they have chosen to do just that. Shades of “1984”. Thoughts of David Rockefeller… grrrrr! – and shudder!

Dr. Ariyana Love returns to the Stew Peters Show to expose her findings in the Moderna Vaccine patents, confirming the La Quinta graphine oxide study and the Globalist’s plan to install nano-censors in every human body that they can.

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