Climate Lockdowns Are Coming: Part IV

In this ongoing series we will examine the transformation from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns. Part I we established a timeline of the dark side of the environmental movement. In Part II we looked into the specifics of what a climate lockdown really means and what impact current lockdown measures have had on the environment. In Part III we elaborate on how it fits into the bigger picture of sustainable development as described by international organizations such as the United Nations and what can be done to derail this agenda. Now, we look at transforming the natural world into Natural Asset Corporations which will allow for the economic transition to take place.

The global economy, like all facets of life, is being primed for a great reset. As this transformation gets under way we will be told that in order to save the planet not only must we lock down again and learn to live with less, we must also allow the world’s most powerful financial institutions to commoditize every resource on the planet. To do anything less we will be told, will usher in our final days.

As has been said countless times by now, this isn’t a new plan; the social engineers are just seizing upon the manufactured crisis of COVID-19 to implement something they’ve had on the shelves for decades.

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