Rand Paul: Democrats “Are Going To Go After Ordinary People” With Massive Spending Bill

“It is a lie that they are only going after rich people.”

In an appearance on Fox News Monday, Senator Rand Paul warned that Democrats are lying about their massive social spending bill and that it will significantly affect untold numbers of ‘ordinary’ Americans.

“The numbers game is fake accounting,” Paul warned, adding “They aren’t really whittling down what they are going to spend it on. They are just whittling down how long they are going to count the accounting period to be.”

“So, if it costs $5 trillion over 5 years and they only count $1 trillion, then that is $1 trillion. But that doesn’t make the programs small. The programs are still enormous and over time are going to add up to trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars,” the Senator urged.

Paul continued, “The other lie is that this won’t affect anyone over $400,000.”

“If you look at the sifting through our bank accounts and either at $600 level or even a higher dollar level when the IRS goes through all of their bank accounts; All that comes in, all that comes out. 75% of that money is on people making less than $100,000 per year,” Paul explained.

He concluded, “So, it is a lie that they are only going after rich people. They are going to go after ordinary people and they will squeeze and squeeze more money out of you if they possibly can.”

“The lie that this is only about going after rich people is frankly not true and they will go after a lot of ordinary people when this thing gets passed,” Paul emphasised.


Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed this weekend that a rising cost of living for everyday Americans is good, because it means more people are buying stuff:



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