UK to begin nation-wide fluoridation of tap water

The British government is expected start adding fluoride to the drinking water all over the country according to a story in the Guardian.

The story focuses on a joint statement the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland published on Thursday, which recommends everyone, everywhere should have fluoride added to their water supply.

The report was already praised in a tweet from UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid:

While fluoridation is already in place in some parts of the UK, it has always been considered a matter for local government and currently affects less than 10% of the country.

Proposed changes to the regulations in sections 128-129 of the new Health and Care Bill would centralise this power, taking the decision out of the hands of local councils and handing it to the Health Secretary.

The authors of the report, including England’s CMO Chris Whitty (who we are more than familiar with, thanks to Covid) are not subtle in their attempts to cloak the proposed policy in “progressive” camouflage.

Statistics on tooth decay in children and the working class are trotted out so fluoridation could be sold as both “protecting children” and tackling “entrenched inequality”….

You’d have to be thoroughly fluoridated to believe the predator class is concerned with children or addressing inequality.   I mean seriously!!

Apparently the british aristocracy is concerned that the peasants aren’t sufficiently gullible to believe in them or their covid hoax.   But they’ll have to use a heavy dose of fluoride to catch up with rising public awareness in time to forestall a revolution.

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