UK Covid-19 deaths are 58 times higher than this time last year and 78% of those dying had the Covid-19 vaccine according to Public Health data

Deaths associated with Covid-19 across the UK are significantly higher than this time last year despite 89% of adults allegedly being vaccinated against the disease, and despite the fact summer is supposed to help to keep the alleged virus at bay due to seasonality.

The mainstream media, Public Health sources, and the government are doing their best to convince you that it is the unvaccinated who make up the majority of those deaths. But to do this they are including deaths from the height of the second wave of Covid-19 back in January when barely anybody has been vaccinated….

Whereas the actual data available from Public Health England shows that 70% of Covid-19 deaths since February 2021 up to the 29th August 2021 were among the vaccinated population.

Then we have the latest data from Scotland, in which another attempt has been made to hide the fact the majority of Covid-19 deaths are occurring among the fully vaccinated population.

Official data shows that between the 5th August 2020 and the 2nd September 2020 just 3 Covid-19 deaths were recorded in the whole of Scotland. But fast forward to the present day and official data shows 179 deaths were recorded across Scotland between the 5th August 2021 and the 2nd September 2021.

This means Covid-19 deaths across Scotland are currently 5,866.66% / 58.6 times higher than they were this time last year, despite the majority of the population of being vaccinated and summer being on their side.

You would of course expect the majority of cases to be among the unvaccinated population, but this just isn’t the case. The latest Covid-19 statistical report released by Public Health Scotland on the 15th September reveals that from August 14th through to September 10th 2021 63,437 positive cases were recorded among the unvaccinated population, whilst 78,136 were recorded among the vaccinated population; 55,696 of which were among the fully vaccinated.

As you can see the number of cases is very similar between the unvaccinated population and fully vaccination population so you would expect to see a similar number of deaths among the unvaccinated and fully vaccinated population. Except, we’re not.

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