Is the CIA pushing forced vaccination on Americans via medical neglect?

The appearance of a physician from the CIA’s venture capital arm in a Washington Post op-ed arguing those who have not been vaccinated should not be prioritised for medical treatments raises some alarming questions.

In recent weeks, health professionals, journalists, politicians and pundits across the Western world have in growing numbers openly discussed if not outright advocated harsh, coercive punishments for those who refuse to accept a Covid-19 vaccination.

For many, including physicians themselves, it’s a deeply disturbing development. Yet the mainstream media has so far neither challenged the suggestion in any serious way, nor given the large number of medical practitioners steadfastly opposed to the notion a platform of any kind.

In an illustrative example of this perturbing phenomenon, a recent Washington Post op-ed by Ruth Marcus declared that “vaccinated patients should be given priority over those who have refused vaccination” – in other words, medical neglect for the unvaccinated.

While acknowledging the proposal “conflicts radically with accepted medical ethics,” she defended her stance on the basis that the unvaccinated aren’t in the same “moral position” as for example a prolific smoker who contracts lung cancer or a drunk driver who kills a family, as “it’s hard to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight or even take up exercise.”

To reinforce her illiberal illogic, Marcus quoted an “emergency physician”, Dan Hanfling, who suggested it would be entirely “fair” if individuals “who have willingly chosen not to vaccinate, for illegitimate reasons” were put “at the back of the line,” concurring with the author’s conclusion that doctors would be “behaving rationally and justly” by refusing to treat them equally.

In this capacity, he serves as vice president of B.Next, a flagship In-Q-Tel endeavor seeking to “weave biology and technology into the DNA of US national security,” which throughout the pandemic has been “preparing tools and resources to support the medical community as well as decision makers, technologists, and other stakeholders to help understand, manage, and respond to Covid-19.” Creepy stuff indeed, but what’s even more sinister is that Hanfling is leading member of the Technical Staff at In-Q-Telventure capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, whose raison d’etre is to ensure US spies maintain their “competitive edge” in all spheres of technology.

Recent posts on its website include a paper on “considerations for using digital technologies” in contact tracing, and a “high-level guide” to sensors that can monitor Covid-19 symptoms remotely. The latter is rather concerning when one considers that not only is In-Q-Tel investing in skincare products that collect DNA, but in the second edition of its quarterly magazine, since-deleted from the Web, the organization outlined its desire to “exploit physiological intelligence.” …

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