Incompetent OB’s Force Vaccine on Mother Just Before Birth

Without knowing the specifics here, there’s maybe a 90% chance that this woman didn’t need a cesarean at all and could have given  birth at home with a competent midwife and without a toxic clotshot.    But these doctorbots had to  wreck the life of her baby before it was even born because that’s what they’re trained to do.

If this had happened in the USA the next step would have been genital mutilation.

From someone in the UK : “My niece had her second child last month and throughout her pregnancy she resisted being vaccinated. A month before the baby was born she was told that she would need a cesarean section and the hospital and doctors insisted that they would not allow her into the hospital unless she had the jab.

With such pressure, and the worry of her baby’s health, she felt forced to comply and take the COVID shot. Now the baby is in hospital, has uncontrollable intermittent ‘jitters’ that are worsening and needs a brain scan as they cannot fathom what is causing this 😢

Every test that has been done has come back negative so they are being transferred to the Great Ormond Street hospital to do further investigations.”


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