How to keep the boogiest of boogey-men away – Make your own water-based medicines

Many years ago, I lived in a house that had an herb garden. I was very interested in comfrey at that time and found a plant I thought was comfrey. I picked a leaf and bit a tooth into it. It was extremely bitter, so I didn’t eat more. That night, in the middle of the night, I awoke with my heart pounding. The next morning, I did a little research and discovered that what I had bitten into was foxglove, which contains digitalis. Digitalis is an herb that stimulates the heart muscle and is usually used in hospitals when people have heart attacks. Thank goodness my taste buds would not let me eat an entire leaf of the foxglove plant.

Lesson? A little bit of bitter goes a very long way.

Most people in America enjoy sweet, salty and sour flavors but avoid anything that is bitter. The only bitter flavors we consume daily are coffee and chocolate, but most of us eat and drink them with sugar and dairy – or drink them with desserts that contain sugar and dairy. What I found when I went to an old-fashioned library that had books in it with statistics of diseases and food consumption was that countries with the highest numbers of cancer deaths are the countries that consume the greatest amount of sugar and dairy. Hence, cancer is the most common killer in the USA (or was, until recently when many grievous ailments were magically replaced by a new boogey-man virus).

Look up “Swedish Bitters” for examples of herbs that are used in that very trusty European healing elixir. But rest assured, you don’t need to use them all if you choose to make healing water tonics – even one or two herbs will do – just please don’t add sugar or cream.

Nearly every healing potion is made of bitter herbs, roots, flowers and/or tree bark. A tiny sip each day of simple rosemary or oregano or thyme herb water may keep the boogiest of boogeyman away. A little splash of plant water may clear up stubborn skin conditions. Medicines growing in your yard and garden have survived the test of time. Nature has provided healing properties in nearly every plant.

Empower yourself! Make your own herbal waters from safe, organic culinary herbs. You can simply soak an herb in water, make a tea from it, or do what Mike Adams does in this video and extract the goodness with ultrasound. Lightly cover the surface of the water in your ultrasound cleaner (preferably with a stainless steel basin) and let it vibrate for 20 minutes. Strain the fiber from the liquid and – voila! – you have made your own medicine. Mike adds alcohol; I would not. I would make tiny batches often rather than make larger batches that require a preservative of any kind.

The art and science of healing herbs is known by every culture and every part of the world has its own “special” plants, but we don’t need to go to distant lands to find remedies; they are ubiquitous – everywhere. Dandelion, for example, is an herb that many strive to eradicate, yet a tiny taste each day of organic dandelion tea or ultrasound water extract might suffice to free us from our dependence on very expensive products from a pharmacy or doctor’s office.

We usually don’t turn to herbs until we are very ill and desperate, yet, what we consider to be “weeds” are common in nature and are powerful, traditional medicines. If your taste buds complain, remember – that’s nature’s way of saying “A little goes a long way.” You don’t want much and you don’t need much.

Research the herbs you have growing in your own yard or garden, or buy some organic herbs from a store and make your own healing potions. Plant herbs you know you want to eat in your food and also make into healing waters.

Pharmaceutical companies work hard to isolate what they consider to be the magic ingredient in vitamins, minerals and healing herbs, then they sell their products for very high prices. But ultimately, nature knows best, for who knows that what is typically left behind in a laboratory might be vital – the missing ingredient that makes that particular herb work even better than the purified version?

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