BREAKING – Over 150,000 people including 600 children have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines in the USA

Scientists have concluded that the Covid-19 vaccines have killed at least 150,000 people in the USA alone after conducting in-depth scientific research on publicly available data, and are now calling for the medical community to oppose mandatory Covid-19 vaccination as their findings prove that it is not justifiable.

Jessica Rose PhD, studied Immunology at Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador, gaining a Master of Science and Medicine in 2006. She then went on to study Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University, gaining a PhD in 2013.

From 2016 to 2020 she worked in Biochemistry / Protein Biology at the Technion Institute of Technology, and has published several papers such as ‘Kinetic modelling of Hepatitis B Virus: the relationship between HBeAg and viral kinetics.’ and ‘Kinetics of Chronic Human Viruses – Comparative Analysis of Bio-Mathematical Models and their Clinical Implications.

Now, in an in-depth analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) alongside data available from multiple scientific studies, including the Pfizer clinical trial studies, Jessica Rose PhD has concluded using a modest calculation that at least 150,000 Americans have been killed by the Covid-19 Vaccines.

In a paper which can be read in full here, titled ‘Estimating the number of Covid vaccine deaths in America’, Jessica Rose PhD states that she and her team determined the VAERS under-reporting multiplier by using a specific serious adverse event that should always be reported – anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and occurs in approximately 2 to 5 people per million vaccinated in the United States based on events reported to VAERS according to the CDC report on ‘Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination’.

However, a scientific study conducted at Mass General Brigham, published March 8th 2021 on JAMA, found “severe reactions consistent with anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000” people fully vaccinated.

This implies that VAERS is receiving reports of anaphylaxis between 50 – 123 times less than what is actually occurring among the vaccinated population, despite it being a well known side effect that doctors are required to report.

Jessica Rose PhD concludes in her paper that after the JAMA study was published doctors were more careful to assess vaccine recipients for prior history of anaphylaxis, so to calculate the true under-reporting multiplier she and her team decide to assess the VAERS database figures that were reported before the Mass General Brigham study was published, and calculated the underreporting rate to be 41 times less than what has and is occurring in the vaccinated population….

DECERTIFY NOW – Americans Across the Country Call to Decertify the Fraudulent Election Results in Arizona

Americans across the country are calling to decertify election results in Arizona.

One individual on Twitter showed how ballots showed up per Dr. Shiva with stamps certifying ballots behind the print on the page. What was that?

Gays for Trump had a clever picture of the decertify behind the arrow like the fraudulent envelopes found in the election results in Arizona.

Another individual summarized the many ways the election was stolen in Arizona by the Biden gang.


Calls to decertify the Arizona 2020 Election results are coming in.  Based on Dr. Shiva’s identified duplicate votes alone, Senator Wendy Rogers is calling to decertify the Arizona results….

AZ Audit Finds Proof of Pre-Meditated Fraud: Multiple Ballots Had “Verified and Approved” Stamp PRE-PRINTED BEHIND Signature Box

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. PhD, the Inventor of Email, was the first presenter Friday afternoon at the Arizona Senate Audit.

Dr. Shiva and his team at Echomail investigated the mail-in ballot envelopes from Maricopa County.

He demonstrated the bombshell results of his team’s research – including evidence over 17,000 duplicate ballots – and he addressed issues related to ballot signature cards during his 30+ minute testimony.


Keep in mind, Trump lost Arizona by a margin of less than 10,500. The 17,000 duplicates are more than 1.5-times the total of Joe Biden’s alleged “victory” in Arizona.

In addition to the extra votes, Dr Shiva also provided shocking proof of premeditated fraud that took place in the November election.

Several ballot envelopes – including some with votes that were eventually double or triple counted – had a “VERIFIED AND APPROVED” stamp PRE-PRINTED on the front.

The stamp should only be applied AFTER the signature on the envelope has been checked and matched to the voter.

Dr. Shiva provided multiple examples throughout his presentation.

Here is another one that shows a ballot with the pre-print verified stamp that was counted twice as a duplicate.

As you can see in the example above, the signature was pre-verified and the vote was counted – despite not even having a signature at all. 

Here is one more example:

What a joke.

The big question is: Who’s responsible for this coordinated act of fraud?

Even bigger: What will AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich do about this crime against the American people?

Dr. Shiva’s findings, not to mention all of the other damning revelations, should be enough to put some of the corrupt Maricopa elections officials in jail, and also immediately decertify Arizona’s election results. 

Here is the full video of Dr Shiva’s presentation at the AZ audit on Friday:



Ben Cotton shared the IT results from the audit of the 2020 Election Results in Maricopa County.  During his presentation, he noted that files were deleted by those involved in the election.  But then Cotton noted that his team was able to identify the time stamps for when the files were messed with and from that

We have captured screen shots of Maricopa County people at the keyboards during those time periods.”

And the crowd cheered.

At the 3:30 mark you can see Cotton’s remarks.

Tucker Carlson Raises Questions About Jan 6th Security Footage Showing Black-Clad Operatives Leading the Charge into The Capitol Building; “How Many Federal Agents Were Involved?”

Recently released security camera footage from the US Capitol captures the moment that the crowd first broke into the building on January 6th.

Instead of showing a raucous gang of violent, MAGA-clad white supremacists busting through the doors and windows, like the media claims, the ones leading the charge didn’t look anything like Trump supporters.

In the video, a group of Black-clad operatives can be seen breaking into the building, only to disappear seconds later as the crowd rushes in behind them.

Tucker Carlson – one of the only establishment media figures willing to go against the approved narrative about Jan 6th – showed the video and raised a couple of pressing questions for the public on a recent episode of his nightly show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

He exposed the damning security footage to his 3-plus million nightly viewers with the caption “we finally know what happened on Jan 6.” 

After pointing out that power-crazed US intelligence agencies have done this sort of thing before – multiple times, including very recently to conservatives –  He had just one question for the people tuning in: “How many Federal Agents were there on January 6th?”…

CDC Director Overrules Agency’s Own Vaccine Safety Committee, Sides With FDA to Approve Boosters for ‘High-Risk’ Workers

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disregarded the advice of the agency’s vaccine advisory committee, clearing the way for healthcare workers, teachers, and residents of long-term care facilities, homeless shelters and prisons to get a third Pfizer COVID shot.

In an “unusual move,” the director of the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday overruled a recommendation by the agency’s vaccine advisory committee to limit Pfizer’s COVID booster shot for people 65 and older, long-term care facility residents and certain people with underlying conditions.

Instead, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky aligned with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) authorization of a third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine for a broader population, including healthcare workers, teachers and others whose jobs put them at “high risk” of infections, plus residents of prisons and homeless shelters.

President Biden today acted on the news, announcing his administration will begin to deliver booster shots this week, Politico reported….