ICAN: FDA eliminates control groups from covid vaccine trials

FDA agrees with ICAN regarding importance of continuing placebo control group in in Covid-19 trials, yet does nothing to stop Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers from encouraging their placebo control groups to get vaccinated.

Over a year ago, ICAN submitted a Citizen Petition to the FDA on June 17, 2020 requesting that all Phase II and III COVID-19 vaccine trials include a placebo control group, that the placebo should be a saline injection without anything added, and that the placebo control group be at least equivalent in size to the experimental group.

ICAN’s petition and follow-up correspondence also requested that the FDA confirm the placebo control group would be maintained through the conclusion of the trial in order to maintain the integrity of the clinical trial and the validity of the safety data produced by the clinical trial.  Without a placebo control group, the clinical trial cannot determine the true rate of serious adverse events following vaccination making it nearly impossible to prove causation down the road. Getting rid of these control groups assures that the already rigged trials would be very unlikely to pick-up any safety issues…..


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