Why Fauci Hates Greenmedinfo

It’s incredible to witness how much pressure Greenmedinfo.com as been under as far as de-platforming, censorship, and outright defamation, of late, when our core advocacy is quite simple and essentially humanitarian: provide access to the most powerful concentration of research in the world supporting natural and so-called “alternative medicine.”

Also, since the powers that be are so intent on removing the right to choose alternatives, we have become accused of outright crimes against humanity simply for affirming and fighting for you right to have access to the information needed to choose what is best for your body and life and those of your family and loved ones  (i.e. your right to informed consent). [Side Note: If you missed Biden’s tirade against me and my wife, recently, and my statement in response, you can catch up here. And if you don’t already know about the non-profit I founded, Stand for Health Freedom, you can see the many ways you can take positive action NOW against those who would strip you of your most basic human rights and freedoms.]

But enough about what we have been up against, and more about what we are for….. namely, empowering you with the research needed to take back full control of your health. Today’s featured video is my walk through I just recorded of our most powerful “secret” at Greenmedinfo.com, which is our professional membership features, and which I probably don’t emphasize nearly enough. I spent over a decade developing out the infrastructure for these services, as well as indexing the data which drives the value and tools we created specifically for serious health enthusiasts, health coaches, chiropractors, doctors, researchers, and a variety of natural or integrative professionals to expand the evidence-base of their practice or advocacy, and save thousands of hours of time required to access, identify and make sense of a key portion of the over 30 million studies on Pubmed.gov at present. ….


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