“Vast Majority” Of Cape Cod COVID Cluster Were Vaccinated

Data out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts shows the vast majority of a 132-person COVID-19 outbreak have already been vaccinated.

Of course, mainstream media outlets like ABC News claim the fact that most people catching the Delta variant on Cape Cod are vaccinated is “not a major concern.”

“Everyone who has tested positive around me was fully vaccinated,” he continued. “So we thought we were doing the right thing, we were doing everything that the town management said, and then this still happens.”

In a bizarre move lacking any rationality, officials in Cape Cod’s Provincetown issued a new mask advisory for all unvaccinated individuals, including children under the age of 12.

Under the new “rules,” unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks both outdoors in crowded areas where six feet of distancing cannot be maintained and in all public indoor spaces.

So, despite the fact that vaccinated people make up most of the active cases in the town, unvaccinated people are being punished by the local government.

The outbreak among the vaccinated is also being used to usher in vaccine passports with the Provincetown government urging large venues to require customers to show proof of vaccination status. ..


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