Survey: Pediatricians Who Bully Parents Who Want Vaccine Choice

Has a Pediatrician ever bullied, harassed, or demeaned you for asking about vaccine safety or for refusing to vaccinate?

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Jamie Lynn Our first one did, I quit going to her. The new one, we’ve seen her about 3 times in 10 years, doesn’t mind. She gives me her obligatory speech, winks at me and let’s me go on my way.

Ali Honisch I don’t have a pediatrician for my son 

Melissa McHan My granddaughter at her 2 month appt last week. Dr wanted mom to sign the refusal forms. She said no. Dr said you have to. Nope. No I don’t, but I’ll give you this one to sign stating that my daughter, as you’ve already stated about growth and hitting milestones, and how perfect she is, if you vaccinate her and something happens to her, you and this practice will be financially responsible from this moment on. Dr said astonished…I can’t sign that! Mom said ok then. Don’t ask me to sign your form!

Azusena Madrigal Yes, this was my daughters pcp of 12 years at the time and he advised she get the HPV vaccine. I knew nothing about it and said no, he insisted and spent an uncomfortable amount of time trying to convince me. I did research after that visit. I stopped being afraid to contradict him after that.

Julie Smith Dolcemaschio It has been a long time for me. My first was vaxxed through age 5 and when I decided to stop the pediatrician was very cool about it. Asked at every visit two questions: any vaccines today? And do you understand the risks of not doing it. Today I think it would be very different. SHE would be very different. That was in the late 90s when a PBE was nothing and I had one every year. Number 2 is completely vax free and has never seen a pediatrician only a homeopath. I feel for younger parents today and I honestly don’t know how you keep your sanity. I have zero skin in this game, yet I am outraged every day. Keep fighting for your rights as parents who know what is best for their children. I am with you.

Staci Gomez Yes! The pediatrician group we used to go to kicked us out of their practice for not adhering to the CDC schedule. When I asked for the inserts, she said they didn’t have them but even if they did that I wouldn’t be able to understand what they said. Condescension at its finest!! 

Jenny Alonso The second one did. I loved our first but the insurance changed and so we had to choose another. The second pediatrician is a downright rotten woman who loves to bully. I stood my ground and just at my son’s 19 month well baby visit I decided not to ever go back because she appeared as though she was about to get very violent with me and my son. I put my son in his stroller and walked out without another word to her or her minions. My boy is so healthy at 26 months old and no more well baby visits. There’s no point in going if he isn’t sick and we’re not vaccinating anyway.

Theresa Guyer Yep! He pretty much implied that I was trying to kill my child if I didn’t give him what he needed. Wish I would have known then what I know now! Would have walked right out of his office! Almost lost my first born because of vaccines! And now that I’ve done my research…all 3 have symptoms/problems from vaccines!

Juliana Hughes Hanbridge This even comes from other mothers. On another site I merely suggested there could be some connection between peanut allergies and use of peanut product based adjuvents have contributed to this risk. And so many went nuts on me, calling me a google researcher and follower of Jenny McCarthy. I just want people to think, to reserch. to find out what they are not being told….. etc etc etc …

Repeat after me: any protein which is introduced with or around the same time as an adjuvant like aluminum will cause allergic sensitization to that protein.  That’s why getting HPV vaccines when pubescent hormones are circulating is such a bad idea.

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