Major Johns Hopkins Study Concludes Zero COVID Deaths Among Healthy Kids

Global Technocrats and Big Pharma are perpetrating the biggest fraud in world history against the most vulnerable segment of society – children. In fact, there have been ZERO deaths among healthy children with no pre-existing health conditions and yet they are being forced to wear masks in school and to prove vaccination status.“Children are the vessels into which adults pour their poison.” (Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children) ⁃ TN Editor

A team of Johns Hopkins researchers recently reported that when studying a group of about 48,000 children, they found zero COVID deaths among healthy kids, but the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t care.

Dr. Marty Makary is a medical expert and professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Carey Business School. His research team “worked with the nonprofit FAIR Health to analyze approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020.”

After studying comprehensive data on thousands of children, the team “found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.” Rather than acknowledge this scientific reality, Makary says the CDC continues to use “flimsy evidence” to push the COVID vaccine upon children….

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