George Soros Funnels $1M To Defund The Police As Violent Crime Surges

George Soros is funneling $1 million to support defunding the police, as violent crime spiked across America.

George Soros Funnels $1M To Defund The Police As Violent Crime Surges

Soros gave $1 million to Color Of Change PAC on May 14, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. It is the progressive billionaire’s largest political contribution of the 2021 election cycle and his first to the political action committee since 2016.

Color Of Change, which bills itself as the largest online racial justice group in the country, is a vocal supporter of defunding the nation’s police departments. It led an online political outreach campaign last year to defund police departments following the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

An online petition organized by the group reads, “Invest in black communities. Defund the police.” The petition also called for “divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm Black people.”

Are they talking about the FDA? CDC?   I’d support that at the drop of a hat.   But no, they’re talking about the agencies charged with attempting to maintain a semblance of a civilization in the face of the destabilizing forces of high-level treason, racketeering and eugenics.

On a broader scale, we should also abolish ACOG, AAP and AMA for their decades-long pattern of child abuse and battery, all consistent with the disaster capitalism business model.

Your insurance premiums finance these scams, but your kids pay even more dearly.

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