The in-your-face eugenical racism of corporate america is an advertising front which seems to be targeted (literally) at black women.   Mostly hair and cosmetics, but this particular article caught my attention.   At the bottom of the page is a list of other sites run by the same company that should probably be avoided.

But fakeprez sez our main problem is street level white supremacists (you’d have to be an idiot),  not board room disaster capitalists and satanists.

The 10 Best Body Sunscreens Dermatologists Recommend for Year-Round Protection

Up your sun protection with these top-rated and expert-approved formulas, which also contain nourishing ingredients that cater to a variety of skin types.


Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Despite its importance, sunscreen application isn’t always prioritized, especially when it comes to the body. But just like the face, your chest, arms, back, and legs need to be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays. “A shot glass worth of sunscreen should be applied if you are out in the sun to your entire body, every two hours and whenever you get out of water,” says New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Rita Linkner, MD.

But finding the best body sunscreen requires a lot of consideration, starting with the type of sun protection you want. Sunscreens are broken up into two categories: mineral and chemical.

“Mineral sunscreen (often referred to as physical sunscreen) uses minerals including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients to protect the top layer of skin by deflecting UVA and UVB rays from the skin,” explains Laura Dyer, a New York City-based physician assistant specializing in aesthetic and clinical skincare. On the other hand, chemical sunscreens contain organic carbon-based compounds such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone; these ingredients create a chemical reaction and protect the skin by changing UV rays into heat and then the heat is released from the skin, adds Dyer. ….

For those with darker skin types, a chemical sunscreen may be easier to apply, however there are great tinted mineral sunscreens that won’t make the skin appear pasty or white. …

High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Black Pregnant Women and Neonates Residing in Northern USA

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

Vitamin D: Premature Birth and Maternal Complications hit Black Women Disproportionately

New study reveals strong link between vitamin D deficiency and increased mortality

Medicalized Eugenics in Evidence as COVID-19 Disproportionately Kills African Americans

Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy connected to elevated risk of ADHD

More Evidence of Sunscreen Systemic Absorption

High Levels of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in More Than Half of Cosmetics Sold in U.S.

FDA Admits Most Sunscreens Are Probably Unsafe

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AZ Senate Hearing On Election Audit In Maricopa County, Arizona

The Arizona Senate listens to the findings of the cybersecurity firm Cyber Ninjas and others who want to show proof of election fraud in hopes that Maricopa County will be convinced to hand over material they are currently withholding.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann will preside over the hearing which she clarified will be an “update and briefing” and not “the appropriate time for any testifying.”

The head of the audit reported finding thousands of duplicate ballots that were fraudulently counted.

This hearing comes days after proof of a faulty recount in Fulton County, Georgia was made public.

Watch the following segment from Wednesday’s edition of Infowars’ War Room where Owen Shroyer shows images and video of the ballot batches that were altered in favor of Joe Biden.

Tucker Carlson also covered these groundbreaking revelations during his Wednesday night broadcast, saying some of the conduct sounds like “flat out criminal fraud.”

America can be put under martial law at the stroke of a pen

The United States can easily be turned into a fascist nation at the stroke of a pen under the provisions of the Federal Emergency Management Act. What is being planned is cloaked in secrecy, but what has been revealed is frightening: suspension of our Constitutional rights; arrest of political dissenters without habeas corpus; and concentration camps, designed to hold millions of people, which are being readied all over the U.S. No approval by congress or state or local government is necessary to execute the plan.

Even local military or police authorities can declare martial law without consulting higher authority. Interviewed is investigator and author Chip Berlet. We also intersperse sections of past programs with experts who deal with the subject of planned public persecutions, past and present. Some of these experts include MIT’s Noam Chomsky, University of Texas history professor Tom Philpott, former CIA officer John Stockwell, and congressmen Henry Gonzalez and Ron Paul.

Run time: 58:39 ¤ John Stockwell segment recorded February and March, 1985… ¤ Frank and Doug segment recorded September 8, 1987 https://seis.ucla.edufaculty/kellner… ¤ Arthur Kinoy segment recorded June, 1990… ¤ Frank Wilkinson segment recorded September, 1986… ¤ Tom Philpott segment recorded September, 1987 and February, 1984 ¤ Henry Gonzalez…. ¤ Ron Paul

Copyright November, 1996

Reprise: Obama Lied About Opposition to NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision

Monopoly: An Overview of the Great Reset