Spinning bodies, multiple moments of inertia and nested spheres with fluid drag coupling

The next videos make the case that the solar system’s excursion through the galactic plane is responsible for solar micro-nova eruptions,  magnetic pole reversal and physical pole shift.    But the period of this oscillation is 26 million years (https://public.nrao.edu/ask/what-causes-the-suns-periodic-vertical-oscillation-through-the-plane-of-the-galaxy/) which seems to contradict the geologic time scales needed, at least for the latter two.   The above video allows for a different solution: the rotational axis and uniformity of rotation of the core about that axis (which the magnetic poles track) seem to indicate that the rotation of the mantle and/or crust (with their asymmetric mass distribution) is probably imposing off-axis torque on the core, changing its rotational  orientation and increasing the turbulence of its molten flows, accounting for magnetic pole movement and intensity.   Some variation on the intermediate axis theorem could come into play due to this asymmetry and its effects on the rotation of the nested shells.   Just a thought.

Corbett: The Scamdemic Was So Last Year . . . Here’s What’s Coming Next

It’s invisible but deadly. It infects the air we breathe. We are all part of the problem.

SARS-COV-2? Oh, please. That’s so 2020. I’m talking about the next invisible bogeyman, the one that will see the transformations started by the scamdemic through to their [completely il]logical conclusion: the complete control of the movements, interactions and economic activity of every individual on the planet.

Yes, in case you missed the memo, the steps are already being taken to sweep the fear porn excesses of the scamdemic era under the rug, with the mockingbird MSM dinosaurs dutifully reporting that “Covid Counting Enters New Era” and that states are “scaling back” their COVID-19 reporting.

Of course this is not the end of the biosecurity paradigm. The “new scariants” of the invisible bogeyman will be around for a while yet and, as Mr. Scamdemic himself, Bill Gates, announced before he was so unceremoniously thrown under the bus by his globalist pals, Pandemic II is just around the corner. No, the biosecurity paradigm will be with us for a good while yet, I’m afraid.

But having said that, there is another hobgoblin that will soon eclipse the deadly COVID monster in the imagination of the populace. One that’s been around for decades, waiting for its chance to terrify the public into a Great Reset as we plunge into the New World Order. And that monster is . . .


Fauci Knew Remdesivir Kills, Still Part of Standard Covid Protocol

July 8, 2021 – ‘The Stew Peters Show’ talks with Dr. Bryan Ardis, who lost his father-in-law to MURDEROUS protocol, and has now exposed Anthony Fauci, who KNEW ‘treatments’ would KILL PEOPLE, but pushed them anyway, since DAY ONE!

Dr. Jane Ruby answers today’s most popular question: Other than being a strange ingredient found to be the main substance in the Pfizer and AstraZeneca ‘vaccines’, WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE?

DeAnna Lorraine exposes the deep state cabal for their plans to FORCE VACCINATE you and your family!

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DNC Announces Plan to Surveil & Censor All Americans’ Private Text Messages

A statement from Alex Jones: “This constitutes digital martial law and a complete abolition of the Fourth Amendment by a consortium of Big Tech companies and the Democratic Party.”

The Democratic National Committee wants SMS carriers to scan text messages so they can ‘dispute’ private conversations critical of Covid-19 vaccines, according to Politico.

In a bombshell revelation, buried in the middle of a Politico article, the DNC and other Biden-allied groups want to “engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers” to refute private conversations if they question the establishment’s vaccine narrative.

According to Politico:

Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages. The goal is to ensure that people who may have difficulty getting a vaccination because of issues like transportation see those barriers lessened or removed entirely.

“We are steadfastly committed to keeping politics out of the effort to get every American vaccinated so that we can save lives and help our economy further recover,” White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz said. “When we see deliberate efforts to spread misinformation, we view that as an impediment to the country’s public health and will not shy away from calling that out.”

In short, they want carriers to monitor private conversations over text messaging so they can ‘counter’ criticism of Covid-19 vaccines.

This represents the next wave of censorship as it now focuses on private conservations rather than simply speech made on a public forum such as Twitter – and it’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment which confirms “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

It also reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which private conversations are monitored by the ruling class to keep people from challenging the system.

Additionally, once this system of real-time monitoring is in place, it’s guaranteed not to be limited to just speech on Covid-19 vaccines but will also be used to monitor private conversations related to the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections.

It’s guaranteed because they’re already closely watching and censoring political conversations on social media which they label “misinformation.”

In June, a Canadian health minister said the goal of continuing Covid-19 lockdowns “was not to protect public health, but to prevent the free flow of information,” according to the Jewish Voice.

“But I think the other purpose of the injunction [lockdown] is to prevent groups that are deliberately spreading false information that creates risk,” Dr. Robert Strang said. “The information itself, if listened to, creates risk to the public as well.”

“That is certainly a need to manage that misinformation campaign as well.”

What the world is witnessing is a corporate/government partnership to expand surveillance and censorship into every sector of the human sphere and every possible form of human communication.

This was foreshadowed in 2018 when CNN demanded WhatsApp ban Alex Jones if he used the app for text messaging.


Coincidence: 3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries

The presidents of three different nations have ended up dead shortly after denying distribution of the experimental COVID-19 shot.

After their deaths, all three countries are now distributing COVID jabs to their citizens.

The latest was Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated at his home in Port-au-Prince last week by a group of mercenaries.

Haiti had declined the AstraZeneca vaccine from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covax Facility in May, citing widespread side effects reported in Europe.

This made Haiti the only country in the Western Hemisphere not to accept the COVID shot.

Days after Moise’s murder, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced the U.S. would be sending COVID vaccines to Haiti, in addition to $5 million in aid and a team of FBI agents “as early as next week.”

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza was the next to recently die, from cardiac arrest in June.

Burundi’s health minister declined the vaccines in February, claiming that “since more than 95% of patients are recovering, we estimate that the vaccines are not yet necessary” in the African nation.

In March, Tanzanian President John Magufuli had also died of a “heart ailment.”

Magufuli infuriated the medical establishment when he denied the COVID vaccine in his country, urging instead for citizens to “pray coronavirus away.”

Magufuli also mocked the efficacy of the PCR tests, by showing how a goat and a paw paw fruit both tested positive for COVID-19.

Months after his death, Tanzania put in a $470 order to the WHO for a shipment of COVID vaccines for its 60 million citizens.

Is it just a coincidence, or do all these high-profile deaths appear to have a profitable result for Big Pharma and the globalists?


Western elites murder another African leader

Biden Regime to Monitor Private Communications, Calls on SMS Carriers to “Dispel Misinformation About Vaccines”

The Biden regime is now calling on SMS carriers to “fact-check” text messages in an effort to stop ‘misinformation’ about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Last Tuesday White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the Biden Administration will be sending goons door-to-door to harass unvaccinated Americans.

Biden confirmed that during his remarks last week and said his admin will focus on communities where vaccination rates are low.

“We need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and oft times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors,” Biden said.

Now the Biden regime and its Democrat allies are going to monitor private communications to “dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.”

Democrat goons are already attacking TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk for his messaging campaign around vaccine efforts.

“Organizations that are feeding misinformation and trying to mischaracterize this type of trusted-messenger work, I believe you are doing a disservice to the country and to the doctors, the faith leaders, community leaders, and others who are working to get people vaccinated, save lives, and help end this pandemic,” WH Covid response coordinator Jeff Zients said at a news conference last week….


McGovern: Assange To Be ‘Moved Around’ Between  Jurisdictions Forever

Very bad news for those who still care about freedom of the press and what the fate of Julian Assange means for the artifact-First Amendment added to the U.S. Constitution 240 years ago. The UK High Court just announced it will hear the US appeal of a lower court decision against extraditing Julian Assange.

Godot is likely to arrive before the US/UK finish the legal pantomime denying Assange his freedom.

The High Court decision solidifies Britain’s status as a US vassal state – the 800-year legacy of the Magna Carta be damned. Giving obsequious hypocrisy a bad name, the High Court’s announcement comes a week and half after the prime witness for the latest indictment of Assange recanted his testimony.

It should come as no surprise that British “Justice” officials are following the detailed “Washington Playbook” approach that was exposed by WikiLeaks itself in Feb. 2012.

Some readers may recall that WikiLeaks-revealed confidential emails from the US private intelligence firm Stratfor mentioned that the US already had a secret indictment against the WikiLeaks founder. Bad enough.

Inspector Javert

What also showed up in the Stratfor emails was the unrelenting, Inspector-Javert-type approach taken by one Fred Burton, Stratfor’s Vice-President for Counterterrorism and Corporate Security. (Burton had been Deputy Chief of the Department of State’s counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security Service.)

Here’s Javert – I mean Burton:

“Move him [Assange] from country to country to face charges for the next 25 years. But seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki.” [my comment: “country to country”, or – equally effective – court to court]

“Pursue conspiracy and political terrorism charges and declassify the death of a source, someone which could link to Wiki.”

“Assange is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo.”

“Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track al-Qaeda.”

“Bankrupt the arsehole first; ruin his life. Give him 7-12 years for conspiracy.”

“Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He’ll be eating cat food forever … extradition to the US is more and more likely.”

Nice people – once sworn under oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic”. Since comparisons are invidious, apologies to “Javert” and Victor Hugo.

Meanwhile Back at Belmarsh

It is not clear whether the likes of Fred Burton have been able to dictate the menu for Julian Assange (but who would be surprised?). What is clear is that, unless a major grassroots campaign can gather more steam, and soon, Julian is likely to be moved from court to court, prison to prison – all under color of law – until they destroy what is left of him. It is a sad pantomime, a mockery of justice. Talk about Les Miserables!

As UN Rapporteur for Torture Nils Melzer has pointed out, Julian Assange is being subjected to psychological torture – in full view of the rest of the world. And, as reprehensible as this crime is – still more is at stake for democracies, which cannot exist without a free media….


CDC Is Weaponizing Masks and Segregating Children to Force Them to Get Jabbed

Yesterday afternoon, the CDC issued a new guidance stating that children who are fully “vaccinated” do not have to wear masks when schools reopen this fall. This latest policy decision has nothing to do with science and protecting kids, it’s a blatant and malicious attempt to browbeat parents to have their sons and daughters injected with experimental boosters that are causing debilitating conditions like myocarditis and led to the deaths of nine children ranging from 12-17 years old last week alone.

Two weeks ago, the World Health Organization published a bulletin strongly advised that children should not get “vaccinated” for Covid-19 due to the lack of evidence that mRNA and adenovirus shots are safe and effective for adolescents and young adults only to rescind it out of political considerations.

Yesterday, the CDC went one step further in the duplicity department as they doubled down on the mass-“vaccination” agenda. After deploying psychological manipulation that drew on the lessons gleaned by Dr. Stanley’s experiments to get 48.2% of the American population “vaccinated”, they are now gunning for our children with the ferocity of a rabid pit bull.

Joe Biden and his ilk are attempting to drive up the “vaccination” rate—which has stalled because too many refuse to become lab rats in this ongoing pharmaceutical experiment by injecting themselves with “vaccines” that are undergoing clinical trials until at least 2023—by weaponizing masks and segregating schools based on children’s medical status. What the CDC is doing is beyond reprehensible; they know that children are susceptible to peer-pressure so they are otherizing the “unvaccinated” to condition them into covet the jabs. Moreover, they are encouraging principles and teachers to give preferential treatment to students who are “vaccinated” and punish others by making them labor to breathe through masks.

If this guidance is implemented by schools, it will create a paradigm where children who are not “vaccinated” will become targets of taunts and bullying by those who got jabbed. The CDC is betting that these children will then turn on their parents and make them cave. They are trying to override the concerns tens of millions of fathers and mothers have about the safety and efficacy of these experimental gene therapy cocktails that have led to the deaths of over 9,000 people to date according to the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

This level of state-sponsored coercion to get people “vaccinated” by force or by choice is unprecedented in the history of the United States. What makes the CDC’s latest gambit even more pernicious is the fact that children have been almost untouched by Covid-19. The overall death rate for the 21 and younger demographic is 0.02%; more children have been injured and killed by the “vaccines” than the number of kids who died as a consequence of the Coronavirus. Moreover, kids are not vectors of the virus; by God’s grace they have been largely spared from this pandemic.

The only reason that more people don’t know about these provable facts is because the ever obsequious mainstream media have reverted to their Iraq war form as they intentionally suppress information and broadcast biotech corporation propaganda as news. The establishment as a whole—from politicians, media personalities to medical professionals and beyond—who are pushing these “vaccines” have conflicts of interest that they are not disclosing. Most of them are getting funded, either direct or indirectly, by the likes of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. They are more interested in preserving their kickbacks that are delivered by way of contributions, advertisement revenues and grants than they are in protecting our children.

The same is true about the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention; instead of safeguarding the public, they have cast their lot with Big Pharma. The CDC’s decision to experiment on children in ways that would make Mengele proud is not surprising given the fact that they once had direct oversight over the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. A leopard doesn’t change its spots and neither does the CDC change its pattern; after experimenting on African-American males for decades, they are now coming for our children….