Google Force-Installs Vaccine Tracking, Tracing on Your Phone


  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health partnered with Google and Apple to create a smartphone app called MassNotify, which tracks and traces people, advising users of others’ COVID-19 status
  • Massachusetts residents were alarmed when the software appeared on their phones without their consent or notification, raising concerns over privacy and spyware
  • In China, COVID-19 tracking apps have been used as surveillance tools in collaboration with its social credit system, raising red flags that this force-installed app could be tracking residents’ movements and contacts without their knowledge and consent
  • Google is a surveillance agency and a censoring agency with the ability to restrict or block access to websites across the internet, thus deciding what you can and cannot see
  • Peaceful protests work to protect personal privacy and freedom; if you’re a Massachusetts resident and are unhappy that surveillance software was added to your cellphone without your consent, now’s the time to speak out

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health partnered with Google and Apple to create a smartphone app called MassNotify, which tracks and traces people, advising users of others’ COVID-19 status.

For a tool that claims to have been developed “with a focus on privacy,”1 imagine Massachusetts residents’ surprise when the app suddenly appeared on their Android phones out of nowhere. In a review on the Google Play Store, one shocked parent said:2

“This installed silently on my daughter’s phone without consent or notification. She cannot have installed it herself since we use Family Link and we have to approve all app installs.

I have no idea how they pulled this off, but it had to involve either Google, or Samsung, or both. Normal apps can’t just install themselves. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but this doesn’t count as ‘voluntary.’ We need information, and we need it now, folks.”

The official MassNotify site, operated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, makes no mention that the app will automatically show up on residents’ phones without consent, stating only that MassNotify is a “new tool that works through smartphones, with a focus on privacy, to alert users who may have been exposed to COVID-19.”3

Reportedly, the feature must be enabled by the user for it to function, but it’s extremely disconcerting that the tool has been automatically added to people’s phones, whether they intend to use it or not….

mRNA Vaccine Inventor Erased from  History Books

June 11, 2021, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, spoke out on the DarkHorse podcast about the potential dangers of COVID-19 gene therapy injections. The podcast was quickly erased from YouTube

Malone is concerned about government not being transparent about risks, and that people are being coerced into taking these experimental injections, which violates bioethics laws

He believes the risks outweigh the benefits in children, teens and young adults, and that those who have recovered from natural SARS-CoV-2 infection should not get the injection

Five days after his DarkHorse podcast appearance, Malone’s scientific accomplishments and contributions were scrubbed from Wikipedia

As recently as June 14, 2021, Malone’s contributions were extensively included in the historical section on RNA vaccines’ Wikipedia page. June 16, his name was removed and his accomplishments attributed to nameless researchers at the Salk Institute, the University of California, and the University of Wisconsin

June 11, 2021, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology,1 Dr. Robert Malone, spoke out on the DarkHorse podcast about the potential dangers of COVID-19 gene therapy injections, hosted by Bret Weinstein, Ph.D. The podcast was quickly erased from YouTube and Weinstein was issued a warning.

To censor a scientific discussion with the actual inventor of the technology used to manufacture these COVID-19 shots is beyond shocking. But the censorship of Malone goes even further than that. As reported in the video above, Malone’s scientific accomplishments are also being scrubbed.

Wikipedia Scrubs Malone’s Scientific Contributions

As recently as June 14, 2021, Malone’s contributions were extensively included in the historical section on RNA vaccines’ Wikipedia page. He was listed as having co-developed a “high-efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection system using cationic liposomes” in 1989.

In 1990, he demonstrated that “in-vitro transcribed mRNA could deliver genetic information into the cell to produce proteins within living cell tissue.” Malone was also part of the team that conducted the first mRNA vaccine experiments. In short, his scientific knowledge of mRNA vaccines is unquestionable.

wikipedia entry

Two days later, June 16, 2021, just five days after Malone’s appearance on the DarkHorse podcast, his name was removed from the Wikipedia entry. Now, all of a sudden, the discovery of mRNA drug delivery is accredited to nameless researchers at the Salk Institute and the University of California, and his 1990 research confirming that injected mRNA can produce proteins in cell tissue is accredited to nameless scientists at the University of Wisconsin.

wikipedia entry removed

Hungarian biochemist Katalin Kariko is now suddenly praised by mainstream media as the inventor of mRNA vaccines.2 It’s a convenient choice, considering Kariko is the senior vice president of BioNTech, the creator of Pfizer’s COVID injection. Kariko’s unofficial biography also includes being a communist-era police informant.

As noted in the featured video, this goes beyond censoring. It’s revisionism — a “1984”-style rewriting of history to fit the official narrative of the day. The danger of this trend is incalculable.

What Did Malone Say About mRNA Vaccines?

Watch the video here.

The take-home messages Malone delivered on Weinstein’s podcast were that government is not being transparent about the risks, that no one should be forced to take these experimental injections, that the risks outweigh the benefits in children, teens and young adults, and that those who have recovered from natural SARS-CoV-2 infection should not get the injection. In a June 24, 2021, interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News (above), Malone said:3

“I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines … My concern is I know there are risks but we don’t have access to the data … We don’t really have the information we need to make a reasonable decision.”

A significant part of why we don’t have adequate data is because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration purposely decided not to require stringent post-vaccination data collection and evaluation. This too was revealed in Malone’s DarkHorse interview.

Why did the FDA opt for lax data capture on a brand-new, never before used technology slated for mass distribution? Clearly, without post-injection data capture, there’s no way to evaluate the safety of these products. You cannot identify danger signals if you don’t have a process for capturing effects data and evaluating all of it.

First Risk-Benefit Analysis of COVID Shots

Malone also points out that risk-benefit analyses have not been done, and that’s another objection he has. What data we do have, however, indicate these COVID-19 injections could be the most dangerous medical product we’ve ever seen…..

Hospital Employee Faces Termination For Refusing To Submit ‘COVID Vaccine-Tracking’ Survey’

As government officials exploit the COVID pandemic, coercing and mandating submission to experimental vaccines that have yet to be approved by the FDA, millions of Americans are drawing the line against the unconstitutional intrusion on their health.

“Freedom in America is gone” if we do not rise up and demand autonomy over our bodies, our right to work and our God-given right to breathe, warns a hospital employee in Santa Clara, California, who suspects he will lose his job if he continues to refuse to comply with the government’s onerous COVID vaccine-tracking scheme.

“This is the hill to die on. They are going down the path of mandating vaccines. The government is forcing everybody to comply and going about it in a slimy, underhanded way. They are not telling the people to their faces, they are twisting the arm of their employers the Santa Clara Valley Med Center employee told the Gateway Pundit. “If I end up losing my job over this vaccine-tracing survey, then that’s a sign that I need to leave the state.”

Employees in Santa Clara County are required to complete a survey detailing whether they have been vaccinated. Employees who have not been vaccinated are mandated to complete the survey every week until they roll up their sleeves and get the injection.


The hospital worker, an employee of Santa Clara Medical Center who asked that his name be withheld for security reasons, has repeatedly been reprimanded for refusing to submit the survey. Failure to comply will result in the termination of his employment.

“My supervisor insists every day that I fill out the survey. She warns me in emails that I have to comply and that failure to complete the survey will result in disciplinary actions,” he said. “I told her I’m not doing it.”….

Facebook Deletes’s Page with Half a Million Fans

12 years, many thousands of posts, and half a million fans later, Facebook recently deleted’s professional page for “violating community standards on health misinformation that could cause physical harm.” 

Following a wave of censorship that began in 2019 with Google’s “digital book burning” and removal of natural health websites from their search results, and Mailchimp’s sudden deplatforming of us in 2019, growing rapidly in 2020, and reaching even more alarming proportions in the window of COVID-19 with the publication of digital hit lists intended to intimidate and spread hate and fear, Facebook has now unpublished the Greenmedinfo professional page, followed by 533,630 fans, providing the following message as an explanation:

“Your Page has been unpublished for going against the Facebook Community Standards on health misinformation that could cause physical harm.”

Established in 2009, the GreenMedInfo page grew rapidly over the years to over half a million followers, who used Facebook’s social media functionality to connect and share information that resonated with them, such as our mission:

“GreenMedInfo is dedicated to providing evidence-based natural medical information. Through both open access, paid memberships and high-quality educational products, GreenMedInfo provides physicians, healthcare practitioners, clinicians, researchers and consumers a resource to determine the therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods. We deeply believe that education equals empowerment and that with education, people have the power to change their lives and lives of others.”

WHO has the ultimate say in your health and what happens to your body?

Facebook now cites the CDC and the WHO as their ultimate authority in determining what statements can be made about COVID-19, and COVID-19 vaccine safety. Now, any information posted on their platform — peer-reviewed science, anecodote, or otherwise — that disagrees, challenges or questions these organizations is sufficient reason for being removed due to “violating their community standards.”

In their article titled, “COVID-19 and Vaccine Policy Updates & Protections,” it is stated that, “Under our Community Standards, we remove misinformation when public health authorities conclude that the information is false and likely to contribute to imminent violence or physical harm.”

Here is their official list of what can and cannot be discussed on their platform, and which indicates that Facebook has become a Ministry of Truth style public relations and marketing extension of both the World Health Organization, CDC, and Pharma’s official version of reality, which include the notions that COVID-19 vaccines are a priori safe and effective, and that the statistics on COVID-19 cases, morbidity and mortality severity, have been unquestionably accurate, both of which have been called into question by our work, and the work of our colleagues at Stand for Health Freedom with the official call to Congressmen for a formal investigation of the CDC’s conduct during the COVID-19 crisis.

For example, despite irrefutable evidence found on the US government’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) that the experimental mRNA vaccines are causing significant harm in exposed populations who are, as of yet, unaware of their true risks (both because the clinical trials required to prove safety and efficacy are not completed, and because discussions around their risks are not allowed, which is required for the practice of informed consent), Facebook has made it clear that any information or discussion among users calling into question vaccines will not be tolerated…. 

Our deplatforming from Facebook, therefore, is not a surprise.  Facebook has made it clear that free, open discussion on topics related to our most critical attribute — health and the freedom to choose what happens to our body — will not be tolerated.

Thankfully, we have been working behind the scenes this past few years to build a robust and loyal community who shares our values, many of whom left Facebook already to join more open platforms and communities, such as our Telegram group (over 50,000 active followers in less than a year), the Vital Life Project membership community (Sayer Ji and Kelly Brogan, MD) , and the Greenmedinfo Membership platform, which will be launching an exciting new version very soon (lock in your membership now to ensure the lowest pricing will be grandfathered in). 

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