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This is not rocket science.  Human community and solidarity are anathema to centralized social control.   Thus job #1 of the transnational aristocracy  is the breaking of all human bonds across every conceivable demographic and cultural domain utilizing impoverishment and propaganda.    This is the dynamic which has created a flood of refugees in latin america and africa.    The overlords exploited the last few “first world” holdouts from their “externalities” to fuel their machinery of destruction (see US foreign policy since the 60’s)   But now they’ve turned their sights on their “home bases” in the USA and europe.   In typical luciferian false-flag fashion, the constitution and bill of rights are being blamed for the predations of the slavers, when everything wrong with this country derives from the abandonment of those documents.

If you think the “liberal” establishment loves you, ask why american medicine is destroying children’s lives and waging a eugenics campaign against black people.  These people are satanists and satanists are very good at manipulation and betrayal.    They own your TV.   Turn it off and pay attention.   Trust me, you don’t want to live as a refugee under the establishment’s foreign policy.

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And For What Purpose?

Ferromagnetic Graphene

Just a data point:


A nanomesh graphene (NMG) was produced by a chemical vapor deposition using porous MgO layers as templates, and its magnetic properties were measured and compared with those of reduced graphene oxide (rGO). Extraordinary ferromagnetism with a saturation magnetization of 0.04 emu/g at room temperature was found in the NMG, four times of that of rGO (0.01 emu/g). The mesh structure with remarkable corrugations indicates the possible existence of a high density of defects in the NMG, which is believed to contribute to the origin of the ferromagnetism. Our results present a direct connection between the mesh structure and the ferromagnetism, which provides valuable clues to explore the essential origination of carbon magnetism….

Injured by a COVID Vaccine? Want Financial Compensation? Too Bad, Says Injury Compensation Law Firm

Altom Maglio says his law firm, Maglio Christopher & Toale, has litigated more vaccine-related injury claims in the past five years than any other law firm in the U.S.

But the 22-lawyer firm has a disappointing message for would-be clients who have suffered a serious injury from a COVID vaccine.

“Our law firm has concluded that there is nothing our attorneys can do to significantly assist you,” the firm states on its website.

That’s because the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) — also known as “vaccine court” — does not currently handle COVID vaccine injury claims, though the law firm says it is leading a national effort to get COVID vaccines covered under the NVICP.

“If and when COVID vaccine injuries are covered, we can begin the process of reviewing your claim to determine if you’re eligible for the VICP,” the firm states.

Maglio told Reuters his Florida-based firm has been contacted by at least a few hundred people about suspected COVID vaccine-related injuries, including blood clots and heart inflammation.

According to an op-ed by Jenna Greene in Reuters, it’s not that Maglio’s firm doesn’t want to help. Representing people who’ve had serious adverse reactions to vaccines for tetanus, measles, hepatitis, influenza and a dozen other vaccines is its “bread and butter.”

But the current system for handling COVID-related claims is different than other vaccines — and not in a positive way. If you’ve suffered an injury related to the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccines, you’re out of luck.

There are only two programs in the U.S. that help people with vaccine reactions, but only one of them accepts claims related to COVID vaccines — the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) — and it almost never awards money, Maglio’s website states.

Renée Gentry, director of the Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic at the George Washington University Law School, said COVID vaccine claimants have two rights: “You have the right to file,” she said. “And you have the right to lose.”

“We didn’t know how good we had it,” Maglio said. The vaccine court “is not without problems, but it does work, and people do get compensation.” But that’s not where COVID vaccine claims are being adjudicated.

The NVICP is a special, no-fault tribunal housed within the U.S. Court of Federal Claims that handles injury claims for 16 common vaccines. To date, it has awarded more than $4 billion to thousands of people for vaccine injuries.

Payouts, including attorneys’ fees, are funded by a 75-cent tax per vaccine and there’s a $250,000 cap on pain and suffering. The proceedings are often turned into drawn out, contentious expert battles and the backlog of cases is substantial, Reuters reported.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which established the NVICP, and U.S. Supreme Court Decision Russell Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth et al guarantee that vaccine manufacturers, doctors and other vaccine administrators almost always have no legal accountability or financial liability in civil court when a government recommended or mandated vaccine(s) causes permanent injury or death.

The CICP, run by the Department of Health and Human Services, is even worse than the NVICP. Only about 8% of the people who applied to the CICP with vaccine injuries in the past have ever received payouts and there are no protections from the U.S. legal system. The statute of limitations for the CICP is one year from the time of injury. A key difference between the CICP and NVICP is the NVICP pays attorney fees; the CICP does not.

“There is no transparency, no court, no judge and no right to appeal,” Gentry said. “Decisions about compensation are made in a black hole by a nameless administrator.”…