PDF: Kerth Barker: Remote Viewing, UFOlogy and Earth’s Future


In this mini-book you will find out about the US defense department’s remote viewing research, which is popularly referred to as the Star Gate program.   I’m not a remote viewing practitioner, but I have known those who are.  I’ve seen skilled remote viewers at work and know what can be doe with this discipline.  Also I’ve received training in psychic self defense and remote psychic healing.  And some of my trainers were skilled remote viewers.  So I do have a background in psychic practice and research.  My modest book here doesn’t teach you how to do remote viewing, but if you are interested in learning this discipline, this volume would be a brief introduction.  My intention here is to give the reader a reasonable overview of how and why remote viewing works.  However the main reason for this discussion of remote viewing is to show what it reveals about the human mind and how those revelations relate to the issue of extraterrestrial intelligence…..


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