Louisiana: Another FBI Agent Arrested For Raping Small Children

Louisiana State Police announced today that they busted a serial sexual deviant that has preyed on multiple children over a five year period.

What is most alarming about the case is that the individual in question, 51-year-old David Harris, is an active duty FBI agent at the New Orleans field office.

According to charging documents, agent Harris is accused of numerous crimes across multiple parishes, including Aggravated Crimes Against Nature (which under Louisiana criminal code means forced sodomy or bestiality), Indecent Behavior with Children under the age of 13. Attempted Rape, Obscenity, and Witness Intimidation.

Agent Harris is the second FBI agent in two months to be charged for sodomizing children under the age of 13.

Recently, FBI employees have been arrested for grooming kids on the internet, using their authority and powers to sexually and financially extort women, and an attempted murder case in Washington DC where an off-duty agent shot an unarmed vagrant on a crowded public train because he was angry at the foul language the victim was using.

According to a press release from the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations: Special Victims Unit, Harris’ rampage began in 2016, when he allegedly began committing sex crimes against multiple persons — adults and children. State police began investigating him in February when the victims began reporting Harris’ activity.

By and large, state detectives are at a disadvantage when trying to investigate FBI agents due to the immense power bestowed upon them that supersedes local law enforcement. The incredible surveillance powers, lack of oversight and powerful connections individual FBI agents have access to can also serve to intimidate both victims and witnesses into silence.

While there is no database keeping tally of FBI agents arrested for serious crimes, they appear to attract a higher than average rate of sexual deviants and criminals.

According to the latest employment data from the Bureau, there are only 13,412 special agents operating nationwide, with over 20,000 support personnel.

The FBI employs roughly the same amount of people as the NYPD, but while comparatively rare cases of New York beat cops committing crimes against children enjoy widespread media attention and morally righteous Justice Department press releases, as with an incident last winter, the press is less eager to report on more frequent abuses of this type by federal agents.

The Bureau is known for being meticulous and rigorous in examining the minds, political views and character of recruits, which suggests that individuals prone to deviant behaviors are being selected for. With public confidence in the FBI at an all time low, arrests of agents like David Harris will only worsen the beleagured secret police agency’s reputational crisis.


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